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Are you a Rubik's Cube expert? Do you love discussing the latest trends in forensic science? Have you always dreamt of playing the ukulele? Find your people in one of our 200+ student organizations!  Here at Loyola, there’s something for everyone. And if you don't see a club that fits your interests, we will help you start one

  • 17 clubs help you improve the world
  • 7% of clubs involve fancy footwork
  • 5% of clubs could save your life
  • 5 clubs take place in a board room

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Name of Club/Organization

Student President/Moderator


Adam Smith Economic Society

Student Presidents: Claire VolzColin Anderson         

Moderator: John Dougherty

The Adam Smith Economic Society is a student-run organization for undergraduates interested in economics. The Society provides services to the Loyola community including tutoring for principles classes and information sessions about the economics major. Regularly scheduled events include a beginning of the year pizza party, alumni dinner, guest speaker(s), and the Sellinger Cup softball challenge.
Addressing the System

Student Presidents: Eliza Snyder, Savoy Adams

Moderator: Timothy Brown

Our purpose is to spark necessary conversations behind racial injustice and issues that oppress impoverished and underserved communities. Our mission statement is to share, listen, and understand systematic issues that are embedded in society. 

Student PresidentDanielle Choma

Moderator: Inas Hassan

Arabyola, Loyola's Arabic language club, helps to develop Arabic language and writing skills. Our focus is to prepare students for a future with the language, and celebrate Arab culture and the Arabic language. It provides its members and the school community the opportunity to enjoy the richness of the Arab World and all it has to offer while expanding awareness of Arab and Middle East culture.
Art Association Student Presidents: Miles Anthony Rupert Yaphockun Senal, Louisa (Lucy) Scarangella

Moderator: William Friebele

A fan club for art majors, minors, and non-art students to come together to learn more about art, develop art skills, help the community, and support local artists.
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Student Presidents: Andrew FallonAustin Pierce-Ptak

Moderator: David Binkley
We learn about Computer Science, with a bunch of other people who also like computers.
Biology Club

Student President: Anne Quinn

Moderator: Lisa Scheifele

A club open to all students with an interest in biology. 
Chemistry Club

Student Presidents: Liam O'Grady, Gina Allen

Moderator: Courtney Hastings

We aim to instill an inclusive supportive environment to grow the love of chemistry.

Chinese Club

Student President: Tiffany Evans

Moderator: Jinghua Wangling

Connecting the world through learning culture and language.

Classics Club

Student Presidents: Jessica Creason, Patrick Waters

Moderator: Dr. Thomas McCreight

The Classics Club hosts events themed around the classical Greek and Roman worlds.
Engineering Club

Student PresidentAdeyinka Olagbegi

Moderator: Dr. Pond

Fixed Income Society Student Presidents: Matthew Watson, Emily Cebulski

Moderator: Yoon Shin
The mission is to establish resources for which students will learn fixed income securities in the global financial markets.
French Club

Student Presidents: Vanessa Cuppari, Emily Pinsk

ModeratorMaja Milicevic 

To promote appreciation and knowledge of French language and culture on campus. 

Gender & Sexuality Studies Club/Tri Iota

Student President: Alyssa Keskula 

Moderator: Andrew Ross

We seek to educate ourselves and others on the impact of various genders and sexualities in an ever progressing world. We aim to better understand individuals of all identities and how their identity shapes their experiences, as well as ours. 
German Club

Student President: Emily Robinson

ModeratorsJennifer Holt, Willeke Sandler

Celebrating German culture, language, and heritage on campus and around Baltimore!

Find us on Instagram @loyola.germanclub!

History Club Student Presidents: Madeline Spath, Cammi Galley

Moderator: Brandon Parlopiano
Offers students a venue to pursue their historical interests outside the classroom and strives to organize interesting and fun historically relevant events, including off-campus excursions. Open to all students.

Information Systems Student Organization

Student President: Grace O'Connell

Moderator: Theresa Jefferson

The ISSO aims to educate students on how to leverage technology in a business setting.

Italian Club Student President: Michelle Tran

Moderator: Professor Applauso

To promote the understanding and appreciation of Italian culture.

Find us on Instagram @lum_italian_club!

Loyola Marketing Ambassadors

Student President: Haleema Hafeez

Moderator: Dr. Rebecca Trump

To market the Sellinger School of Business's marketing program to undergraduates at the University with the leadership of distinguished Ambassadors students.
Math/Stat Club Student President: Johnathan Brooks

Moderator: Timothy Clark
A club to foster interest in Mathematics and Statistics and their applications to real world problems 
Microfinance Club Student Presidents: Benjamin Coray, Matthew Ferris

Moderator: JP Krahel
Our club engages and promotes investing in entrepreneurs who are seeking access to capital in developing countries in order to grow or establish their business.

NSSLHA (Speech-Language Hearing Assn.)

Student Presidents: Jilliam Ditterner, Brianna Russo

Moderators: Dr. Kathleen Ward

Working to improve members' knowledge about Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences as a major and career and connecting students with relevant volunteer opportunities.

Physics Club Student President: Kenneth Marcelino

Moderator: Randy Jones
As the premier professional business financial information fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi recognizes academic excellence and complements members' formal education by providing interaction among students, faculty, and professionals, and fosters lifelong growth, service and ethical conduct.

Pre-Health Society

Student President: Francesca Minicozzi, Matthew Savallo

Moderator: Dr. Maiju Wetzel

Loyola's Pre-Health Society connects students interested in a variety of healthcare fields relating to medicine, dentistry, nursing, physician assistant, and more. Our society brings together pre-health students through organized guest speakers and events, which include CPR/BLS training, Red Cross Blood Drive, and book club.

