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Mission Statement

The Sellinger Student Advisory Board (SSAB) strives to increase visibility, engagement and collaboration between Loyola students, faculty, administrators, alumni and our Baltimore community members. We work closely with the Deans to envision new ways to make the Sellinger School a dynamic, innovative and exciting place to learn and grow in our understanding of business and how it relates to our Loyola experience and all our lives for years to come. 

Upcoming Events

Monday, Nov. 8, 1:30 - 3 p.m.:  Majors Q&A in Sellinger Rm. 003

Join the Sellinger Student Advisory Board for a Majors Q&A Event! This will be an informal event that is geared towards helping students pick classes and help with general questions concerning the Sellinger School of Business!

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Faculty Advisor

Susan Hasler
Assistant Dean for Business Programs

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Meet the Members

Class of 2022

Christian McNeill BBA, International Business Communications Minor 

Christian McNeill, '22I am an International Business major from New Jersey, and it is with great pleasure that I will be representing you on the Sellinger School Advisory Board. As an IB major, I am always willing to educate myself on current affairs throughout various global corporations. The Sellinger School of Business has allowed me to learn new methods and technologies that numerous international corporations have used to improve their businesses and uphold corporate social responsibility. The implementation of these latest technologies into daily lecture has enabled me to be well-versed in a modern digital society. Altogether, my path in International Business has taught me how to be an effective global citizen and implement great change within companies around the globe. This reflects Loyola’s core value to be a diverse and interconnected university that exemplifies representing all ideas, cultures, and values one can lead others with.

Olivia Srednicka BBA, Finance and Marketing 

Olivia Srednicka, '22I am from Darien, CT. What drew me to both of my majors were my intro-level classes at Loyola. I also feel as if the finance/marketing combination is unique and equips me with a large breadth of tools in order to attack the work industry. What excites me about business is how all the different fields are interrelated. Business skills are also so transferable and are applicable to really any career path which is why I have chosen these two fields.

Jaylin Andrews BBA, General Business Marketing Minor

Jaylin Andrews, '22I am Jaylin Andrews, a marketing major from Baltimore, MD. I came to Loyola as a Finance major with the hopes of becoming a Financial Advisor after college, but I shifted my focus after finding an interest in Marketing after a few classes in Sellinger. What makes me excited about the Sellinger School of Business is the emphasis on learning multiple skills, such as accounting and selling concepts, in order to find your real passion. Loyola has also allowed me to create many relationships and networks with other business majors who aim to be leaders within their selective fields in the future. The motivation among the students in the business school, and the eagerness from the teachers to help students get closer towards their goals is what makes Sellinger a special place.

Kiara Roeder-Yika BBA, Economics and Marketing

Kiara Roeder-Yika, '22I’m from New Canaan, CT. Coming to Loyola, I was set on being a business major, but I really didn’t have a fixed idea as to what I really wanted to pursue as a concentration. This changed as soon as I began to take some courses that were a part of the Business core that Loyola offers to its business students. The knowledge and skills that you gain from these classes is just one part that played into my desire to pursue both Marketing and Business Economics. In fact, getting to talk with my professors and mentors about my business aspirations within these fields was truly helpful and encouraging. Through these helpful conversations, I learned that I’m interested in using both concentrations to help me get a better understanding as to how certain economic activities can act as catalysts for consumer behaviors in the market.

Jahcynt John BBA, Economics

Jahcynt John, '22I am a Boston native pursuing a B.B.A with a concentration in Economics at Loyola. Though the field of Economics has always been an academic interest to me, the Sellinger School of Business has deepened my vision in endless ways so I can utilize my passion with the purpose of building a better tomorrow. To me, one of the most rewarding aspects of the Sellinger School is the ability to make connections and develop close relationships with professors. Along with the variety of resources offered to us – like the new Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship – Loyola has helped me build a network of like minded business leaders and engage with experienced professionals in my fields of interest.

Class of 2023

Jose Bustos, '23

Jose Bustos BBA, Economics and Finance

I’m from Miami, Florida and am currently pursuing a Business Administration degree with a double concentration in Economics and Finance. I love music and dancing to Bachata, but I also like being challenged. The Sellinger School of Business gives me opportunities to become involved and part of a dynamic and motivated group of people. The professors are incredibly helpful, and the classes are interesting. I chose to pursue economics after my Principles of Marco-economics class because I fell in love with math and application. I chose another concentration in Finance because both studies heavily support each other in the business world. Hit me up with any questions!

Meredith D'Ovidio BBA, Finance Data Science Minor

Meredith D'Ovidio, '23

I am from New Jersey and am majoring in Finance with a minor in Data Science. I am hoping the Sellinger School of Business will provide me the opportunity to grow and develop the skills necessary to succeed in the business world. In addition, I look forward to building relationships with my peers and professors as well as challenging myself in and outside the classroom. During my time at Loyola, I have learned to never stop pursuing your goals, even if there are obstacles along the way.

Megan Gallucci BBA, Accounting and Management Information Systems Minor

Megan Gallucci, '23I’m from Montvale, New Jersey. I was surrounded by accountants growing up including my mom which was what immediately drew me to accounting. This allowed me to be exposed to so much information about accounting at a young age. I always saw myself becoming an accountant, but once I took the Financial Accounting class through the Sellinger School of Business, I knew I was exactly where I belonged. I decided to also major in management because I thought it would be very useful in my future in accounting as I would like to work at one of the Big Four accounting firms. I couldn’t have figured this out alone without the close relationships I was able to form at Loyola, and my professors who always made time to meet with me and answer any questions that I had. I’m excited to see how the Sellinger School of Business will help shape me for success in the future!

Brian Modarress BBA, Finance Major Writing Minor

Brian Modarress, '23I am Gaithersburg, Maryland. I decided to pursue a major in finance because I want to help people understand the importance of saving and investing. The Sellinger School of Business has helped me realize my dream is possible. It has helped open doors for me and make connections within the business world. The thing I love most about Sellinger School of Business is how the professors push each and every one of us to become better daily. They encourage their students to do more and challenge themselves every day.