Excellence in Innovation Award

The Excellence in Innovation Award for Educational Technology is awarded each spring to an outstanding student in the Educational Technology Program. To be considered for the Educational Technology Program Award, a candidate must:

  • Be eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies for the spring semester for which the award is given (i.e., completing all requirements by that spring or the previous fall or summer)
  • Have a GPA of 3.8 or higher
  • Have demonstrated a wide range of creative uses of technology in his/her own classroom
  • Have demonstrated an ability to lead/mentor colleagues with technology integration efforts
  • Exhibit enthusiasm for educational technology


2018: David Dutrow, M.Ed. '18
2017: Alemnesh Allen, M.Ed. '16

David Dutrow

2018 Excellence in Innovation Award

David understands purposeful technology integration and recognizes the importance of knowing your learners.  He recognizes that the creative use of technology in the classroom really begins with and demands a solid pedagogy that is founded in a healthy culture in the classroom where each and every student is appreciated and each student’s talents are celebrated. According to David, “the creative use of technology is all about allowing students to have self-respect, voice, and a feeling of safety in the classroom.” Before technology even makes an appearance, he sets the stage for its creative uses by establishing a space where students feel free to be themselves. Once this purposeful space exists, he draws a line between “technology use” and “technology integration.” He recognizes that students should be using technology with the intention of moving toward their own goals and extending their learning. David knows that you have to look beyond just a flashy new tool. He also recognizes that once you know your students and understand the ways in which each of them best learns, you can match a student with an appropriate technology that enhances learning.  He avoids levying technology use in the classroom just for the sake of saying you use technology.

David works at Mt. Saint Joe’s and they don’t have a position for an education technology coach there. And because of that, teachers like David who embrace technology often assist other teachers in becoming more creative in their technology integration. He holds optional professional development sessions in the summer focusing on things like Google Suite implementation and specific tools like Edpuzzle and Flipgrid. He co-founded a professional learning community focused on technology integration that grew out of these PD efforts. He offers personalized one-on-one sessions to teachers at his school and has also been known to create on-demand video content explaining a tool or demonstrating how to use a device or platform, such as Google Suite for Education or their school’s LMS.

David mentors and leads colleagues and is willing to try new technologies. He also recognizes the importance of staying abreast of the latest trends. He attends edcamps (and actually helped significantly with our loyola edcamp) and he attends webinars and conferences to constantly learn new techniques. He’s also an avid reader of anything written by an educational technology experts and passes on book recommendations to faculty. In addition to attending conferences, he also presents at them and knows that this process of learning, leading, and growing is really an incredible and powerful cycle of sharing. 

He is a vocal and passionate student in the program has nurtured positive relationships with his peers and professors alike. He is excited and enthusiastic about technology and we are so proud to soon call him a graduate of our program. It is with great pleasure that we recognize David Dutrow as the recipient of the excellence in innovation award this year.




Alemnesh Allen

Alemnesh Allen 2017 Recipient of the Award for Excellence in Innovation The Loyola University Maryland Educational Technology Program and School of Education are proud to announce the first annual winner of the Award for Excellence in Innovation presented to an outstanding graduate of the Educational Technology Program. The winner is Alemnesh Allen, a graduate of the Prince George's County Cohort and teacher in the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS).

Throughout her studies at Loyola, Alemnesh was looked up to by her classmates as a leader in the program. Her experience with and knowledge of technological tools, her openness to learn best practices for new technology applications, and her ability to understand and challenge the program's foundational ideas made everyone around her better students and better teachers. She has been at the forefront of the use of iPads in the classroom, actively engaging her students in the classroom and helping other teachers in her school and school system to do the same. Alemnesh has a keen sense of when a high-tech solution is appropriate and when, as Tom March said, to: “Give them a shovel, a rake, and a package of seeds. Take them outside. Let them plant a garden, and watch it grow.”

Alemnesh has not stopped her learning and leadership since completing her program. She continues to mentor colleagues in her school, has been named a Google Education Mentor by her school system, and works with the school system’s Title I Technology Training Department as an Apple Trainer. She is active in professional learning networks, locally and nationwide, and has a passion for sharing the ways she knows that educational technology, when used appropriately, can be powerful for students and teachers.

Of her experience at Loyola, she wrote, “The past two years of experience in the Loyola Educational Technology Master's program, have helped to increase my marketability, while supporting the vision and mission of PGCPS to provide high-quality instructional opportunities for students.” As a program, we have learned from her as she has learned from us, and we are proud to call her an alumna and the first winner of the Award for Excellence in Innovation.

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