Psychology Club

Student President: Doria Diacogiannis

Moderator: Dr. Theresa DiDonato

The Psychology Club aims to inspire and educate students in the field of psychology intellectually and socially. 
Public Relations Student Society of America Student President: Sophia Romano

Moderator: Dr. Tania Rosas-Moreno
The Public Relations Student Society of America is an affiliate of the Public Relations Society of America PRSSA cultivates a favorable and mutually advantageous relationship between students and professional public relations practitioners. Members of the Loyola chapter benefit from meeting area professionals and organizing a wide range of events activities related to the professional practice of public relations.
Red Cross Club

Student Presidents: Melissa Smith, Jennifer Veith

Moderator: Mary Beth Akre

Our mission is to prevent and alleviate human suffering. The Red Cross Club at LUM's duty is to practice humanitarian through acts of service.
Rhetoric Society Student Presidents: Martin Csongradi

Moderator: Dominic Micer
Discussing and developing rhetorical analysis and production to harness rhetoric as a tool to cultivate professionalism and a productive awareness of our diverse communities.
Sigma Society
Student President: Sara Safarian

Moderator: Marie Yeh
The Sigma Society is to provide knowledge and skill development opportunities in sales, marketing, and management.
Society for Underrepresented Pre-Health Students Student Presidents: Bria Thomas, Believe Mbaya

Moderators: Armina Kazi, Theresa Nguyen
The Society of Underrepresented Pre-Health Students (SUPHS) is committed to providing support for minority students interested in pre-health fields by bringing health professionals with diverse perspectives to speak upon their experiences, creating space for minority students to study as a group and plan their pre-health journey, as well as providing workshops with applicable content and resources. 
Sociology Club Student Presidents: MacKenzie WrightPaul Capobianco

Moderator: Dr. Nicole Shoenberger

The Sociology Club will function to assist all Loyola students in exploring their academic interests in socially relevant issues and expose more students to the field of sociology. The club will promote sociological theory and methods through a variety of meaningful community service projects and sociological-based activities such as social events, field trips, volunteer opportunities, guest speakers, and group discussions. These activities will cultivate enthusiasm and energy which will inspire students to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world.
Spanish Club Student Presidents: Leanna Schultz, Brianna Russo

Moderator: Thomas Ward
The Loyola University Maryland Spanish Club seeks to embrace diversity rooted in the Jesuit tradition by exploring the rich language, cultural values and historical cinematography of Spanish and Latin American cultures.  
Women in Business

Student President: Madeline BrennerKiara Roeder-Yika, Angela Webber, Jenna Whalen

Moderator: Catherine Liu

Educating all students who are interested in careers in business on topics of inequality and bias toward women working as professionals in business. Encouraging students to be proactive and work to change this.
Women in Tech Student President: Seemab Kazmi

Moderators: Megan Olsen
Women in Tech club is a resource for women pursuing degrees in a tech field. We have meetings and events throughout the year that focus on mental health, professionalism, and socializing with other women in similar areas of study. 

Special Interest

Name of Club/Organization

Student President/Moderator


Action for Autism

Student President: Caroline Kovatch

Moderator: Janet Preis

Raising awareness and acceptance of Autism on and off campus.
Active Minds

Student President: Katie Shoemaker

Moderators: Beth Kotchick

As the nation's premier nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for young adults, our mission is to change the conversation about mental health 
ADAPT (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team)

Student President: Lauren Wolford
Moderator: Mary Beth Mudric

ADAPT is a peer education group committed to empowering, educating and creating change among our peers and our community. ADAPT increases awareness about wellness issues related to alcohol and other drug use.

African Students Association Loyola University Maryland

Student Presidents: Eniola SokeraHodavia Kalombo 

Moderator: Julie Rivera

The African Student Association serves to integrate and foster a sense of unity with students from different African and African Diaspora cultures through general body meetings, cultural events, and service. We work to provide support and resources for all African and non-African students at Loyola about topics surrounding students of color. The African Student Association will work to present students with prominent issues surrounding African communities and encourage them to become involved on a campus platform as well as a platform that includes the Baltimore and surrounding community. Overall the African Student Association strives to work with the larger campus community through education on African culture, history, and experience.  

American Sign Language Club Student President: Triumph Akpabio

Moderator: Kathleen Ward
Recognizing American Sign Language as a language, acknowledging and understanding Deaf culture, spreading awareness, and engaging in fundraising and volunteer opportunities.
 Anime Hounds

Student President: Timothy Dougherty 

Moderator: Salvatore Lenzo

This is a club engaging with Japanese animated films/shows chosen by members of the club. Each member adds their own perspective/personality through their suggestion along with thoughts and ideas on the show/movie that we present. This helps each of our members learn from these perspective and understand the world around the creation of whatever we are watching.

Asian Cultural Alliance (ACA)

Student Presidents: Kayte Rooney

Moderator: Theresa Nguyen

Celebrating and promoting awareness of Asian culture at Loyola University Maryland
Association of Latinx Students

Student President: Haleema Hafeez

Moderator: Julie Rivera

The Association for Latin American and Spanish Student's mission is to foster awareness of Latino culture through educational programming and outreach to the Loyola community. With the infusion of Jesuit values and Latino perspectives, ALAS aims to immerse Loyola students into a community open to cultural awareness and proactive involvement in current issues. 
Back on my Feet Club 

Student Presidents: Hannah Grinblatas, April Pierson

Moderator: Kerria Tan

Run and build community with Back on my Feet Baltimore's Penn North Team! Club meets M/W at 5 AM to go over and run with the team. To learn more about Back on my Feet: https://backonmyfeet.org/about-us/mission-vision/
 Baking Club

