Innovation & Entrepreneurship Interdisciplinary Minor

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The interdisciplinary minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship helps students develop a human centered mindset that they can use to create new social or commercial ventures or to reinvent organizations that will remain competitive in an ever-changing landscape. Emphasis is placed on a hands-on experiential approach that will prepare students to thrive in a fast-paced complex environment that puts a premium on empathy and the exchange of diverse ideas to create innovative solutions. The 18-credit minor includes 36 courses from 19 different majors that encourage students to develop an individualized course of study that complements their existing major or professional interests. Students in Social Sciences, Humanities, Business, Natural and Applied Sciences, Education, and Allied Health majors are welcome to enroll.

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Stories, Context, and Lived Experiences of the Black Entrepreneur Video Modules

As a result, the purpose of this project is to create a series of six (6) learning modules that are centered around high-quality videos that capture the personal stories and lived experiences of Black entrepreneurs in communities that have been subject to long-term anti-black structural inequities. Each module will contain a video story from a local entrepreneur accompanied by self-directed assignments and discussion questions that will facilitate student learning, discernment, and reflection consistent with the Inspirational and Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigms. Moreover, the combined modular format of the video and accompanying assignments will be available on an open-access platform making the series accessible to any faculty who wants to contextualize the black entrepreneurial experience in either curricular or co-curricular programming.

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