Loyola University Maryland

Title IX

Education and Awareness

Step Up! Bystander Intervention

In person training for students that measurably reduces power based personal violence by teaching bystander intervention skills. Students are empowered to use these intervention strategies to help prevent sexual assaults, stalking and partner violence. This training is held multiple times per semester. 

Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduate Students

Online training that is required for all new first year students. This harm reduction and social responsibility online program prepares incoming students for the unique challenges and responsibilities of college life. Recognizing that the issues of sexual violence and healthy relationships are all connected, the program examines these topics in social, cultural, and personal contexts that advocate self-reflection and the pursuit of social justice.

Understanding Consent

In person training that is mandatory for all new first year students. This program explores the definition of consent in the Sexual Misconduct Policy and how to engage in healthy relationships where mutual respect and communication is critical.

Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence

Title IX, VAWA and Clery Act - Online training designed to provide a common understanding of terminology, examples of misconduct and how to recognize it, information on the laws and University policies, and resources for addressing gender-based misconduct. This training is required for all faculty, staff and administrators. The training is also available to graduate students

Campus Security Authority (CSA) Training

Online training designed to help CSA’s understand the responsibilities as a CSA including the requirement to report certain crimes to Public Safety.

Harassment Prevention Training

In person quarterly conversations for faculty, staff and administrators about Loyola’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Procedures.