Student Presidents: Hope Pinsonault, Kate Ragone, Katie West

Moderator: Courtney Wallace

The Baking Club aims to form a community by welcoming those that share a common interest in baking. Without regards to prior experience, we want each member to learn something new and develop different skills! Watch us whip, learn new recipes, and bake with newly discovered friends!  
Baltimore Biodiversity Alliance (BBA)

Student President: Daniel Esposito

Moderator: Taylor Casalena

Baltimore Biodiversity Alliance is a club focused on increasing the biodiversity of Loyola's Evergreen campus as well as the biodiversity in Baltimore. This would entail both spreading awareness about the dangers of invasive species, a lack of biodiversity, etc., as well as action, doing things like planting more native plants on campus. The club is a great opportunity for students who care about the environment to make a big difference not just on campus, but in the entire Baltimore community. 
Barbell Club Student Presidents: Kyle DelGuidice, John Cottingham

Moderator: Latisha Burns
Our goal is to create a welcoming environment focused on fitness through strength training and weightlifting techniques. We will strive to help individuals with different fitness levels achieve goals on proper form and functionality. We seek to help members of the Loyola community mitigate stress, boost self-confidence, and foster new friendships in a fitness-oriented environment.
BEElieve Student Presidents: Tyanna Mink

Moderator: David Belz
Save the bees by preserving, protecting, and restoring the environment. 
Belles Student President: Marleigh Tetreault, Emma Crowley 

Moderator: Dr. Clayborne Price

The Loyola Belles are an all female acapella group that has been at Loyola since 1980! We perform all over Loyola, at other colleges and events. We also have two concerts throughout the year where we perform called 'Chordbusters'. 
Best Buddies

Student President: Mia Aglieco

Moderator: Andrew Schoeffield

Best Buddies International is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, leadership development, and inclusive living for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Black Student Association

Student Presidents: Amber Davis

Moderator: Teisha Miles

Promoting awareness of and celebrating Black culture through service projects, educational programs, social inclusiveness and self-exploration while upholding the spirit of the Jesuit ideals.
Career Ambassadors

Student President: Bridget O'Carroll

Moderators: Allie Pearlman Sax, Jackie Altebrando, Catherine Aldecoa

A select group of Loyola students trained in best practices for early career development, providing initial resume reviews, presentations, and other intake services for fellow students.
Chapel Choir Student President: Emily Zimmerman, Dan Ashley

Moderator: George Miller
Music Ministry plays a critical role in liturgical celebrations. Music aids the prayer of the community and helps make our worship truly life-giving. A variety of musicians are needed each year to minister at Sunday Eucharist and various special campus celebrations. Loyola's Music Ministry enjoys national recognition for its musical artistry, leadership development, and faith formation. The 60-member Loyola Chapel Choir rehearses every Thursday evening and ministers at the 6 p.m. Eucharist each Sunday. No auditions are necessary. Internships in pastoral music are available for qualified applicants each year. 

Student Presidents: Andrew Fogarty, Johnny MacLeay

Moderator: Kevin Atticks

The Chimes are Loyola's all male a cappella group who perform on campus and around Baltimore; They share the stage with the Belles at their biannual concert, Chordbusters.
Chosen Generation Gospel Choir

Student President: Cayla Wike

Moderator: Rev. Scott Adams

We are Loyola's one and only gospel choir, bringing music and praise to the Evergreen Campus and Baltimore community.
Club Sports

Moderator: Kara Hunter

A competitive club sports program offered through the Department of Recreation and Wellness.
College Diabetes Network (CDN)

Student Presidents: Elizabeth DelfeldSarah Erickson

Moderator: Marlena Waugh

The College Diabetes Network is open to any student at Loyola. The goals of this club are to create a supportive and educational network for students on campus with Type 1 Diabetes, as well as to raise awareness campus-wide about this chronic illness. 
College Republicans

Student President: Stephen Machak

Moderator: Diana Schaub

We provide an opportunity for conservative or politically curious students to engage in discussion of current events, be involved in local politics, and freely discuss their opinions and ideas.
Corridors Literary Magazine

Student President: Catherine Tsilionis, Angela Miceli

Moderator: Lucas Southworth

Corridors is a literary art magazine filled with student contributions.
Crochet for a Cause

Student President: Andres Cisneros, Mark Rose

Moderator: Jean Lee Cole

Our club aids the community by crocheting bed rolls from plastic bag yarn (plarn) as well as creating yarn out of t-shirts. This is to decrease waste, counteract fast fashion, improve the environment, and to provide a space for our members to grow.
Culinary Culture Cooking Club Student Presidents: Jason Bautista, Tatiana Tamargo

Moderator: Fuat Gursozlu
The Culinary Culture Club aims at introducing Loyola students to different foods from around the world. We'll be learning about different culinary traditions from other countries while also teaching you guys to a few easy recipes you can make on your own. We hope to see you there!
Cyber Security Club Student President: Matt KinlochJeffery Umanzor 

Moderator: Dr. Sibren Isaacman
The Cyber Security Club aims to explore the field of cyber security and spark interests in the field that may have otherwise gone undiscovered.

Dance Company

Student President: Daphne CiccarelleEmma Gill

Moderator: Lisa Green-Cudek

The Dance Company is the largest student run organization on Loyola's campus. Our dance company offers an ever growing variety of dance genres to the Loyola community. The company gives Loyola's students the chance to choreograph and perform dances of all different styles, including jazz, lyrical, and hip hop.

