Continuing Education Courses and Workshops

Professional Development for Teachers, Counselors, School Administrators, and School Based Professionals

Loyola University Maryland's School of Education offers courses for teachers and education professionals seeking graduate-level courses for professional development or to maintain certification requirements. Courses are offered in varies formats to fit the schedules of busy educators. 

Please review the course homepage to learn more about each individual course, including the course descriptions, schedule, credit hour information, and cost. 

Summer 2024

EDCT602.W01- Deep Dive Into National Board Certification (2.0 credits)

This course was developed to help teachers prepare for the rigorous process of National Board Certification. By systematically working their way through the types of writing, the content standards, the specific directions and component guide, students will collaborate, discuss, and plan their pathway to complete the national board certification components.

Synchronous Meetings: May 29-July 11, 2024
Cost: $700.00

Admission Application Deadline: May 17, 2024
Registration Deadline: May 24, 2024 

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EDGC822.W01-Lauryn's Law: School Counselor's Response to Indicators of Mental Illness and Behavioral Distress (1.0 credits)

This course meets the educational requirements outlined in Lauryn’s Law. Specifically, this course enhances the school counseling practitioners' knowledge and skills to understand and respond to the social, emotional, and personal development of students, including knowledge and skills relating to: (1) the recognition of indicators of mental illness and behavioral distress, including depression, trauma, violence, youth suicide, and substance abuse; and (2) the identification of professional resources to help students in crisis. This course for school counselors provides a current, interactive overview of these skills and supports participants’ development/acquisition of a resource bank for distribution to parents or guardians, school staff, and students, as appropriate.

This course meets asynchronously online. 

Meeting Dates: June 3- July 8, 2024
Cost: $400.00

Admission Application Deadline: May 20, 2024
Registration Deadline: May 27, 2024 

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