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The Sellinger Student Advisory Board (SSAB) strives to increase visibility, engagement and collaboration between Loyola students, faculty, administrators, alumni and our Baltimore community members. We work closely with the Deans to envision new ways to make the Sellinger School a dynamic, innovative and exciting place to learn and grow in our understanding of business and how it relates to our Loyola experience and all our lives for years to come. 

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Irem Demirkan
Associate Dean
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Meet the Members

Class of 2023

Meredith D'Ovidio, Major in Finance, Minor in Data Science

Meredith D'Ovidio, '23

Hi, my name is Meredith D’Ovidio, and I am from New Jersey. Currently, I am perusing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance as well as a minor in Data Science. Over the past 3 years the Sellinger School of Business has pushed me to grow professionally but also personally. Other than all the important skills and knowledge I have obtained from my classes within the Sellinger School of Business, I have developed the personal and leadership abilities that I will utilize outside of Loyola. Upon my graduation, I hope to peruse a career in Wealth Management in the New York Metropolitan area. One major takeaway I have learned over the course of my undergraduate studies is to never stop pursuing your goals, even when there are obstacles along the way.

Michelle Lebed, Major in Finance, Minor in Political Science
I am a senior from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am majoring in Finance and minoring in Political Science and Data & Information Systems. I love both math and law, which explains my unique matchup of major and minors. I grew up speaking Russian as my first language, so I am bilingual and a first-generation American college student. The professors here at Loyola have encouraged me to pursue both courses in the business school and in the liberal arts side. I look forward to helping my peers build relationships with each other and their professors as I have, for the possibilities at this school are truly endless. I am excited to see how the Sellinger School of Business will continue to prepare me for success, and how I will be able to use that knowledge to help others.

Megan Gallucci, Major in Accounting and Management, Minor Information Systems

Megan Gallucci, '23I’m from Montvale, New Jersey. I was surrounded by accountants growing up including my mom which was what immediately drew me to accounting. This allowed me to be exposed to so much information about accounting at a young age. I always saw myself becoming an accountant, but once I took the Financial Accounting class through the Sellinger School of Business, I knew I was exactly where I belonged. I decided to also major in management because I thought it would be very useful in my future in accounting as I would like to work at one of the Big Four accounting firms. I couldn’t have figured this out alone without the close relationships I was able to form at Loyola, and my professors who always made time to meet with me and answer any questions that I had. I’m excited to see how the Sellinger School of Business will help shape me for success in the future!

Brian Modarress, Major in Finance, Minor in Writing

Brian Modarress, '23I am from Gaithersburg, Maryland. I decided to pursue a major in finance because I want to help people understand the importance of saving and investing. The Sellinger School of Business has helped me realize my dream is possible. It has helped open doors for me and make connections within the business world. The thing I love most about Sellinger School of Business is how the professors push each and every one of us to become better daily. They encourage their students to do more and challenge themselves every day.

AJ Tolentino, Major in Management

AJ Tolentino, '23I am from Chesapeake, Virginia and I'm studying Business Administration with a concentration in Management. Spending time with friends and family, traveling, playing basketball, and investing are some of the things I value the most. Ever since I was younger I knew I wanted to be my own boss and the Sellinger School of Business has taught me how to take the first steps in achieving this goal. Being enrolled in business, finance, and economics courses has allowed me to gain the right knowledge of the industry I want to pursue. Over the years I have expanded my network and met like-minded individuals and mentors with similar interests and passions as myself and I am more than grateful. Being a student in the Sellinger School of Business has been a great opportunity for me, the relationships I have built and the knowledge I gained will last forever.

Not Pictured: Antoni Jareki, Major in Finance and Marketing 

Class of 2024

Sean Richards, Major in Data Analytics 

Sean Richards, '24I am from Rochester, NY, and I am currently majoring in Information Systems & Data Analytics with a minor in Data Science and Economics. I enjoy learning new things, gaining new experiences, and working hard. I am interested in technology and chose to major in IS and minor in Data Science to gain a better understanding of technology and how to interpret data to discover the countless ways in which information impacts the ever-changing business landscape. I am a social person and enjoy looking at and learning about our society and business environments from an Economical perspective. I love the friendliness and openness of Sellinger students and professors. Sellinger professors are always there to support you and help answer questions and it feels like they genuinely want each of us to succeed. I am excited to see what the next two years bring at Loyola in Sellinger.

