Grand Seminar

Close-up of the sun in space emitting an uncharacteristically blue-green solar flare

Loyola University Maryland’s academic division of natural and applied sciences will present the 2022 Grand Seminar on Tuesday, April 5 at 6 p.m. in McGuire Hall. The event will feature keynote speaker Nicola Fox, Ph.D., Heliophysics Division Director in the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC.


What’s New and Good Under the Sun

Nicola Fox, Ph.D., speaking at a podiumNASA Heliophysics research studies a vast system stretching from the sun to Earth to far beyond the edge of the planets. Studying this system, much of it driven by the sun’s constant outpouring of solar wind, not only helps us understand fundamental information about how the universe works, but also helps protect our technology and astronauts in space. NASA seeks knowledge of near-Earth space because, when extreme, space weather can interfere with our communications, satellites, and power grids. The study of the sun and space can also teach us more about how stars contribute to the habitability of planets throughout the universe.

Mapping out this interconnected system requires a holistic study of the sun’s influence on space, Earth, and other planets. NASA has a fleet of spacecraft strategically placed throughout our heliosphere from Parker Solar Probe at the sun observing the very start of the solar wind, to satellites around Earth, to the farthest human-made object, Voyager, which is sending back observations on interstellar space. Each mission is positioned at a critical, well thought-out vantage point to observe and understand the flow of energy and particles throughout the solar system—all helping us untangle the effects of the star we live with.

Grand Seminar

Beginning in 2011, natural and applied sciences hosts a yearly seminar with the goal of engaging Loyola students as well as providing an enlightening and informative event for the greater Loyola community. Watch past Grand Seminar presentations.