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Green and white Clubs & Organization Logo with the Loyola 'L'Are you a Rubik's Cube expert? Do you love discussing the latest trends in forensic science? Have you always dreamt of playing the ukulele? Find your people in one of our 200+ student organizations!  Here at Loyola, there’s something for everyone. And if you don't see a club that fits your interests, we will help you start one

  • 17 clubs help you improve the world
  • 7% of clubs involve fancy footwork
  • 5% of clubs could save your life
  • 5 clubs take place in a board room

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Name of Club/Organization

Student President/Moderator


Adam Smith Economics Club Student Presidents: Lindsey Zapata, Monica Carbone

Moderators: Kerria Tan
A club for students with an interest in furthering their knowledge of economics.

Advertising Club/Member of AAF

Student President: Angela Longhi

Gregory Hoplamazian

Student-run club that works on advertising projects for experience with producing ad campaigns.
Alpha Kappa Psi Student President:

Moderators: JP Krahel, Mark Johnson

An organization that aims to educate students on the importance of ethics, professionalism, and essential business skills while providing networking and service opportunities.

Apprentice House Book Publishing Club

Moderator: Kevin Atticks

A student-staffed book publishing company offering students critical experiential learning opportunities.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Student President:

Moderator: David Binkley
An association for all those interested in scientific computing machinery.
Biology Club Student President: Kaitlyn Fitzgerald

Moderator: Lisa Scheifele
A club open to all students with an interest in biology.
Blogging Club Student President: Kerry Ireland,  Angela Longhi

Moderator: Mitchell Tropin
 Provides support of the start-up and the upkeep of a blog and/or website.  Including; online content creation, social media engagement, and monetization and self-branding.
Cartoon Club Student President: Richard Nyhus

Moderator: David Binkley
 An outlet for students interested in watching and learning about cartoons and other animated shows.

Chemistry Club

Student Presidents: Katie Seeger, Janie Butler

Moderator: Birgit Albrecht, Theresa Nguyen

Stimulating interest in chemistry among the Loyola undergraduate population.

Classics Club

Student President: Kelly Mueller

Moderator: Martha Taylor

Loyola εκκλησια seeks to foster a love and awareness for classical antiquity.

Climbing Club  Student President: Cate Welsh

Moderator: Jennifer Cusick

 Will develop members physically and mentally while fostering community among students.

Education Ambassadors

Student Presidents: Corinne Thorne, Olivia Aebli, Rachel Nichols

Moderators:  Elizabeth Trimmer

Representing the undergraduate School of Education program at public activities (speaker series, Campus Days, etc.).

Engineering Club Student President: Gennaro Nappi

Moderator: Robert Pond
Promoting socially responsible engineering through seminars, contests, tutoring, job and graduate school pursuits and networking.

Financial Management Assn. (FMA)

Student President: Liam Marmo

Moderator: Tugsjargal (Tuugi) Chuluun

FMA encourages and recognizes academic excellence in the finance field, bridging the gap between finance theory and practice.

Fixed Income Society Student President: Frank Musuruca

Moderators: Yoon Shin

A resource for which students will learn the role of fixed income securities in the global financial markets through education and practical application.
Forensics Organization Student President: Jessica Regan

Moderators: David Rivers, Marianna Carlucci
Preparing students for careers involving criminal justice and/or forensic studies.  Students from all disciplines are welcome to join.
French Club Student Presidents: Laura Aranda, Becky Dellinger

Moderator: Heidi Brown
A club for students interested in French language and culture.
Global Studies Club

Student President: Caroline Annis

Janine Holc

Providing a new perspective of the world and to discover more info on global issues and current events.  Members can participate in service and fundraising events pertaining to world issues.

GreyComm Studios

Student President:

Moderator: H. Jay Dunmore

 A multi-media production facility providing students an opportunity to gain experience in broadcast and media production.

Information Systems Student Organization (ISSO)

Student President: Konrad Kotonski

Moderator: Theresa Jefferson

The ISSO aims to educate students on how to leverage technology in a business setting.

Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

Student Presidents: Daniel Kennedy, Emily Stone

Moderator: Helen Xu, Ali Sedaghat

Promoting the Managerial Accounting profession on campus.

