Loyola University Maryland

Military and Veterans Community

Maintaining Your Benefits

Enrollment Status

All students using their educational benefits from the DVA are required by law to keep the University informed of the following:

  • Periods of enrollment
  • Audits and withdrawals
  • Change of degree programs
  • Catalog change
  • Address change
  • Requests for course substitutions (approval must be obtained prior to enrolling in course)

Students are advised to report any change in credit hours to the Loyola University Maryland’s School Certifying Official (SCO) as soon as possible, as delays in reporting a change in status may impede the processing of your benefits.

Students using the Post-9/11 GI Bill® must verify enrollment with the VA monthly.

A tutorial on how to verify enrollment is available, should you need assistance.

Students using the Montgomery GI Bill® must verify enrollment on the WAVE website.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

All students receiving DVA education benefits are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress according to published standards established and enforced by the University. Loyola University Maryland's Standards of Progress have been approved by the State Approving Agency (SAA) and accepted by the DVA.

You must maintain satisfactory academic progress and complete all your classes. Classes for which benefits will be paid for by the VA must fulfill requirements for graduation in your stated program. Any subsequent programs must be requested and approved by the VA. Summer credits are counted a little differently, so please contact Loyola University Maryland’s School Certifying Official (410-617-2347) or vabenefits@loyola.edu for more information.

U.S. Code, Title 38, Sections 1674 and 1724, requires that education assistance benefits to Veterans and other eligible persons be discontinued when the student ceases to make satisfactory progress toward completion of their training objective. Accordingly, Loyola University Maryland will discontinue certification of enrollment and will inform the DVA of a termination (due to unsatisfactory academic progress) for undergraduate students who remain on academic probation for two consecutive semesters and for graduate students who are subject to dismissal. This may result in the student being overpaid. Students have a right to appeal terminations. The DVA determines whether or not payment will be terminated and the conditions for reinstatement.