Our Mission

Our Mission

The Center for Montessori Education is committed to empowering Montessori practitioners across the globe. Our center stands behind Maria Montessori’s belief that the child is the center of our work. Through respect and belief in the child and their ability to become active members of society, it is the child that will bring about change.

The vision of the Center for Montessori Education is to mobilize professionals in Montessori education to analyze, synthesize and recognize their impact in the field of Montessori education.  Through unique program pathways, students will leave our program with a diversified understanding of educational perspectives, effective tools to amplify equitable solid communities, and a grounded understanding of the opportunities in research to support educational change. 

To stand behind our mission and vision for the Center for Montessori Education, all that we do will connect to our Core Principles in educating Montessori Practitioners.

As a student you will:

  • Explore diverse perspectives in education.
  • Increase your awareness of tools to develop and sustain cultures of inclusivity.
  • Expand your knowledge and background on research that supports educational change.