International Business Club Student President: James Kiefer Bachmann

Moderator: Patricia Kanashiro
Providing students with a greater understanding of international business as well as networking opportunities.
Investment Club Student President: Christopher Rapp

Moderator: Walter Reinhart
Bringing students together who are interested in investing, keeping them involved in the stock market through discussion meetings, managing simulated portfolios, etc.
Literary Society Student Presidents: Megan Hultberg
Moderator: Melissa Girard
A club for students interested in writing coordinated through the English Department.

Loyola Marketing Association (LMA)

Student President: McKenzie Gaw

Moderator: Guangzhi (Terry) Zhao

Furthering the professional development of Marketing students through activities and leadership training.

Math/Stat Club Student President: Nicole Schneider

Moderator: Timothy Clark
A club for students interested in the mathematical sciences.
Mock Trial Team Student President: Santino Casola

Moderator: James Snow
Aiming to provide a competitive atmosphere wherein students can hone and practice their public speaking, understanding of rhetoric, and familiarity with a court setting.
Model United Nations Student President: Zachary Fechter

Moderator: Carsten Vala, Mary Kate Schneider
A group involving educational simulations meant to teach interested students about diplomacy and international relations.

NSSLHA (Speech-Language Hearing Assn.)

Student Presidents: Katelyn Barrett, Kerry Flanagan

Moderators: Kathleen Ward, Kathleen Siren

Working to improve members' academic knowledge within the field of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology.

Physics Club Student President: Joseph Lopez

Moderator: Andrea Erdas
Spreading and fostering appreciation for the learning of physics through club meetings, tutoring, trips and projects.

Pre-Dental Society

Student Presidents: Jessie Offner, Leo Catinella

Moderator: Theresa Geiman

Supporting undergraduate students interested in the profession of dentistry.

Pre-Health Society

Student President: Samantha Crawley

Moderator: Maija Lehmijoki-Gardner

A student group that informs undergraduates about different health professions and achieving related educational goals.

Pre-Law Society

Moderator: Jesse Merriam

A student-run organization for undergraduates interested in the legal field and attending law school.

PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America)

Student President: Miranda Logan

Moderator: Tania Rosas-Moreno

For students interested in public relations and communications, the group nurtures generations of future professionals.

Psychology Club

Student President: Faith Shank

Moderators: Theresa DiDonato, Diana Betz 

Engaging students in psychology-related events outside of the classroom and supporting mental illness awareness.
Sales, Marketing and Management Club: Sigma Society
Student President: Elena Latina

Moderator: Marie Yeh
A group for students with an interest in learning more about sales, marketing and management.
Scientista Loyola University Maryland Chapter Student Presidents: Tanya Kuzmina, Nicole Schneider

Moderator: Theresa DiDonato
A chapter of the national organization that empowers pre-professional women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through content, communities and conferences.
Sellinger Microfinance Club

Student Presidents: Anthony Schulz, Haley Valenza

Moderator: JP Krahel

A club for students interested in microfinance, fundraising, and microloans.
Society for Underrepresented Pre-Health Students (SUPHS) Student President: Christian Lopez-Ashby

Moderator: Paola Pascual-Ferra
Providing students who belong to underrepresented groups in health professions with pre-professional support and guiding tendered specifically to their demographics.
Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Student Presidents: Sophie Batchelder, Julie Montone

Moderator: Raenita Fenner
Encouraging women interested in pursuing careers as engineers and leaders, expanding the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving quality of life, and demonstrating the value of diversity.
Student Club Council for Exceptional Children Student Presidents: Jamie Gilmore, Emma Gristina

Moderator: Pamela Wruble
Providing services to students with disabilities through a variety of volunteer activities and fundraising events. Club members are interested in the field of special education.
Students Practicing Engineering & Constructive Sciences (S.P.E.C.S.):  Gearhounds Student President: Connor Grasso

Moderator: Yanko Kranov
Educating students interested in engineering and design about the proper use of machining tools, and applying knowledge to hands-on projects.
Theology Club Student Presidents: Giulia Carbine, Katherine Ellis

Moderator: Matthew Moser
Creating a safe space for theological discussions and encouraging faith exploration while promoting global faith acceptance.  Upholding religious traditions at Jesuit universities by educating and informing students about Theology.

WLOY Radio

Student General Manager: Tara Howell

Operations Manager: John Devecka

A student-run radio station, providing entertainment through radio programming and events.