Disabled Hounds Alliance

Student President: Taylor Surfus, Cormac Bowman

Moderator: Brian Loeffler

Our Mission: Celebrate and discuss disabled culture, Paralympics, adaptive sports, support, accessibility, and inclusivity while also overturning ableism and misconceptions on campus, in politics, and worldwide. Students of all abilities, whether a physical, intellectual, visual, or educational impairment, invisible illness, or able bodied are welcome to join in on the weekly discussion and events on campus.
Do Better Loyola

Student Presidents: Julia Hendricks, Emma Sarazin

ModeratorNicola McDougal

Do Better Loyola started as a student-led, independent, initiative in response to dozens of stories from survivors of gender-based violence shared with the national Do Better campaign. Founded at Denver University, we strive to bring the national campaign’s goals of amplifying survivor voices, shifting campus culture, and creating sustainable change through policy and advocacy at Loyola University Maryland. Our members engage in community outreach with both administration and students to address issues with policy, education, and resources as well as promote awareness for gender-based violence.
Doctors Without Borders

Student President: Jaclyn Morgan

Moderator: Dr. Christopher Thompson 

To further the mission of Doctors Without Borders on Loyola's campus and inspire students to engage in humanitarian work.
Education Society

Student President: Erin Connolly, Kathleen Stringer

Moderator: Melissa Mulieri

Education Society advocates for the School of Education and provides those who are interested in education a safe and fun space to share their ideas as well as reflect on their experiences. 
Environmental Action Club (EAC)

Student Presidents: Caoimhe Mannion, Andres Cisneros
Moderator: Dr. Elizabeth Dahl

An organization of concerned individuals dedicated to environmental action for justice on and off Loyola University Maryland's campus.
Esports Club

Student President: Topher Miller, Ben Pazienza

Moderator: Lloyd Frias

Develop a community of video game players and give students at Loyola a chance to compete and represent their school at local and national events. Build a sense of comradery with your teammates and the entire esports community at Loyola.

Evergreen Annual (yearbook)

Editor: TBD

Moderator: Kevin Atticks

This group is Loyola's yearbook staff. Positions are both paid and unpaid. All are welcome to join!

Evergreen Players

Student President: Vanessa GleklenJennifer Veith 

Moderator: Natka Bianchini

The theatre group that operates in conjunction with the Fine Arts Department.

Film Society Student Presidents: Francis AlmodovarRobert Scopelliti

Moderator: Nguyen Nguyen

Film Society strives to create a space that encourages members to watch all types of films and deeply analyze them.  

Financial Management Association

Student Presidents: Robert Lapenna, Danielle Spano

Moderator: Yoon Shin

The mission of FMA International is to serve the global finance community by broadening the common interests between academics and practitioners, providing opportunities for professional interaction between and among academics, practitioners and students, Promoting the development and understanding of basic and applied research and of sound financial practices, and enhancing the quality of education in finance.
Food Eaten or Donated (F.E.D.)

Student President: Amelia Salvatore

Moderator: Rebecca Trump

F.E.D. club's mission is to reduce the amount of food waste on campus and furthermore to get that left over food, which would otherwise be thrown out, into the hands of people in need. Our goal is to repurpose the leftover food to reduce Loyola's waste while helping to feed our Baltimore community members who need it most.
Footy Fans Student President: Joe Valenti

Moderator: JP Krahel
An outlet for students interested in watching and learning more about professional soccer, mainly European leagues. The club also tries to foster social and intellectual growth through discussions of the matches we watch and builds lasting relationships based on mutual interest in this form of entertainment. We aim to provide the opportunity to meet and spend time with people who share their love of soccer. As a minority group of individuals in America, many soccer fans seek other fans to watch and discuss the sport with and we act as a way to do that.
GreyComm Studios (TV station)

Student President: Sienna Tulloch
Moderator: H. Jay Dunmore

A multi-media production facility providing students with experience in broadcast and media production.
Greyhound Visual Art Salon

Student Presidents: Alexa Vincento, Esther Chung

Moderator: Dan Schlapbach

The Greyhound Visual Art Salon is a space where artists (or anyone interested) can connect and share their work. A main goal of ours is to maintain an environment where everyone feels included, whether they have a passion for art or not. Structured almost like a classroom critique, Greyhounds can attend these meetings to observe other’s art, give feedback, and/or share their work-- whether it is finished or in progress-- to get feedback from their peers.
Greysounds Co-Ed A Cappella

Student President: Colin Wildes

Moderator: Clay Price

Founded in 2013, the Greysounds are Loyola's only co-Ed a cappella group! We have a concert at the end of every semester as well as perform at events on and off campus. Our talented and dynamic group always seeks to push the boundaries of traditional a cappella.
Hellenic Society Student Presidents: Marissa Flevotomos, Deanna Gavaris

Moderator: Aaron Palmore
This group seeks to preserve and promote Greek education, sciences, arts, music, philosophy, etc., and sponsors programming to support Greek culture.
Her Campus Loyola

Student Presidents: Cassie Mihalczo, Peyton Skeels

Moderator: Irem Demirkan

Hopkins Court Mass

Student Presidents: Peter Friedrichs, Julia Scapp

Moderator: Joseph S Rossi, S.J.

