Management and International Business

The Management and International Business (MIB) department houses two concentrations:


Management provides the leadership and direction for the people and processes within any organization. While technical skills in the functional areas of business are crucial for organizational success, the ability to manage people and processes in organizations may be even more important, especially as knowledge work becomes an increasingly critical part of the workplace. Our management concentration prepares students to work for other people and with other people, to supervise other people, and to manage organizational practices and systems in an ethical and socially responsible way. Our courses focus primarily on for-profit business organizations, but the concepts can also provide valuable application for non-profits, government agencies, religious, and social groups. 

Our students learn tools for managing employee performance and well-being, human resources, teamwork, organizational culture and change, strategic planning, innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the management coursework, the department offers three unofficial tracks to give students the opportunity to delve further into a particular area of specialization including: organizational management, entrepreneurial management, and international management.

International Business

We live in an increasingly international and interdependent world, where business decisions and conditions in one part of the global village can have profound effects on another part. World trade and foreign investment are both growing faster than the world economy. Moreover, certain parts of the world are growing much faster than the United States. Many new opportunities are becoming available around the world, from Europe to the Pacific Rim, from Latin America to Africa, and from the Middle East to Asia and the post-communist countries. These dynamic new opportunities and challenges are open to individuals who are prepared to take advantage of them.

The international business multi-disciplinary concentration offered by the Sellinger School of Business and Management provides an opportunity for students to understand the importance of international business to the U.S. economy, to develop analytical skills for reviewing the international environment of business, to learn about the cultural differences between American and foreign ways of conducting business, and to become familiar with the international dimensions of business functions such as marketing, accounting, taxation, finance, law, operations and corporate strategy.

International business students are encouraged to consider studying abroad during their junior year. Furthermore, the department sponsors courses and events that take place throughout the academic year on the main campus.

Loyola University Maryland’s Sellinger School of Business is a full member of the Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE), a consortium of schools and universities that have undergraduate International Business programs. The primary objectives of the consortium are to provide its members with an opportunity to benchmark their programs against other member schools and facilitate sharing of best practices in International Business education.

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