Women in Business

Student President: Jessica Maurin

Moderator: Catherine Aldecoa

Educating all students who are interested in careers in business on topics of inequality and bias toward women working as professionals in business. Encouraging students to be proactive and work to change this.
Women in Technology Club Student President: Alysa Williams

Moderator: Dawn Lawrie, Megan Olsen
Creating a community for women who have educational and career goals in technology, as they are underrepresented in the computing fields.  Building interest in computing and fostering passion and learning within the field for a younger generation of women.
 Women's Pre-Health Society
Student President: Jessica Offner

Moderators: Kathy Zulty
An organization for women in health-related careers such as medicine, dentistry, public health, etc. The Society focuses on support, mentor-ship, education, resources and inspiration.

Special Interest

Name of Club/Organization

Student President/Moderator


Action for Autism

Student President: Paige Hvizdos

Moderator: Lisa Schoenbrodt

Raising awareness and acceptance of Autism on and off campus.
Active Minds

Student President: Dana Sauro

Moderators: Beth Kotchick, Aaron Barnes

A chapter of the national organization that changes the conversation about college students' mental health.
ADAPT (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team)

Student Presidents: Kate Amalfitano, Manal Arma
Moderator: Zachary Hitchens

A peer education group that focuses on alcohol and other drug related issues.

African Students Association

Student Presidents: Adefunke Atitebi, Abena Baffoe-Bonnie

Moderator: Raven Williams

 Providing students with opportunities to learn about and immerse themselves in diverse African cultures.

Alzheimer's Foundation of America
Student President:

Moderator: Donna Pitts
Spreading awareness about Alzheimer's Disease and related illnesses, providing support for students effected by this disease in their family members, providing volunteer opportunities, and increasing communication and understanding.
American Association of University Women (AAUW) Student President:

Moderator: Melissa Lees
Affirming and advocating for the empowerment, agency and equity of every member of the University community, with emphasis on women-identified individuals.
American Sign Language Club Student Presidents: Antoine Bolden, Eleanor Mallory

Moderator: Donna Pitts, Kathleen Ward

Recognizing American Sign Language as a language, acknowledging and understanding deaf culture, spreading awareness, and engaging in fundraising and volunteer opportunities.
 Anime Hounds 

Student President: Jacob Sorensen 

Moderator: David Binkley 

Dedicated to the pursuit of exploring Japanese culture through their animated films and television productions. The club also tries to foster social and intellectual growth through discussions of the material we watch, and builds lasting relationships based on mutual interest in these forms of entertainment.
Army ROTC Student President: Matthew Martindale

LTC Sean Gallagher

Around the World Cooking Club Student Presidents: Alex Akers, Rosie Waniak

Moderator: Fuat Gursozlu
Exploring different cultures through a culinary perspective.
Art Club Student President: Jaclyn Koziel

Moderator: Billy Friebele
A fun club for art majors, minors, and non-art students to come together to learn more about art, develop art skills, help the community, and support local artists.

Asian Cultural Alliance (ACA)

Student President: Jenica Rosales

Moderator: Kerria Tan

Offering cultural experiences meant to educate members of the Loyola community about Asian life, dismissing stereotypes and spreading diversity.
Association for Latin American & Spanish Students (ALAS)

Student Presidents: Paula Matsunaga, Kamilia Arroyo

Moderator: Joseph Farrell

Spreading Spanish culture through events such as Latino Heritage Month, films, and other cultural events.
BEElieve Student President: Nathalie Walker

Moderators: David Belz, David Rivers
This club informs the Loyola community about bees and why bees are so important. Students in the club meet monthly, and work to raise awareness and take action to save bees.
Best Buddies Student President: Valerie Greisman

Moderator: David Rivers

Best Buddies at Loyola will strive to uphold the mission set by Best Buddies International, creating opportunities for friendship, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Black Students Association

Student Presidents: Joy Holland, Kassina Dwyer

Moderator: Nicholaus Bates

Promoting awareness of and celebrating Black culture through service projects, educational programs, social inclusiveness and self-exploration while upholding the spirit of the Jesuit ideals.
Blogging Club Student Presidents: Kerry Ireland, Angela Longhi

Moderator: Mitchell Tropin

Provides support of the start-up and the upkeep of a blog and/or website.  Including; online content creation, social media engagement, and monetisation and self-branding.
Book Club - Reading Between the Lines
Student Presidents: Ian McNeely, Rebeccah Swerdlow,

Moderator: Carol (Sue) Abromaitis
Providing an outlet for students of any major to explore and cultivate their love of reading.
Boxing Club Student President: Ben Cuizon

Moderator: Jerel Fitzgerald

A fitness club dedicated to training in proper boxing technique and conditioning. This club strives to become a club sport at Loyola.