Hopkins Court Mass is dedicated to providing students of all background and faiths to grow as a community through modern music and messages.
 Hound Creative

Student President: Alexandra Vigliotti 

Moderator: Dan Schlapbach

Our goals include: Elevating the art of visual storytelling by aggregating the different art forms into one online,
accessible platform sponsored by Loyola, Uplift the Fine Arts Department at Loyola, show students, parents, faculty, alumni, etc. the work this group of dedicated, passionate students create every semester.
Not limited to major or minor.
-Visual Artistry can tell the same story words can—maybe even a more compelling one.
-A platform dedicated exclusively to the arts (student art, specifically)—not just one section in a magazine

-Sections include: photography, painting/drawing/sculpture, video, creative writing, artist spotlights, music, and graphic design

Hound Hangout (formerly Club PALS Loyola)

Student Presidents: Gillian Chambres, Emma Schouten

Moderator: Brian Loeffler

Our mission is to foster inclusivity and build transformative relationships within and between the Down syndrome community in Baltimore and the Hounds at Loyola. We want to Hangout, have fun, and cultivate an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed and valued.
Hounds for Hope Student President: Kathleen Shepherd

Moderator: Ryan Servant
Through fundraising initiatives, awareness campaigns, and outreach work with Baltimore's Safe House of Hope, our goal is to inform the Loyola community on the issue of human trafficking, in a way that influences students to be advocates for change. In doing so, we hope to give voice to the millions of victims that are silenced each day as a result of this terrible injustice.
Hounds for Hounds Student Presidents: Adriana Dady

Moderator: Dr. McDougal 
Our club focuses on fundraising and volunteering for a variety of local animal shelters. 
Human Rights Law Club

Student Presidents: Katherine Sarceno, Brandon Miller

Moderator: Dr. Rodeny L. Parker

Our mission is to offer a legal perspective on the human rights abuses occurring around the world, particularly in the Global South. We aim to promote awareness regarding how the economic interests of Empire are responsible for human rights violations against the peoples of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, while offering an environment open to students interested in pursuing a career in law.
IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Student President: Ryan DeVillier, Connor Short

Moderator: David Hoe
We aim to provide students from all areas of study with the opportunity to experiment and gain hands on experience with new and relevant development boards, such as: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, FPGA, and more. For Electrical and Computer Engineering majors, this club plans to serve as a supplement to what is learned in class. For all other majors, this club is a chance to learn new and useful skills.
Improv Team Student President: Justin D'Ambrosia, John Mirarchi

Moderator: Brian Murray
The Loyola Improv Team consists of a group of enthusiastic comedy lovers who practice and perform improvised comedy. 
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Student President: Taylor Dolan, Anna Giardino

Moderator: Dr. Kevin Hula
We are a multiethnic, interdenominational group of students committed to loving God, loving people, and developing world changers.
Investment Club Student President: Joe Correo

Moderator: Dr. Walter Reinhart
Bringing students together who are interested in investing, keeping them involved in the stock market through discussion meetings, managing simulated portfolios, etc.
Irish Dance Student Presidents: Moira Broomfield, Lisa Martin

Moderator: Rita Buettner
The Loyola Irish Dance Team is committed to creating a community of dancers who celebrate and preserve the tradition of Irish dance and culture.
Irish Hounds Student President: Morgan Flotterton

Moderator: Dr. Terre Ryan
To appreciate Irish History and Culture, with the intent of serving the Baltimore Area.

Ju Jitsu Club

Student President: Derek Swider

Moderator: Mary Beth Akre

A Maru Ketsugo Ju-Jitsu class certified by the American Ju-Jitsu Association, also offering self defense practice.

Kindness Club Student Presidents: Bridget O'Carroll, Jenna Bower

Moderator: Jaclyn Altebrando
We spread kindness and positivity across campus by encouraging small acts of kindness.
Krafts for Kids Student Presidents: Victoria Parenti, Jillian Dittemer, Allison Mahoney

Moderator: Donna Pitts
In The Krafts for Kids Club, our main goal is to make crafts with children in the Baltimore area, specifically children who are in after school programs and other services. Our main mission is to spread happiness, one craft at a time! 
Leading Women of Tomorrow

Student PresidentSamantha Burnett

Moderator: Lisa Zimmerelli

Leading Women of Tomorrow is a student run, bipartisan initiative that seeks to encourage more young women to consider careers in public service, with the aim of bridging the gender gap among public representatives. We believe the key to addressing the underrepresentation of women in government is to cultivate interest in the next generation. We are partnering with Colleges and Universities across the world to launch a series of programs that will provide training, resources, and confidence to tomorrow's leaders. 
 Love for Our Elders

 Student President: Vanessa Cuppari

Moderator: Michiko Iwasaki

Although quarantining has become a universal necessity for preventing the COVID-19 spread, social isolation intensifies loneliness, depression, and agitation for older adults in long-term care facilities. To ensure that older adults feel prioritized, remembered, and appreciated, student volunteers can write to them regularly via LFOE. Consistent and personalized letter writing fosters mutually rewarding connections with Baltimore’s older population. 
Loyola Black Student-Athlete Coalition

Student Presidents: Sarah Mirr, Evan Peters

Moderator: Daniel Fitzpatrick

The Black Student-Athlete Coalition (BSAC) is a Black Student-Athlete organization created to provide an environment for Black student-athletes at Loyola University Maryland to openly share their own experiences outside of their respective sport as a person of color. The organization works to empower and support Black Student-Athletes at Loyola; and serve in the Baltimore community, while also educating all people on the social injustices in our society. Members of the coalition are committing to actively fight against these social injustices, racism, and racist policies that exist in our Loyola community. 

Loyola Consulting Group (LCG)

Student President: Tomas Fernandez, Isaiah Warfield

Moderator: Kimberly Wagner

Loyola Consulting Group (LCG) is a student led, charitable organization that focuses on providing holistic consulting services to businesses in the Baltimore area. LCG will provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate and apply their major specific skills by aiding local organizations. Through this, LCG will benefit local companies by offering them additional personnel while providing students the opportunity to network and gain professional experience.   
Loyola's Volunteers for Medical Engineering (VME)

Student President: Gianna Calciano

Moderator: Suzanne Keilson

Loyola's Volunteers for Medical Engineering is a club whose goal is to help improve the lives of local Maryland residents living with disabilities. We take on a wide range of projects and work amongst ourselves to provide obtainable designs and solutions to meet the medical needs of individuals living with disabilities. 
Maker's Club

Student Presidents: Ryan Overton

Moderator: Yanko Kranov

Educating students interested in engineering and design about the proper use of machining tools, and applying knowledge to hands-on projects.
Middle Eastern South Asian Alliance (MESA) Student Presidents: Seemab Kazmi

Moderator: Inas Hassan

MESAA focuses on creating community and giving a sense of belonging to students of Middle Eastern or South Asian background. Through our meetings and events we wish to give students a chance to connect with their heritage and background. 

