Faculty and Staff

Name DepartmentEmailPhone
Irene Bal Assistant Teaching Professor, Learning Design & Technology
Educational Technologyiabal@loyola.edu 410-617-1561
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Kasima Bolt Program Assistant, Teacher Education Department
Administrative Staffkbolt@loyola.edu 410-617-2765
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Silvia C. Dubovoy, Ph.D. Off-Site Affiliate Professor
Montessori Educationsdubovoy@loyola.edu
Meg Johnson
Meg Johnson, M.Ed. Affiliate Professor
Montessori Educationmjohnson19@loyola.edu
Tiffany Liddell
Tiffany Liddell, M.Ed. Off-Site Affiliate Professor
Montessori Educationtliddell@loyola.edu
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Gaby Lopez-Gomez, MBA/ M.Ed. Off-Site Affiliate Professor
Montessori Educationgelopezgomez@loyola.edu
Trisha Moquino
Trisha Moquino, Ed.D. Affiliate Professor
Montessori Educationtmoquino@loyola.edu
Ciara Nicholson headshot
Ciara Nicholson Program Assistant
Dean's Office
Naoko Ogawa
Naoko Ogawa, M.Ed. Director of Digital Teaching and Learning, Off-Site Affiliate Professor
Montessori Educationnogawa@loyola.edu
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Lakshmi Shekhar, MA Off-Site Affiliate Professor
Montessori Educationlshekhar@loyola.edu
Ann Velasco
Ann Velasco, M.Ed. Off-Site Affiliate Professor
Montessori Educationaevelasco@loyola.edu
Kelley Williford
Kelley Williford Graduate Recruiter
Dean's Officekjwilliford@loyola.edu 410-617-1574
Antoinette Carr
Antoinette Carr, Ed.D. Affiliate Instructor
Educational Leadershipahcarr@loyola.edu
Andrea Fleener
Andrea Fleener, M.Ed. Off-Site Affiliate Faculty
Montessori Educationafleener@loyola.edu
Danielle Green
Danielle Green, Ed.D. Affiliate Instructor
Educational Leadershipdrgreen@loyola.edu
Madeleine Larrimore
Madeleine (Maddie) Larrimore Senior Graduate Recruiter
Dean's Officemlarrimore@loyola.edu 410-617-5376
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Jason McCoy Affiliate Instructor
Educational Leadershipjjmccoy@loyola.edu
Karen Murphy
Karen Murphy Affiliate Instructor
Educational Leadershipkamurphy1@loyola.edu
Erin Smith
Erin Smith, M.Ed. Off-Site Affiliate Faculty
Montessori Educationeksmith@loyola.edu
Karen Terrell
Karen Terrell, Ph.D Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Initial Certificationklterrell@loyola.edu
Troy Todd
Troy Todd Affiliate Instructor
Educational Leadershipttodd@loyola.edu
Nouf Bazaz
Nouf Bazaz, Ph.D. Assistant Clinical Professor
School Counselingnsbazaz@loyola.edu 410-617-1627
Carey Borkoski
Carey Borkoski, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Educational Leadershipcborkoski@loyola.edu 410-617-5580
Greta Brueck Headshot
Greta Brueck Associate Director, Undergraduate and Graduate Program Operations
Dean's Officegabrueck@loyola.edu 410-617-1590
Gayle Cicero
Gayle Cícero, Ed.D. Coordinator of Clinical Experiences, Assistant Clinical Professor
School Counselinggcicero@loyola.edu 410-617-1513
Kristina Collins
Kristina Collins Co-Director of Literacy Education Programs, Assistant Clinical Professor, Division Director of Literacy Loyola Clinical Center
Literacy Educationkmcollins@loyola.edu 410-617-2736
Amy Cosentino
Amy Cosentino Visiting Assistant Clinical Professor
Initial Certificationacosentino@loyola.edu
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Mark Covington Assistant Clinical Professor
Initial Certificationmecovington@loyola.edu 410-617-5718
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Victor Delclos Professor Emeritus, Curriculum and Instruction, Education Specialties
Emeritus Facultyvdelclos@loyola.edu
Patrick Dempsey Headshot
Patrick Dempsey, Ed.D. Director of Digital Teaching and Learning, Affiliate Professor
Montessori Educationprdempsey@loyola.edu 410-617-1668
Photo of James Dorsey
James Dorsey Advanced Studies in Music Education
Kodály Music Education
Stephanie Durnford headshot
Stephanie Durnford, Ph.D. Assistant Clinical Professor
School Counselingsdurnford@loyola.edu 410-617-2389
Victoria Elasic Headshot
Victoria Elasic, Ed.D. Affiliate Instructor
Montessori Educationvaelasic@loyola.edu
Stephanie Flores-Koulish
Stephanie Flores-Koulish, Ph.D. Program Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Social Justice, Professor
Curriculum and Instruction for Social Justicesfloreskoulish@loyola.edu 410-617-5456
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Carla Taliaferro Program Specialist
Dean's Office
Laura Foster Headshot
Laura Foster Affiliate Faculty
Montessori Educationlkfoster@loyola.edu
Rebecca Foster
Rebecca Foster Materials, Folk instruments, American Kodály Institute
Kodály Music Education
Kharod France Headshot
Kharod France, Ph.D. Assistant Clinical Professor
School Counselingkafrance@loyola.edu 410-617-1657
Melissa Gilroy
Melissa Gilroy Assistant Clinical Professor
Initial Certificationmlgilroy@loyola.edu
Margarita Gomez
Margarita Gomez, Ph.D. Literacy Education Director, Undergraduate Teacher Education Programs, Associate Professor of Literacy Education
Literacy Educationmgomez@loyola.edu 410-617-5323
Jessica Haddaway Enos
Jessica Haddaway Enos, Ph.D. Assistant Clinical Professor
Initial Certificationjhaddaway@loyola.edu
Marie Heath, Ed.D.