Capital Markets Club (CMC)

Student President: Steven Weingroff

Moderator: Mike Mansfield 

 An organization that is focused on the global bond and stock markets. The goal of the “CMC” is to give students an opportunity to learn more about the global markets and immerse themselves in intellectual conversations with their peers. 
Career Ambassadors

Student President: Emma Ditzel

Moderators: Allie Pearlman Sax, Catherine Aldecoa

Helping the student body become aware of the services that the Career Center offers. Serving as a liaison between students and the Career Center.

Caribbean Students Union

Student Presidents: Alicia Espinal-Mesa, Joseph Aguilera

Moderator: Camika Royal

Focusing on different traditions of the Caribbean culture, raising awareness through various events.
Cartoon Club Student President: Richard Nyhus

Moderator: David Binkley
An outlet for students interested in watching and learning about cartoons and other animated shows.
Chamber Ensemble Moderator: David LaVorgna A performing music ensemble.
Chamber Music Society  Moderator: Ron Pearl A society of string musicians that meet regularly to play classical chamber music.
Chinese Club

Student President: Natalie Woods

Moderator: Yu Zhang

A club for students interested in learning more about Chinese culture and language.
Chosen Generation Gospel Choir

Student President: Tanique Philogene

Moderators: George Miller

Loyola's Gospel Choir meets every Tuesday night at 7 PM and performs two concerts each year.
Classical Guitar Ensemble Moderator: Ronald Pearl A performing music ensemble.
 Climbing Club Student President: Cate Welsh

Moderators: Jennifer Cusick

Will develop members physically and mentally while fostering community among students.
Clothesline Project at Loyola University Maryland

Student Presidents: Donna Wilcox, Jessica Coury

Moderator: Melissa Lees

Providing a vehicle of healing for those affected by violence against women through artistic expression, recognition and support.
Club Sports Moderator: Taylor Tully A competitive club sports program offered through the Department of Recreational Sports.
College Democrats

Student Presidents: Emily Hopkins, Rebecca Vincent

Moderator: Janine Holc

Progressive political party on campus devoted to social justice, marriage equality, women's rights, green policy, public innovation and tax reform.

College Diabetes Network at Loyola

Student Presidents: Mary Hrinkevich & Katherine Dembeck

Moderator: Stephanie Regenold 

Creating a supportive and educational network for students on campus with Type 1 Diabetes, and raising awareness for students without this chronic illness.
College Republicans

Student President: Bradley Schober

Moderator: Diana Schaub

This group hosts weekly meetings to discuss important political issues, and holds several annual events.
Coloring Club Student President: Leah Chung

Moderator: Catherine Chaterdon
Relieving stress by sharing club members' stories and by expressing feelings through the use of coloring.

Community Service Council

Center for Community Service and Justice Bringing Loyola students and Baltimore community members together for one-time service events on campus.
Coral REliEf

Student President: Arianna Demers

Moderator: Kimberly Wagner 

This club will raise awareness about the coral reefs and raise money for foundations working to repopulate the ocean.
Corridors Student President: McKayla Coyle

Lucas Southworth, Tiffany Curtis
Corridors is a literary magazine filled with student contributions.
Council for Inclusion, Change and Equity (CICE) Student President:

Moderator: Kaye Whitehead
CICE aims to improve and enrich the everyday experiences of marginalized groups of people through educational programming, spaces for authentic dialogue surrounding the need for racial equity, and a long-term commitment to promoting the improvement of the communities we serve.
Crochet for a Cause

Student President: Ellie Knudsen

Moderator: Jean Lee Cole

This club will aid the homeless by crocheting portable bed rolls from plastic bag yarn (plarn), to decrease waste, improve the environment, and to provide useful fellowship opportunities for our members.
Cyber Security Club Student President: Javon Kitson

Moderator: Sibren Isaacman
This club aims to educate students about cyber security.
Cycling Club Student President:

Moderator: Barnaby Nygren
A club for cycling enthusiasts of all levels including those interested in cycling competitively.