Military Science Club Student Presidents: Christopher Mullane, Haakon Deach

Moderator: Autry Long
Combining our sweat, motivation, and drive to make a difference in our surrounding communities.
Minecraft Club

Student Presidents: Matthew DiNola, Luke Sheridan

Moderator: David Binkley

To organize the Minecraft players at Loyola and create a connective social environment through the game.
Mosaic: A Womxn of Color Initiative Student President: Dawn Elizabeth Rice

Moderator: Julie Rivera
Our mission strives to provide resources, support and encouragement for all who identify as gender non-conforming, transgender womxn, and womxn of color on Loyola's campus and abroad. Through our development of an inclusive sisterhood, we aim to involve, inform and inspire womxn to embody the excellence of the collective presence and hold intersectionality at the forefront of their minds. 

Student President: William Stann

Moderator: Yanko Kranov

Involvement will include the opportunity to design, create, maintain, and improve an off-road vehicle that will compete in annual Baja SAE competitions using collaborative engineering practices learned through coursework at Loyola. Annual work will conclude with students racing their vehicle in competition against other universities. 
Next Step: Kennedy Krieger High School Experiencing Loyola 

Student President:  Sara Kujala

Moderator: Sara Scalenghe

Working to give the students of Kennedy Krieger High School, a special education facility, the ability to experience the fun parts of college.  Introducing them to Loyola University Maryland, allowing them to make friends, and have experiences they may not have otherwise.
Nintendo Club Student President:  Brendan Sweeney, Jake Cindrario

Moderator: Courtney Hastings

We aim to provide the opportunity to meet and spend time with people who share a passion for video games, as well as give people a chance to learn teamwork and determination through tournaments and other competitions.
One Love Loyola

Student President: Julia Hendricks

Moderator: Melissa Lees

Operation Smile     

Student Presidents: Megan O'Shaughnessy, Bridget Reinhart

Moderator: Brianne Roos

Operation Smile engages public-private partnerships to advance health care delivery, train local medical professionals to provide surgical care for patients in their communities, donate crucial medical equipment and supplies, and increase access to surgical care so that everyone living with cleft is treated. We envision a future where health and dignity are improved through safe surgery. Through our fundraising and volunteering efforts on and off campus, we strive to assist in creating solutions that deliver safe surgery to people where it's needed most.
OPTIONS (social programs)

Student President: Danny Esposito

Moderator: Rebecca Winkler

Broadening the Loyola experience by helping students meet new people, make lasting friendships, and experience community.
Outdoor Adventure Experience (OAE) Moderator: Alan Baker A program offered through the Department of Recreation and Wellness.
Paintball Club

Student President: Pablo Rivera

Moderator: Salvatore Lenzo

To provide a fun filled Saturday/Sunday morning by opening up some competition, as well as a middle between schoolwork and outdoor activities in games of Paintball around the local Baltimore Area! 
Peer Conduct Board (PCB) Moderator: Office of Student Life The Peer Conduct Board (PCB) is conduct hearing body focused on fostering a stronger community through an engaging and educational student conduct process. The Board is made up of student leaders dedicated to educating students and promoting accountability in the context of our Jesuit values.
Photography Adventure Club

Student Presidents: Abigail Cote

Moderator: Jonathan Malis

Photography Adventure Club encompasses taking photos and exploring the greater Baltimore region.
PIEL (Prevention and Intervention for Early Learners) Club

Student President: Renee Orlando

ModeratorLisa Schoenbrodt

PIEL club is created to provide more student support for Guilford elementary/middle school and Medfield elementary school's PIEL program. This program supports elementary school student's in Baltimore City schools to receive extra support to learn the alphabet and sight words. This club was created to expose Loyola students to evidence-based practices and progress monitoring while supporting Baltimore city schools. The clubs mission is to teach students useful skills to use within the PIEL program and assign students to volunteer at the Guilford or Medfield PIEL program one a week for about two hours. The volunteers will be assigned two to three students to monitor and teach the alphabet or sight words.
Poetry and Art Club Student Presidents: Kelly Williamson, Kathleen Brooks

Moderator: David Hightower II
To create a space for students to think creatively through poetry and art, and to share their work with one another. 
Poison Cup Players Student President: Vanessa Gleklen, Jennifer Veith

Moderators: James Bunzli
A student-run theater group.
Pokemon Go Club Student President: Taylor Surfus

Moderator: Salvatore Lenzo
To integrate the mobile app, Pokemon Go, into Loyola's community and to create comradery between student and faculty when engaged in the game. This club encourages people to get out and see the city of Baltimore and the world around them.
Pre-Dental Society

Student Presidents: Asia Allen, Sean Scott

ModeratorMaiju Lehmijoki Wetzel

Speakers, Ideas, Opportunities, Operation Smile, Service: We are dedicated to supporting and providing a group for pre- dental students with opportunities to be successful and well-rounded.
Pre-Law Society

Student President: Christina Lutton

Moderator: Matt Beverlin

Our mission is to provide students with a better understanding and readiness in their pursuit of law school and exploration of careers in the legal field. We seek to facilitate relations between students, alumni, and career professionals. As Ignatian citizens, we recognize our responsibility to the community and aim to foster Jesuit values by connecting law and litigation with justice education for the greater good. Members will develop essential skills to enhance their prospects for law school. 
Pre-Nursing Society Student President: Olivia Cowie

