Faculty and Staff

The Loyola College of Arts and Sciences is composed of 21 academic departments with approximately 330 full-time faculty. The College offers undergraduate degree programs in the traditional liberal arts (humanities, social sciences, and natural and applied sciences), engineering, and speech pathology/audiology. It also offers masters programs in data science, forensic pattern analysis, theological studies, emerging media, clinical professional counseling, and speech pathology. There is a Psy.D. program in clinical psychology.

Dr. Matthew Mulcahy, Associate Dean of Humanities
mmulcahy@loyola.edu, 410-617-2019

Dr. Bahram Roughani, Associate Dean for the Natural and Applied Sciences
broughani@loyola.edu, 410-617-2562

Dr. Carolyn Barry, Associate Dean of Social Sciences/Graduate Programs
cbarry@loyola.edu, 410-617-5325

Jason McMahon, Technology Support Specialist - Loyola College
Mr. McMahon provides technology support and services to all of Loyola College.
, 410-617-2938

Krysten Fertonardo, Business and Analytics Coordinator
Ms. Fertonardo is the contact person for budget questions, processing and reimbursements as well as monitoring data with regard to faculty for Loyola College.
, 410-617-7430

Anita Major, Executive Assistant
Ms. Major is the executive assistant to Dr. Frank Golom, Interim Dean of Loyola College.  She provides operational and administrative support, managing the calendar, coordinating faculty reviews, appointments, meetings, and events.  She also provides additional support for the three associate deans: Drs. Mulcahy, Barry, and Roughani as needed.  Ms. Major coordinates and tracks the forms and documents related to the hiring and annual review processes and handles all per course and new hire contracts.

Julieta Guerra, Administrative Assistant
Ms. Guerra provides additional support for Dr. Golom and the associate deans as needed. She is also the administrative assistant for the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, helps in processing the applications for Summer Research Grant, Senior Sabbatical Leave, and requests for IRB approval. She also maintains the Loyola College and ORSP websites.
jguerra@loyola.edu, 410-617-2563