Dance Company

Student Presidents: Nicole Cason, Kelsey Reiff, Kat Morrison


A group for anyone and everyone who loves to dance!

Dance Team Student Presidents: Jennifer Hotch, Dana Sullivan, Alyssa Case
Moderator/Coach:  Christina George
A spirit squad and club sport that performs at men's and women's varsity basketball games.
Danza Student President: Da'jah Crayton

Moderator: Raven Williams
Promoting African culture by promoting different dance styles.
Diagnostics Club

Student President: Ryan O'Leary

Moderators: Perrin Robinson, Samantha Rukert

 A club for students interested in the diagnostic area of psychology. The club will meet weekly to go over case studies and formulate our own diagnoses. 
Disability is Diversity 

Student President: Erica Mones

Moderator: Giuseppina Iacono Lobo 

Promotes inclusivity and disabled culture on our campus.  We discuss news in the disabled community, campus life for disabled students, talk with our nondisabled peers about how they can be allies and encourage them to learn about our community. while creating a space that is inclusive, accepting, and comfortable for disabled and nondisabled students alike.
Diversity Peer Educators (DPE)

Student President:

Moderator: Cristina Garcia

Addressing issues related to diversity and multiculturalism such as race, gender, sexual preference, and physical and mental disabilities through education.
Doctors Without Borders 

Student President: Jillian Skerchak

Moderator: Christopher Thompson 

A chapter of the international organization that strives to spread awareness of and become involved with the current medical and humanitarian issues addressed by MSF around the world.
Environmental Action Club

Student Presidents: Eliana Marzullo, Ellen Roussel

Moderators: Elizabeth Dahl, Taylor Casalena

Promoting the "Go Green" initiative, supporting green causes, and educating students on environmental issues.
Equestrian Club Student President: Olivia Airhart

Moderator: Catriona Hanley
Providing students with the opportunity to learn about equine care and riding within the English disciplines.


Contact the Office of Student Engagement.

 The first-year students' orientation staff.

Evergreen Annual (yearbook)


Moderator: Kevin Atticks

This group is Loyola's yearbook staff.  Positions are both paid and unpaid.  All are welcome to join!

Evergreen Players

Student President: Lauren Mazzio

Moderator: James Bunzli

A theater group that operates in conjunction with the Fine Arts Department.

Film Club (GreyFilms Productions)     

Student President:

Moderator: H. Jay Dunmore

A group that writes, produces and edits films using original content.
Film Society Student Presidents: Andrew Drummond, Robert Dibias, Miguel Avvento, Hunter Flynn

Moderator: Nicholas Miller
This club seeks to promote a general appreciation of film as an art, and to provide well-rounded film education to Loyola students.
Fishing Club

Student President: Alex Uzunoff, Conor Lowther

Moderator: Russell Cook 

By recreationally fishing various lakes, reservoirs, and streams in the Baltimore/Towson area, students are able to connect with those who have a common interest for the sport, while also learning more about nature preservation and the nature surrounding Loyola.
First Generation Students Association Student President: Alicia Espinal

Moderator: Brianne Higgins-Roos

Supporting first-generation college students by encouraging socialization among peers, community involvement and academic/career networking.
French Club Student Presidents: Laura Aranda, Becky Dellinger

Moderator: Heidi Brown
A club for students interested in French language and culture. 
Gear Hounds Car Club Student President: David Player

Moderator: Richard Brown
 Bringing car enthusiasts together to discuss their shared interests and meet others with similar interests.
German Club Student President: Amanda Debold

Moderator: Ursula Beitter
A club for any student interested in learning about Germany as a nation today, and the various elements of its culture and history.
Global Health and Development Club Student President: Samantha Pharo

Moderator: Maiju Lehmijoki-Gardner
Raising awareness about international health issues, and organizations that send volunteers to locations where help is needed. This club also fund-raises to support organizations addressing global health problems.
GreyComm Studios (TV station)

Student President: Lauren Fabiszak

Moderator: H. Jay Dunmore

A multi-media production facility providing students with experience in broadcast and media production.


Editor in Chief: Nick Cirone

Moderator: Kevin Atticks

 Loyola's student newspaper.

