AMI Concurrent M.Ed. in Montessori Education FAQs


Do I have to wait until I’ve collected all my admission documents before mailing them to Loyola?

You can send in your admission documents as you complete them. Official transcripts must be sent directly from your school(s). We strongly recommend that all applicants have their schools send us official e-transcripts if possible.  All foreign transcripts must be translated and evaluated by an approved international academic record evaluation service. Visit the International Academic Records page for a list of approved services. 

I have already submitted references to my AMI training institute. Do I need new/different letters of recommendation for my Loyola application?

Loyola will accept copies of your letters of recommendation that were submitted to your partner institute; however, these letters must be academic or professional references. In addition, the reference letters must be sent to Loyola directly from the affiliate institute.  Be sure Loyola receives three letters of recommendation in total.

If I choose not to apply for Loyola’s Montessori Graduate program this year, can I apply once I’ve finished my AMI training?

No. You must apply for Loyola’s concurrent Montessori graduate program at the same time you apply for admission to the AMI partner institute. You must register and pay tuition to Loyola for the semesters you are in training at your partner institute in order for that coursework to be graded and credited toward the M.Ed. You cannot receive credit for AMI courses completed prior to being enrolled at Loyola.

However, if you miss the application deadline for the concurrent program, you will have the option of applying to the M.Ed. program instead, which can begin immediately after your AMI training.

Once my application is complete, how long will I wait to learn if I’ve been admitted?

Once the Office of Graduate Admission has received a complete application, it will be handed over to the admission committee for review. You can expect to receive an admission decision letter within three weeks of completing your application.

When should I apply for financial aid?

In order to have loan funds available when you register for your first semester, we advise applying for financial aid when you apply for the graduate program. For programs beginning in the summer, please apply by April 1. For programs beginning in the fall, please apply by July 1. Please visit Loyola’s financial aid website for more information.


Can I register for my Loyola courses online? 

Yes. All course registration takes place online through Loyola Self Service > Student Planning. To access Student Planning, go to your student portal and login, then click the green icon titled Graduate Registration.

For further instructions, please visit the Records Office registration page.

I have applied for federal financial aid. When will I receive my disbursement?

It is strongly recommended that you apply for financial aid four weeks prior to the date you plan to register for courses in order to ensure that your loans will be available at the time of registration. Any leftover funds for that semester will be sent to you in a disbursement check within 14 days after the start of the semester. Please remember that in order for your loan to be processed, Loyola must receive all necessary documentation. Please visit the financial aid website and see Steps 1 and 2.

Final Graduate Summer Session: Education Core Courses (Online)

When will these courses be completed?

Students take the Education Core Courses (ED.600, SE.761, and ED.625) the summer following completion of their AMI diploma.

When will I receive information about the intensive Graduate Summer Session?

Information including dates, schedule, and how to reserve a spot will be emailed to all eligible students the January before the summer session. Reservations cannot be requested before this time.

Do I need to attend the Graduate Summer Session immediately following my AMI training?

You have five (5) years from the start of training in which to complete all master's course requirements. Within this timeline, you may choose to take a summer off, but must request a formal Leave of Absence to do so.

For any other questions, please contact Greta Brueck, program administrator at 410-617-1590 or

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