LiveText Requirement

An active subscription to LiveText is a requirement for undergraduate and graduate education students.  Students in teacher certification programs (all undergraduate education students, MAT and Special Education graduate students) must purchase the Field Experience version of LiveText.  Other education students purchase the Standard version of LiveText. LiveText accounts can be purchased at the University bookstore. This one-time purchase, which is comparable in price to the cost of a textbook, lasts the duration of your time at the School of Education and one year following program completion (up to a period of five years, with an option to extend your subscription). Because your LiveText membership will last at least a full year after program completion, you will be able to use your electronic LiveText portfolio in the job seeking process.

As you progress through your program, you will find that LiveText allows you to work more efficiently, communicate effortlessly, and grow academically. Benefits for students include:

  • Unlimited digital storage accessible via the web (which eliminates the need to purchase external jump drives);
  • Ability to create professional electronic portfolios that can be easily shared;
  • Ability to submit major assignments and receive feedback electronically;
  • Resources, including a rubric maker, searchable standards, assignment templates, and more;
  • Personal file manager, which allows you to upload and manage external files, such as MS Office, PDF, videos, pictures, and text documents - and which includes labeling capabilities to make document management easy; and,
  • Available add-on: Learn360® teacher education resources: This web-based digital video library is comprised of thousands of K-12 core-curriculum videos, video clips, newsreels, audio and video speeches, still images, and audio files. Award-winning producers PBS, National Geographic, Standard Deviants, Slim Goodbody, Sunburst Visual Media™ and dozens of other educational video content producers provide this best quality, standards-based content - earchable by state standards, preferred media formats, grade levels, and subject areas. Learn360® also offers play list creation and is the only streaming service to provide slide show capability.