Greyhound Ambassadors

Student President: Amy Guido

Moderator: Charlie Hiebler

Greyhound Ambassadors serve as the face of Loyola University Maryland by representing the Office of Undergraduate Admission. We are the primary example of what it means to be a Loyola student. Our Team represents the University to prospective students and their families through our conversations, campus tours, and hospitality
GreySounds (coed a cappella group) 

Student President: Emily Peartree, Caroline Roche

Moderator: Clayborn Price

Co-ed, auditioned a cappella group.
Hellenic Student Association Student President: Amanda Galazzo

Moderator: Kyongsook Kim
This group seeks to preserve and promote Greek education, sciences, arts, music, philosophy, etc., and sponsors programming to support Greek culture.
Hillel: The Foundation of Jewish Campus Life

Student President:

Moderators: Rev. Tim Brown, S.J.

Striving to bring Jewish and non-Jewish students together through Jewish-related events.
History Club

 Student President: Sarah Joyce

Moderator: Willeke Sandler

Will offer students a venue to pursue their historical interests outside the classroom and strives to organize interesting and fun historically relevant events, including off-campus excursions.  Open to all students.
Hounds for Hounds Student President: Natasha Valas

Moderator: Nicola McDougal 
Volunteering and fundraising for a variety of animal organizations.
IAMTHATGIRL Student Presidents: Emma Dunleavy, Sara Dunleavy

Moderator: Irem Demirkan
A chapter of the  non-profit organization that focuses on empowering young women and increasing their mental, emotional, and physical well-being through activities and discussions, achieving increased self-confidence.
Improv Club Student President: Kyle Hand

Moderator: Martin Camper 
Teaching the basics of improv: what is improv, how to construct a scene and how to perform. Basic skills, short form improv, and long form improv will be taught and employed in regular club meetings.
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Student President: Bradley Weller

Moderator: Kevin Hula
Non-denominational, Christian group with a vision to see spiritual lives awakened and enlivened as we seek God together.
Irish Step Club - The Treblemakers Student President: Alessia Hughes

Moderator: Rita Buettner
Sharing the culture of Irish step dancing and bringing creativity and modernity to the traditional forms of Irish dance.
Italian Club Student President: Matthew Picchiello

Moderator: Leslie Morgan
Enhancing knowledge and appreciation of the Italian culture and language. 

Ju-Jitsu Club

Student President: Precious Uwaya

Moderator: Chad Deihl

A Maru Ketsugo Ju-Jitsu class certified by the American Ju-Jitsu Association, also offering self defense practice.

Knitting Club

Student President: Jenna Christiani

Moderator: Janet Maher

 A club for all levels of knitters to appreciate the beautiful, lost art of knitting. Students can learn to knit, crochet, or they can improve their existing yarn-weaving abilities!
Love Your Melon Club Student President: Mckenzie Gaw

Moderator: Marie Yeh
Working to give a hat to every child battling cancer in America, and to aid the organization in reaching its fundraising goals to support and fund childhood cancer research initiatives.

Loyola ALIVE

Moderator: Contact Campus Ministry.

A group supporting pro-life initiatives.
Loyola Jazz Combo Moderator: Anthony Villa Contact the Fine Arts Department for more information.
Loyola Jazz Ensemble Moderator: David Smith Contact the Fine Arts Department for more information.

Loyola University Maryland Belles

Student President: Jessica Grasso

Moderator: Clayborn Price

Female a cappella group.

Loyola University Maryland Chapel Choir

Student Presidents: Giuliana Stillo, Kelly Mueller

Moderator: George Miller

A choir that sings during Mass in the Alumni Memorial Chapel. 

Loyola University Maryland Chimes

Student President: Anthony Cerrone

Moderator: Kevin Atticks 

 Male a cappella group.

Loyola University Maryland Repertory Choir Moderator: Clay Price
A choir made up of students, faculty, staff and alumni, and sponsored by the Fine Arts Department.

Loyola University Maryland Singers

Moderator: Clay Price

Loyola's main choral ensemble sponsored by the Fine Arts Department made up of Loyola students.

Magic the Gathering Club

Student Presidents: Jeremiah Edwards, Jonathan Flink

Moderator: Charles Kumlehn

Magic the Gathering Club provides opportunities for casual and competitive play of this card game with instruction and information provided for new and current players.