Maddie Kammholz, Major in Data Analytics and Marketing, Minor in Writing 

Maddie Kammholz, '24I am a current junior from Rochester, New York majoring in Marketing and Information Systems with a minor in Writing. Within my first two years at Loyola, the Sellinger School of Business has definitely become a home to me on campus. I have gotten the opportunity to work with a variety of incredible professors and faculty members both inside and outside the classrooms of Sellinger. The continual challenge that Sellinger provides is both motivating and effective as it encourages me to push myself not only academically, but professionally and socially as well.

Peter LoPresti, Major in Marketing

Peter LoPresti, '24Hey everyone! I’m a junior from North Kingstown, Rhode Island (yes the state exists) studying Marketing, Info Systems, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Coming into Loyola, I was like a lot of people where I didn’t know what I wanted to study. After taking several intro level courses, talking with professors, and exploring career options, I decided Marketing was the path for me. What I love most about the Sellinger Business school are all the smart and passionate professors available to all students. They really want to see everyone succeed, and I’ve found them to be an extremely helpful resource especially when applying for jobs and deciding on my career path. In regard to marketing, what drew me in were all of the possibilities available with a degree—the world is really your oyster. In addition, with my passion for helping businesses grow through marketing, and the people skills required to succeed in the field, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was in the right place. Loyola also offers a variety of different business minors to students who want to gain more knowledge in the world of business, which is just another reason why I was attracted to the Sellinger Business School. I love sports, cooking/baking, and getting to know new people, so I’m excited to get to know you all and tell you why the Sellinger Business School is really one of Loyola’s best offerings.

Liliana Boudreau, Major in International Business and Sustainability Management

Liliana Boudreau, '24I am from Chatham, New Jersey, and I am a junior. I am an Economics and Sustainability Management double major with a minor in International Business. I chose these two majors because they focus on developing long-term economic growth while contributing to the growing solution of making companies more sustainable and preserving natural resources. I look forward to the relationships I will build with my professors and peers through the Sellinger School of Business and hope to utilize the skills I learn to create an environmental footprint for the future.

Class of 2025

Mike Dattilo, Major in Data Analytics and Finance 

Mike Dattilo, '25I am from Yorktown Heights, New York, and am currently pursuing a B.S. in Finance and Information Systems. I look forward to spending my next couple of years within the Sellinger School of Business because of all the opportunities that this school presents, as well as the incredible professors here to help me along the way. These opportunities will allow me to challenge myself and grow. I aspire to be a person who embraces opportunities and is not afraid to fail because in order to succeed you must first know how to learn from your mistakes.

Riley Mitchell, Major in Marketing 

Riley Mitchell, '25I am a member of the class of 2025 majoring in Marketing from Fallston, Maryland. I have loved being a part of the Sellinger School of Business for the opportunities it has given me, the real-world business experience, and the challenging yet engaging coursework. I am excited to join the Sellinger Student Advisory Board to grow in my leadership skills, encourage others to pursue degrees in business and share the excitement I have for the programs offered. Outside of SSAB, on campus I am an Evergreen, a member of the Women in Business club, and a Student Office Assistant in the Office of Student Engagement. I can’t wait to see what else the Sellinger School of Business holds for me and how it will prepare me for my future in Marketing!

Tommy Kelly, Major in Finance and Accounting

Tommy Kelly, '25I am from Marlton, New Jersey.  I am pursuing a double major in accounting and finance with the hopes of a career in transaction advisory or equity research.  During my free time, I enjoy fishing, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.  Through The Selinger School of Business, I have gained a wealth of knowledge, sharpened my professional skillset, and been surrounded by other highly motivated, dedicated students.