Marie Heath, Ed.D. Assistant Professor, Learning Design & Technology
Educational Technologymkheath@loyola.edu 410-617-1509
Afra Hersi
Afra Hersi, Ph.D. Dean, School of Education, Professor of Literacy Education
Dean's Officeahersi@loyola.edu 410-617-2998
Loretta Holmberg-Masden
Loretta Holmberg-Masden Assistant Teaching Professor
Initial Certificationlvholmbergmasden@loyola.edu 410-617-5666
Carrie Horwitz Lang
Caroline Horwitz Lang Director of Montessori Education, Assistant Clinical Professor, Loyola's Center for Montessori Education
Montessori Educationcjhorwitz@loyola.edu 410-617-2308
Kelly Keane
Kelly Keane, Ed.D. Program Director, Learning Design & Technology, Assistant Teaching Professor
Educational Technologykjkeane@loyola.edu 410-617-1552
Tonya M. Lewi
Tonya M. Lewis Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Program Operations
Dean's Officetlewis@loyola.edu 410-617-1545
Stephanie Lichtenberger
Stephanie Lichtenberger Choral Studies, American Kodály Institute
Kodály Music Education
Peter Litchka
Peter Litchka, Ed.D. Professor Emeritus, Educational Leadership
Emeritus Facultyprlitchka@loyola.edu
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Jennifer Lyall Administrative Staff
Administrative Staffjllyall@loyola.edu 410-617-5094
Christine Mahady
Christine Mahady, Ed.D. Program Director, Educational Leadership, Assistant Teaching Professor
Educational Leadershipcmahady@loyola.edu
David Marcovitz
David Marcovitz, Ph.D. Associate Dean, School of Education, Professor of Learning Design & Technology
Dean's Officemarco@loyola.edu 410-617-2250
Regina Massella
Gina Massella, Ph.D. Assistant Teaching Professor, Educational Leadership
Educational Leadershipramassella@loyola.edu 410-617-1525
Lauren McDougle
Lauren McDougle Program Director of American Kodály Institute, Materials, Folk instruments
Kodály Music Educationlkmcdougle@loyola.edu 410-617-5343
Heather Moore headshot
Heather Moore Assistant Dean for Assessment and Data Management
Dean's Officehamoore@loyola.edu 410-617-2996
Melissa Mulieri
Melissa Mulieri Director of Initial Certification, Master of Arts in Teaching Program, Assistant Clinical Professor
Initial Certificationmcmulieri@loyola.edu 410-617-5438
Monica Nance Headshot
Monica Nance, M.Ed. Affiliate Professor
Montessori Educationmnance@loyola.edu
Felix Polendey
Felix Polendey Choral Studies, American Kodály Institute
Kodály Music Education
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Lee Richmond Professor Emeritus, School Counseling
Emeritus Facultylrichmond@loyola.edu
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Elana Rock Associate Professor Emeritus, Special Education, Initial Certification
Initial Certificationerock@loyola.edu
Leah Saal
Leah Saal, Ph.D. Co-Director, Associate Professor, Literacy Education Programs
Literacy Educationlksaal@loyola.edu 410-617-2671
Ayize Sabater Headshot
Ayize Sabater, Sr., Ed.D. Affiliate Faculty
Montessori Educationasabater@loyola.edu
Qi Shi
Qi Shi, Ph.D. Director of the Center for Equity, Leadership, and Social Justice in Education, Professor, School Counseling
School Counselingqshi@loyola.edu 410-617-1530
Dean Joshua S. Smith, Ph.D.
Joshua Smith, Ph.D. Professor of Education
Initial Certificationjssmith2@loyola.edu 410-617-5343
Myra J. Smith, Ed.D
Myra Smith, Ed.D. Assistant Teaching Professor
Educational Leadershipmjsmith@loyola.edu 410-617-2394
Wendy Smith
Wendy Smith, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Literacy Education, Teacher Education
Literacy Educationwmsmith@loyola.edu
Joseph Sicking Headshot
Joseph Stewart-Sicking, Ed.D. Chair of Education Specialties Department, Professor of School Counseling
School Counselingjastewartsicking@loyola.edu 410-617-7648
Francois Suhr
Francois Suhr Musicianship, American Kodály Institute
Kodály Music Education
Rachel Tanenblatt Materials, American Kodály Institute
Kodály Music Educationrtanenblatt@loyola.edu
Jennifer Watkinson
Jennifer Watkinson, Ph.D. Director of School Counseling, Associate Professor
School Counselingjswatkinson@loyola.edu 410-617-1705
Amy Weishaar
Amy Weishaar Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs, American Kodály Institute
Kodály Music Education
Stacy Williams
Stacy Williams Chair of Teacher Education, Coordinator of Partnerships Clinical Experiences, Assistant Clinical Professor
Initial Certificationsawilliams@loyola.edu 410-617-2756
Monique Yates
Monique Yates Assistant Clinical Professor
Initial Certificationmcyates@loyola.edu