Marksmanship Club

Moderator: SFC Pedro Quinones

Club members participate in small-bore rifle competitions with other schools in the MAC Rifle Conference.

Middle East Relief Initiative Student Presidents: Stephanie Hakeem, Marin Malki

Moderator: Sara Scalenghe
Raising awareness about Middle Eastern cultures, breaking down negative stereotypes, and fundraising to benefit organizations that help people in the Middle East.
Mosaic: A Women of Color Initiative Student President: Jordan Zolliecoffer

Moderator: Mary Whitehead
 Providing resources, support and encouragement for Loyola's women of color on campus and abroad. Developing an inclusive environment the breeds sisterhood and continued support while involving, informing, and inspiring women.
Multiracial and Inter-Ethnic Student Association (MISA) Student President: Da'jah Crayton

Moderator: Raven Williams, Leota Wilson
Celebrating and promoting multiracial and inter-ethnic individuals.  Raising awareness about issues faced by multiracial individuals through programming, service projects, inclusiveness, and creating a safe and non-judgmental space for students.
Muslim Student Association (MSA) Student President: Shahirah Khan

Moderator: Rev. Tim Brown, S.J., Vanessa Seriki
Fulfilling needs and providing support to Muslim students and anyone interested in Islam. Educating students about Islam and promoting peaceful interaction among individuals of all faiths and beliefs.
Native American Students Association

Student President:

Moderator: Matthew Mulcahy

Creating a supportive space for Native American, American Indian, Hawaiian Pacific Islander and Alaskan Native students.
Nevergreen Sketch Comedy Troupe

Student President: Cassie Weaver

Moderator: James Bunzli

The Nevergreens write and perform original comedy sketches at shows and events throughout the school year.
Next Step - Kennedy Krieger High School Experiencing Loyola 

Student President:  Sara Kujala & Emma Hagedoorn

Moderator: Daniel McClain

Working to give the students of Kennedy Krieger High School, a special education facility, the ability to experience the fun parts of college.  Introducing them to Loyola University Maryland, allowing them to make friends, and have experiences they may not have otherwise.
One Love at Loyola Student Presidents: Sara Wilton, Olivia Werner

Moderator: Melissa Lees
Working together to raise awareness about the warning signs of abuse and how to change the statistics around relationship violence.
Operation Smile     

Student Presidents: Elizabeth Leonard, Christina Jonas

Moderator: Brianne Higgins Roos

A chapter of the international children's charitable organization that provides humanitarian services.
OPTIONS (social programs)

Student President: Emily Mansour

Moderator: Becca Winkler

Broadening the Loyola experience by helping students meet new people, make lasting friendships, and experience community.
Outdoor Adventure Experience (OAE) Moderator: Jennifer Cusick A program offered through the Department of Recreational Sports.
Paintball Club Student President: Nolan Kopec

Thomas Pegram
This club is for all those who enjoy paintball, including those who want to play competitive intercollegiate paintball. 

Student President: Gil Chambres

Moderator: Alana Rock

Works to fundraise for PALS campers’ tuition, recruit volunteers for PALS programs, and spread PALS love on campus in order to ensure our campers have the opportunity to experience our PALS programs.
PB&J Gang

Student President: Julian Fedorciw

Moderator: Bret Davis

 Helping those in need, a couple hundred peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at a time.
Peace and Justice Studies Club

Student Presidents: Clarissa Gonzalez, Amanda Waggoner

Moderator: John Kiess

Through campus events and community service, the Peace and Justice Club raises awareness and inspires action in issues pertaining to social justice. Our philosophy is one of nonviolence, partnership, and peace.
Peer Conduct Board (PCB) Moderator: Dan Kelly  The Peer Conduct Board (PCB) is conduct hearing body focused on fostering a stronger community through an engaging and educational student conduct process. The Board is made up of student leaders dedicated to educating students and promoting accountability in the context of our Jesuit values.
Philosophy Club Student President: Christina Damon

Moderator: Bret Davis
This group seeks to encourage and expand discussion about various topics, fostering idea formulation.
Pick Up Soccer Club

Student Presidents: Miguel Avvento, Ben Cuizon, James Amodeo

Moderator: Matthew Mulcahy

Promoting soccer in a positive, competitive way while encouraging players of all levels to practice, play and improve their skills.
Photography Adventure Club

Student Presidents: Maggie Mannion & Julie Grammatico

Moderator: Jon Malis

Provides an opportunity for photographers to harbor their talents and express themselves through trips in the Baltimore City area.  Open to all students regardless of experience.

