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First-Generation Student Success

A Warm Welcome to our First-Generation Students

A green crab with text, Welcome to LoyolaTo Our First-Generation Students,

We welcome you, your gifts, and your perspectives to Loyola University Maryland! We are thrilled that you are part of our family, and Loyola is here to support you, guide you, and encourage you throughout your journey at Loyola. As in any family, we realize that you will have ups and downs, and we will stand by you, and with you, as you navigate your college experience. As a first-generation student, we know what a treasure you are to Loyola, often a role model to those around you and an example of perseverance and strength. We know that some days might be harder than others, but we hope that you find peace in knowing that there is always someone here to support you. There is always someone here who will listen to you—That’s just what families do, and we want to thank you for making our family complete!

National First-Generation College Day

Loyola University Maryland celebrated our inaugural National First-Generation College Student Day on November 8, 2021. November 8 was selected as the annual date for the National First-Generation College Student Day because this date marks the anniversary of the signing of the Higher Education Act of 1965. This legislation created unprecedented grant and loan programs that opened the door for low-income, and potentially first-generation students to pursue and complete their college education.  

At Loyola, we plan to celebrate our first-generation students at an annual campus-wide event on November 8, and then offer an end-of-the-year celebration each May, during which our first-gen students, faculty, administrators, and staff will convene for another campus-wide celebration at which we will honor our first-gen community together.

First-Generation Student Success Committee

The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies convenes a group of faculty, administrators, and first-gen students who are dedicated to creating spaces, providing support, and effecting change so that our first-generation students are provided with every opportunity to live a full, productive, and enhanced college experience. If you are interested in joining the First-Generation Student Success Committee, please contact Mary Beth Mudric at mmudric@loyola.edu.

First-Gen Hounds

First-Gen Hounds is a student organization that is committed to enhancing the first-generation college student experience by ensuring that our first-generation students are welcomed into the Loyola community and are aware of the resources that the University offers to support our students as they continue to evolve at Loyola. First-Gen Hounds are also responsible for organizing a First-Gen Meet and Greet at the beginning of the academic year, assist in the planning and implementation of the National First-Gen College Student Day Celebration and the First-Gens’ End of-the-Year Party.

Become a First-Gen Ally

If you, or someone you know in the Loyola Community, is committed to identifying as a First-Gen Ally, an individual who may have also been a first-generation college student, a person who understands the unique challenges and roadblocks that first-generation students often face, and/or who is able to discuss and identify the resources that Loyola has to offer students, please contact Mary Beth Mudric at mmudric@loyola.edu.

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