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Off-Campus Housing

Loyola University Maryland and the Office of Student Life believe that living on campus is a beneficial option for students because research has shown a positive effect on the student experience.  However, living off-campus can also provide an educational experience and stepping stone to gaining the independence students need after graduating from Loyola.  The Office of Student Life is the primary contact for students considering living off-campus and those students currently living off-campus.

Living Options

Finding housing off-campus can be an exciting and daunting experience.  To help you with the process, we have a few resources we encourage you to use.  First, if you have any questions or would like to talk with someone about your decision to live off-campus, please contact our office at 410-617-5081 and ask to speak to the off-campus student contact.  Secondly, Loyola partners with http://www.Places4Students.com to provide you with local housing listings.  This is a great place to find what housing is available to students in the area.  Lastly, many students also utilize friends or friends of friends who live off-campus to jumpstart their search.

Living on Your Own in Baltimore

Living on your own can have many benefits, but there are also challenges- especially living in a city.  Visit this page to learn more about strategies for having a successful year off-campus.

Off-Campus Policies and Guidelines

There are policies, guidelines, and expectations, including the Neighborhood Agreement and Community Standards, that shape your off-campus experience.  Read more about these on the Off-Campus Policies and Guidelines page.


Have questions about living off-campus?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page!


To talk to someone about living off-campus, please contact the Assistant Director of Student Life for Student Conduct at 410-617-5081 or studentlife@loyola.edu.