M.Ed. in Literacy - Literacy Teacher for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations

This program is designed for teachers or professionals who wish to become more knowledgeable about teaching English Language Learners (ELLs). Loyola's M.Ed. in Literacy Teacher for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations provides candidates with a strong foundation in literacy curriculum, instruction, and assessment at the K-12 levels for teaching ELLs. In this program, you'll prepare to meet the literacy needs of all students in your classroom. The program emphasizes a strong theoretical understanding of the reading process as well as practical application with K-12 students. The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations Track will also emphasize becoming a reflexive practitioner but will include courses on teaching ELLs aligned to the Teachers of English as a Second or Other Languages (TESOL) Standards and, coupled with a passing score on the Praxis II ESOL exam, leads to ESOL certification in Maryland.

Degree Requirements

The program consists of a comprehensive 30-credit course of study that has been approved by the Maryland State Department of Education.

Candidates typically complete courses in the order listed below:

Literacy Core (18 credits)
RE 510 Foundations of Literacy Curriculum and Instruction  (3)*
RE 520 Principles and Practices of Teaching Reading (3)*
RE 603 Language, Literacy, and Culture (3)**
RE 605 Principles and Practices of Teaching Writing (3)*
RE 610 Disciplinary and Digital Literacies (3)**
RE 737 Literacy Assessment I (3) *

Teaching CLD Learners Track (12 credits)
RE 525 Reading and Writing in the Linguistically Diverse Classroom (3)**
RE 602 Second Language Development: Theory and Practice (3)**
RE 604 Methods for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (3)**
RE 606 Assessment in Bilingual and Second Language Education (3) **

*Hybrid Courses- Only the first four courses (12 credit hours) in the program are offered in hybrid format where students will attend 8 week classes in-person and participate in online learning activities. This is designed to both acclimate students to online learning as well as the expectations of the program and curriculum.

** Online Courses- The remainder of the program (18 credit hours) will be completed in an online synchronous format.

Completion Time

The literacy teacher program is offered part-time (to be completed in 2-5 years).

Program Outcomes

Successful candidates will receive the M.Ed. in Literacy Teacher for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations (this degree does not directly lead to certification, see statement above about certification).