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Join the Green Office Program!

Become a Green Greyhound! The Green Office program is a voluntary certification program and support network created to help offices live out the Jesuit mission through sustainable initiatives. Become a Green Office Representative! The Program will provide step-by-step guidance and support to help you green your office operations.

Certified Green Greyhounds receive:

  • online report card
  • step-by-step office greening guide
  • guidance from sustainability staff
  • chance to win Green Office of the Year
  • We are a Green Office window cling

To get started, please complete the program application and schedule an orientation with sustainability staff by emailing sustainability@loyola.edu. We will answer your questions, provide technical support, and help your office identify and achieve your sustainability goals. 

Review the application before applying here.

Apply here!


*Please do not print out the program materials. The entire program file can be viewed, edited, and saved electronically. 

Green Greyhounds Program Report Cards

Green Greyhounds Program Resources