Moderator: Dr. Maiju Lehmijoki Wetzel
The current focus of this society is to provide education for aspiring nurses at Loyola. It will primarily discuss the nursing track, graduate programs, and issues and advancements in the nursing field.
Pre-Physician Assistant Society

Student Presidents: Sophia Pulskamp, Tan Hung Nguyen

Moderator: Nicola McDougal

The Pre-Physician Assistant Society is an organization founded in spreading awareness of what physician assistants are, explaining the path to become one, providing health related service opportunities, and fostering an inviting environment for students to discuss relevant health topics pertinent to Baltimore Maryland. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting! 
Private Equity & Venture Capita

Student Presidents: Stephen Beauchamp

Moderator: Scott Emge

The Loyola PE&VC Club is committed to providing its members with educational and networking opportunities in private equity and venture capital. We provide a platform for students with interest in private equity and venture capital to meet and network among each other but also with leading industry professionals. The PE&VC club is graduate student based, however we are open to hearing undergraduate interest. 
Project Linus Student President: Madeline Brenner

Moderator: Dale Snow
An organization that produces homemade blankets for pediatric patients who are ill or traumatized. Blankets are symbols of love, security and comfort.
Racquetball Club Student Presidents: Liam O'Grady, John Lynch

Moderator: Jeffrey Witt, Ph.D.

We aim to foster a safe and competitive environment to learn the game of racquetball while also developing faculty-student relationships.

Relay for Life

Student Co-Chairs: Julia Giampiccolo, Justin Duffy

Moderator: Gina Graffious

This group plans and facilitates Loyola's annual Relay For Life event, and supports Loyola community members affected by cancer. Our goal is to help the American Cancer Society fulfill their mission to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer. 

Rendez-vous Haiti

Student Presidents: Andres Cisneros

Moderators: Catherine Savell

Rendez-vous is a volunteer based non-profit organization fostering positive change for people who are materially poor overseas. It raises funds and provides opportunities for volunteers to collaborate with local individuals or communities on development projects to promote self-sufficiency.

Residence Hall Association

Contact the Office of Student Life or Rachel Turrisi Advocating for resident students regarding housing issues, and building community within the halls.

Resident Assistants

Contact the Office of Student Life.


Robotics Club Student Presidents: Rachel Jarman

Moderators: David Hoe
Encourage students and faculty to discuss, prototype, and test robots that they chose to create.
Scrabble Club

Student President: Kathryn Strang

Moderator: Sondra Guttman

To unite students of Loyola and the Baltimore community through the love of scrabble.
She's the First

Student President: Madison HughesCassie Mihalczo

Moderator: Cheryl Moore-Thomas

She's the First sponsors girls' education, giving them the chance to become the first in their families to graduate from secondary school.
Sk8 Club

Student Presidents: Matthew DiNola, Ben Koch

Moderator: Kara Hunter

To create an inclusive and encouraging environment of skateboarders that promotes learning and growth. All wheels welcome. All skill levels welcome.  
Ski & Snowboard Club Student President: Kieran Flanagan

Moderator: Lynne Elkes

A club to bring students together through a shared interest in skiing and snowboarding. It is a great opportunity to spend time outside and learning new skills. All levels of experience welcome.
Slackline Club Student President: Stefan Kolkka, Liam Felter

Moderator: Ethan Duckworth 

Slackline Club is a special interest club in the field of slacklining. Slacklining is a great way to improve balance, and a good core workout!
Society of Women Engineers Student President: Whitney Kopp

Moderator: Raenita Fenner
The Society of Women Engineers club is devoted to increasing the presence of women in engineering by fostering relationships between engineering students and supporting young women interested in STEM.

Student Presidents: Courtney Perotta

Moderator: Andrew Ross

Spectrum's mission is to help enlighten and educate the LGBTQ+ community at Loyola to create impact on the greater community.
Spikeball Club

Student Presidents: Matthew Hart, Joseph Sawn

Moderator: Lloyd Frias

The Spikeball Club is a club dedicated to the goal of bringing people together through the sport of Spikeball. The Spikeball Club strives to build teamwork and social skills, as well as exercising cognitive skills through physical activity. Overall, the Spikeball Club aims to bring lifelong friendships and memories for all who join.
Spoon University Loyola Student Presidents: Paige Akins

Moderator: Jenny Glick
Spoon University Loyola aims to be the home for all food lovers at Loyola. We write articles, create digital content, and connect with local restaurants in Baltimore. 
Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCECC)

Student Presidents: Allie Freer, Elizabeth Burke

Moderator: Monique Yates

Providing services to students with disabilities through a variety of volunteer activities and fundraising events. Club members are primarily interested in the field of special education but all members are welcome!
Student Government Association (SGA)

Student President: Nikki Wieman

Moderator: Beth Steiner

Servant leaders dedicated to enriching all aspects of the student experience at Loyola, and promoting Jesuit ideals.

Student Health Advisory Council

Student President: Matthew Savallo

Moderator: Dr. Stephanie Regenold

Our goal is to act as a liaison between the students and Student Health Services (SHS) to help inform the student body of the many services provided by the SHS as well as educate students on healthy options provided on campus and tips on living a healthy lifestyle.  

