M.Ed. in Educational Technology

This program is appropriate for teachers who wish to expand their use of technology in their own classroom, as well as those wishing to become technology leaders on the school, district, and national levels.

5 Things You'll Learn in Loyola's Ed Tech Program

5 Things You'll Learn in Loyola's Ed Tech Program. 1. Why and how to integrate new technologies and tool. 2. How to upgrade and improve the learner-centeredness of your classroom. 3. How to use technology to engage your students in unique, innovative, and equitable ways. 4. How to network and connect with teachers and educators nationally and globally. 5. How to improve your teaching practices and lead others to dot the same.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree requires 36 credits. The degree requires an 18-credit technology core, a 3-credit research core, a 12-credit leadership core, and a 3-credit culminating internship.

Technology Core (15 credits)
ET 605 Introduction to Educational Technology
ET 620 Multimedia Design in the Classroom
ET 630  Digital Communication for Educators
ET 631 Transformative Online Teaching
ED 602 Learner-Centered Education

Research Core (3 credits)
ED 600 Foundations of Educational Research
ED 670 Teacher Research and Inquiry
ED776 Theory & Research on Teaching in Education

Leadership Core (15 credits)
ED 608 Creative Thinking, Collaboration, & Educational Change
ET 660 Innovative Digital Schools
ET 662 Technology Leadership and Professional Learning
ET 680 The Role of the Technology Leader
ET 690 Educational Technology Seminar

Culminating Project
ET 691 Educational Technology Internship

Educational Technology Classroom Demo

Check out this demo educational technology classroom to get a feel for the online classroom experience. Click on the "Log in as a guest" button to access the site.



The internship is a culminating experience in which candidates take the technology and leadership skills that they have learned and apply them. The internship is generally done as an individualized project at your own school or district and involves helping your school or district move forward with technology.

Completion Time

The educational technology program may be taken part-time (to be completed in 2-5 years), which offers a self-paced opportunity to complete requirements over a longer period of time with courses delivered at times of the day that are convenient to full-time work schedules.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Obtain a M.Ed. in Educational Technology.
  2. Enhance or pursue a career in the following professions:
  • Board certified teacher/coordinator
  • Technology facilitator
  • STEM teacher/coordinator
  • Professional learning liaison
  • National Security Agency (NSA) employee