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Eric Welty, MBA '09, Co-founder and President of Noovis LLC

Sellinger MBA Alum Eric Welty '09

Eric Welty, co-founder and president of Noovis LLC, aspired to get his MBA as his career and work responsibilities evolved beyond his technical experience. “Where I was previously engaged in engineering and design solutions at Verizon, I found myself managing budgets, labor forces and schedules across entire geographic regions,” he said. “I needed to grow and develop a broad range of skills that would allow me to create value for my company as a leader and for myself as an industry professional.”

Eric graduated from Sellinger’s MBA Fellows program in 2009. He said he chose to study at Sellinger because he wanted a regional university with national recognition. “There were some great institutions within a short drive, and I finally settled on Loyola’s Sellinger School because it created the type of collaborative learning environment I was looking for,” he said. “At the Sellinger School, while the faculty is indeed top-notch, the students also lean on each other, which meant you were depending on your team and the team was depending on you. I believe this makes for much more of a real-world experience.

In 2014, he founded Noovis LLC, a local tech firm based in Hanover, Maryland. Noovis’ fiber-optic and wireless-network integration experience provides government and commercial customers with environmentally responsible turnkey solutions that solve their growing network challenges.

Before his role at Noovis, Eric served in the U.S. Navy and was part of Operation Desert Storm. Prior to that, he led a $200-million fiber-optic rollout for Verizon.

The pace of Sellinger’s program was enjoyable for Eric. “The workload was significant to put it mildly, but you find a rhythm to work through it,” he said. “After a short while, your class takes on an identity of its own. Everyone begins to sync up with each other, and even though you are working hard, you can’t help but to have fun along the way.”

During his time in the MBA program, Eric said he met professionals working across a diverse set of fields in a number of industries. “There are few issues I come across in my day-to-day activities that haven’t already been safely navigated by someone in my network,” he said. “As our company grows, we are always facing new challenges, and it’s great to know I have such a strong team of professionals with whom to collaborate."