Student President: Camille Marsdale

Moderator: Becca Winkler

Dedicated to the promotion and publicity of Loyola's Athletics program, and the support of student athletes.
Sustainability Management Club (SMC)

Student President:  Michael Joseph D'Onofrio

Moderator: Patricia Kanashiro

Even though Sustainability Management is a new field of study here at Loyola, it has already embedded its roots in the business world. So despite your level of understanding of the club or major, know this: as the world continues to change and grow, the demand from companies to be environmentally conscious and socially responsible will only increase. The call for professions in this field is only growing. The question is, who is going to respond first?
The Greyhound

Student President: Katie Quigley

Moderator: Kevin Atticks

Loyola's online student news source.
The Hidden Opponent

Student Presidents: Sarah BayerCorinne Filograna

Moderator: Alija Pittenger

Overall, the purpose of The Hidden Opponent is to advocate, educate, and support student-athletes. We strive to raise awareness for student-athlete mental health and address the stigma within sports culture. We want to empower athletes around the world to face the hidden opponent together.
The LGBTQ+ Experience 

Student President: Kristin Auer, Avery Ang

Moderator: Pat Cassidy

The LGBTQ+ Experience is an organization which uses its platform to amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ students on campus through advocacy, visibility, and support.  It works to advocate for these individuals and increase community visibility by educating others across Loyola University Maryland's campus. 
The Loyola School of Rock

Student President: Brandon Liebstein Torres

Moderator: Remi Chiu

Our mission is to carry the legacy of famous Rock musicians through our passion for music and instruments. We hope to engage and develop a community by sharing our covers of hit rock songs, whether it is in person, live, or video.
Together for Down Syndrome

Student President: Lauren ChristieOliva Goughan

Moderator: Lisa Schoenbrodt

Providing support to families of and persons with Down Syndrome through fundraising, service, and raising awareness on campus.
Turning Point USA 

Student President: John Macleay

Moderator: Lynn Elkes 

The mission of Turning Point USA is to educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets. To identify student activists in every corner of the country who believe in limited government and individual liberty. To empower young activists on high school and college campuses to get involved in the fight for free markets and limited government. Organize young activists in chapters and networks on colleges across the country. Mobilize students who believe in free markets to get involved in activism, issue advocacy, public policy education, and grassroots organization, as well as, register students to vote. 
Ukulele Club Student President: Kayla Greene, Brendan Sweeney

Moderator: Barnaby Nygren
Loyola's Ukulele Club casual place where people can meet to learn songs on the uke as well as make longtime friends!
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Club Student Presidents: Jack Cannon

Moderator: David Opitz
The UAV club focuses on designing, building, and flying drones capable of competing at the Student Unmanned Aerial Systems Competition held each June in southern Maryland.  
Unstoppable Step Team  

Student President: Sienna Tulloch

Moderator: Herbert Dunmore

Developing awareness and appreciation for the performance art of step with the Loyola community. 
University Singers Moderator: Clay Price Loyola’s flagship mixed choral ensemble. University Singers is a large, mixed ensemble that performs a varied program of choral music from all stylistic periods.  Can be taken for academic credit.
Wishmakers on Campus Student President: Emily Bennet

Moderator: Theresa Jefferson
Students will come together to plan, coordinate, and execute fundraising and volunteer campaigns to help Make-A-Wish grant wishes to kids with critical illnesses.
WLOY Radio

Student General Manager:

Moderator/Operations Manager: John Devecka 

A student run radio station, providing entertainment through radio programming and events.

Women's Pre-Health Society

Student President: Cailin Cruess, Erin Onken

Moderator: Maiju Lehmijoki Wetzel

Women's Pre-Health Society is an organization committed to empowering future women leaders in healthcare and to advocating for women's health on campus and in the greater community.
Wrestling Club Student President: Ryan Thomas

Moderator: Lloyd Frias
Providing an environment for any students who are interested in wrestling, primarily focusing on the step by step fundamentals and technique of the sport along with drilling and conditioning.

Honor Societies

Name of Honor Society Student President/Moderator Description/Mission

Alpha Kappa Psi

Student President: Tarah Sipos

Moderator: JP Krahel

Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest professional co-ed Business Fraternity focused on the premier development of future business leaders. 

Alpha Sigma Nu

Student President: Emily KoeglCasey Oualaalou

 Anita Podles

Alpha Sigma Nu honors students of Jesuit colleges and universities who distinguish themselves in scholarship, loyalty, and service.

Beta Alpha Psi - Eta Upsilon Chapter

Student President: Caroline Blank

Moderators: JP Krahel, Frank Izzo

As the premier professional business financial information fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi recognizes academic excellence and complements members' formal education by providing interaction among students, faculty, and professionals, and fosters lifelong growth, service and ethical conduct.

Beta Gamma Sigma

Student President: Katherine Sanders

Moderators: JP Krahel

Business Honor Society

 Greyhounds Give (formerly Student Philanthropy Council)  

Student PresidentMaggie HaleyAllie Lijewski

ModeratorJoey Dwyer

Greyhounds Give is a group of students committed to educating the campus community about the importance of philanthropy and helping students understand how donations have had an impact on the experiences of every current and past Loyola student. 

Kappa Delta Pi - International Education Honor Society

Student Presidents: Helena Sanders, Mia Ferri

Moderator: Afra Hersi

Kappa Delta Pi advances quality education by inspiring teachers to prepare all learners for future challenges. We encourage quality learning by giving educators the means to implement research-based strategies, continue professional growth, assume leadership, and become master teachers.

Lambda Pi Eta

Student President: Victoria Marasco

Moderator: Dr. Sara Magee, Shelby Ehret

Communications Honorary Organization 

Omicron Delta Kappa Student President: Sarah Thompson, Maureen Dormer

Luke Haus
Leadership Honor Society

Psi Chi

Student President: Katelyn BereheikoJocelyn Early-Hubelbank

Moderator: Dr. Grover, Dr. Carlucci 

Psi Chi is the International Honor Society in Psychology that recognizes high achieving students in psychology and allows students to explore their interests within the field.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE)

Student President: Kaytin Matrangola

M Raunak

Computer Science Honor Society