Loyola University Maryland

Office of Sustainability


Cherry tree

Loyola has a strong tradition of nurturing and caring for the many mature and native trees on our beautiful campus. In 1999, after several visits to university arboreta, a plan was set in motion to establish an arboretum at Loyola. Assessments of existing tree condition were conducted, a tree care program was developed, and an inventory of our trees was initiated. Today, the 79 acre accredited Arboretum boasts an inventory of more than 2,200 trees representing 110 varieties. The Arboretum also features sustainable native habitat landscapes and reflection gardens, including the Peace Meadow and Conservation and Experiential Learning Garden

The Loyola Arboretum is a Level II Arboretum recognized by Arbnet and among other professional public gardens in the Morton Register of Arboreta. It is also recognized as Tree Campus USA by the Arbor Day foundation and a PLANT community (People Loving and Nurturing Trees) at the highest level by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

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Mission and Goals

Growth near Donnelly entrance

Provide a beautiful and sustainable environment for Loyola University Maryland students, faculty, staff, and visitors through the preservation and aesthetic enhancement of campus trees and other woody plants.

We strive to achieve several goals with our campus arboretum:

  1. Maintain the beauty of the campus landscape while enhancing biodiversity and promoting sustainability.
  2. Preserve the stately historic campus trees and build upon the collection with native species to reinforce the character of both artificial and natural environments on campus.
  3. Maintain and develop a diverse collection of plants for teaching purposes, public education, and the enjoyment of the campus community.

The Arboretum Subcommittee

The Arboretum Subcommittee is part of the Sustainability Committee. The Arboretum subcommittee meets quarterly and is chaired by the Helen Schneider, the Associate Vice President for Facilities and Campus Services. Faculty, administrators, students, and staff make up the membership in this committee. The committee is charged with maintaining campus landscape and promoting sustainability, while pursuing development and enhancement projects for our campus arboretum