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Research Internships for Loyola CPaMS Scholars in Computational Medicine at JHU 

The Internships for Undergraduate Scholars in Computational Medicine Program (IUSCMP) provides an opportunity for Loyola CPaMS Scholars to perform research at Johns Hopkins University's Institute for Computational Medicine (ICM) during the academic year and/or summer.

Through an internship at the ICM, CPaMS Scholars conduct extended research under the guidance of ICM faculty that can lead to authored publications, presentations at conferences, and a competitive advantage for students who pursue graduate programs and professional research-based careers. 

Summer interns receive a stipend and commuting expenses. Students who choose an internship during the academic year work with ICM faculty to determine the length of their internship based on their availability and receive assistance with expenses as needed.

The mission of the ICM is to improve healthcare by: developing computational models of disease; personalizing these models using data from patients; and applying these models to improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Research of our program faculty encompasses a range of approaches including rule (agent)-based, statistical, and mechanistic modeling. When constrained using patient data, models can be used to: predict variables that are difficult or impossible to measure in patients (e.g., model-based continuous-time estimates of intracranial pressure); discover novel sensitive and specific risk biomarkers (e.g., transmural repolarization duration for arrhythmia risk stratification in patients with Long QT Syndrome); predict disease progression (e.g., brain shape metrics for predicting likelihood of conversion from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s disease); progression for treatment outcomes (e.g., tumor response to pharmacotherapy); discover drug targets (e.g., monoclonal antibody inhibition in cancer patients). 

The deadline for summer internship applications is February 1, 2019.


Please contact Professor Olsen at Loyola (mmolsen@loyola.edu) or Dr. Ratnanather (tilak@cis.jhu.edu) for additional information.

"Through my internship at Johns Hopkins University, where I work in a Computational Neuroscience Lab under the leadership of Dr. Tilak Ratnanather, I have gained so much more from this experience than I expected. It has helped me discover my passion and has driven me towards a new career path. The CPaMS program connected me with Institute of Computational Medicine for the opportunity to apply."

—Sarah Flaherty, CPaMS Scholar
Rachel Martin


Rachel's experience here has strengthened her love of STEM and led to meaningful relationships with professors and fellow students

Mathematics, Economics