Loyola University Maryland

CPaMS Scholars Program

What CPaMS Scholars say about the program

Loyola University Maryland received a grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a scholarship and mentoring program to recruit and graduate academically talented students pursuing a degree in computer science, physics, mathematics, or statistics. Learn what students in our CPaMS cohorts have to say about their experience...

Chiara Maalouf

Chiara Maalouf Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics

"The CPaMS Scholars program creates a wonderful learning environment of engaged peers and puts us in touch with members of the academic community to learn about career options and internship opportunities. The benefit of learning in a cohort is that we grow as a learning unit. We all get to know each other very well and collaborate outside of class socially as well as academically to understand different topics. The weekly colloquium is an amazing benefit. A different speaker from different sectors of STEM careers come to campus, and we get to engage with these professionals, seek their advice, and learn about their careers and internship opportunities. By connecting with professionals in the STEM workforce, I feel better prepared to apply to dream job positions. And since the program is geared so that we can have at least two hands-on experiences in our field of study before graduating, it gives us a competitive edge in the job market."

Jeffrey Umanzor

Jeffrey Umanzor Major: Computer Science

"My Jesuit education at Loyola is giving me a well-rounded experience with certain values that will be important to me in both a career in STEM and in my life after college. The benefit to learning in a cohort is that we are always asking each other questions and helping one another, because we are all going through the same class and understand the common challenges. Through the CPaMS Scholars program, you will very quickly get to know everybody in the program, and you will build relationships that span your entire college career. The advice I would give to the student interested in studying computer science, physics, and/or mathematics statistics is to look for a college that provides the same opportunities that Loyola does, and to look for a school that has a community that you can flourish in."

Emily Cebulski

Emily Cebulski Majors: Actuarial Science and Finance

"I have always really enjoyed math, and decided that I would love to pursue my passion as an actuary scientist. The CPaMS Scholars program allows me to work alongside like-minded students preparing to enter the workforce with STEM careers. We spend a lot of time both inside and outside of the classroom getting to know each other and helping each other pursue our goals. If you are interested in studying computer science, physics, or mathematics in college, definitely apply to the CPaMS Scholars Program! It’s a great opportunity to pursue what you love alongside people who also enjoy it and can help you along the way to pursue your ultimate goals."

Sarah Flaherty

Sarah Flaherty Majors: Computer Science and Mathematics

"Learning in a cohort means you are surrounded by students who care about class and their future as much as you do. CPaMS faculty genuinely care about our well-being. In my personal experience, Dr. Shah has been a wonderful resource and advisor. She has helped me work through my changing plans and changes in career paths. She has been an amazing role model as a woman in STEM, a professor, and a scientist. Our class CS 200 has been a great way to enhance my understanding of and find potential opportunities. Each Monday we meet many people in a variety of fields. This program has shown me the many professions I could pursue in my field. It has also prepared me with the skills to inquire about internships and jobs, as well as how to go about the application process."

Rebecca Martino

Rebecca Martino Majors: Statistics and Computer Science

"This program provides an excellent platform to build connections within the technical field and to learn more about various post-grad opportunities. It is a great to be part of a small group of people that share similar interests and ambitions. We have all become very comfortable with one another, which makes communication much easier. All of the CPaMS faculty are extremely helpful and supportive as well. They genuinely want to help us be successful. I have never been in a community with so many people who sincerely care about the people around them."