Poisoned Cup Players

Student President: Cassandra Weaver

Moderators: James Bunzli

A student-run theater group.

Project Linus Student President: Rachel Warns

Moderator: Dale Snow
An organization that produces homemade blankets for pediatric patients who are ill or traumatized. Blankets are symbols of love, security and comfort.
Protect Our Breasts

Student President: Patrice Lauture

Moderator: Paula Lazarich

Working with the Protect Our Breasts organization to share the conversation about chemicals/toxins in everyday products found on grocery store shelves that may contribute to breast cancer. Empowering women to make safer choices to protect their breasts.
Raquetball Club Student President: Liam O'Grady

Moderator: Jeffrey Witt

 A low commitment organization for those who want to have fun and learn the game of raquetball through organized matches.
Red Cross 

Student President: Serena Chenery 

Moderator: Mary Beth Akre

Our college chapter of the Red Cross works with the Maryland Division of the Red Cross who supports the National and International Organization. 

Relay for Life Committee

Student Co-Chairs: Sophie Batchelder, Madison Burns, Jeff Gailius

Moderator: Nancy Bathgate

This group plans and facilitates Loyola's annual Relay For Life event, and supports Loyola community members affected by cancer.

Rendez-vous:  Haiti Club 

Student Presidents: Julia McGrath, Ellie Mallory, Isabella Luque, Krystele Antoine

Moderators: Catherine Savell

Directly supporting development projects for disadvantaged youths in Haiti. Solidarity in action!

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Student President: Amanda Stankiewicz

Moderator: Sinclair Ceasar

Advocating for resident students regarding housing issues, and building community within the halls.

Resident Assistants

Contact the Office of Student Life.


Rhetoric Society Student Presidents: Karl Dehmelt,Zachary Fechter

Moderator: Martin Camper, Lisa Zimmerelli

Discussing and developing rhetorical analysis and production to harness rhetoric as a tool to cultivate professionalism and a productive awareness of our diverse communities.
Robotics Club Student President: Christopher Kelble

Moderators: David Hoe, Roger Eastman
Encouraging students and faculty to discuss, prototype, and test robots that they choose to create on their own or with others.
Rubik's Cube Club

Student President: Hector Trujillo

Moderator: Timothy Clark

Building community by teaching others how to solve the Rubik's Cube, and improving understanding of intuitive puzzle solving.
Runners for Others

Student President: Chris Foley

Moderator: Maiju Lehmijoki-Gardner

For students of all skill levels interested in running, the group works to improve students' running abilities. The group also participates in races meant to raise funds for notable causes.
Save the Children

Student President: Kelly Gallagher 

Moderator: JP Krahel 

Save the Children's mission is to help raise money to support life-changing programs for vulnerable children and increase awareness of the issues facing children today. 
Sellinger Microfinance Club Student President: Anthony Schulz, Haley Valenza

Moderator: John Peter Krahel
Merging students' business knowledge with service by exploring microfinance, fundraising, and managing a portfolio of microloans for entrepreneurs in developing countries.
She Power! 

Student President: Marci Rizzo

Moderator: Theresa Geiman 

To empower woman and give them self confidence to work with free weights and to educate women about different programs and dietary plans for each body type
Short Film Club

Student President: Kyle Hand

Moderator: Christina Damon

A club that makes short films: 8-20 minute, high quality, narrative-driven videos. The club calls for aspiring actors, producers, editors, directors, writers, set/costume designers, videographers and musicians to collaborate creatively on these short films.
 Ski & Snowboarding Club Student President: William Isola

Moderator: Dawn Lawrie

Will bring students together, experience a growing sport and spend time outdoors skiing and snowboarding.
Spanish Club

Student President: Katelyn Budzich, Antonia Calamas

Moderator: Thomas Ward

The Spanish Club provides students with a fun way to learn about Spanish culture and language. All levels of spanish are welcomed!

Student Presidents: Austin Drexel 

Moderator: Frank Golom

Spectrum works to provide education and support to members of the LGBTQIA community on Loyola's campus.
Spoon University Loyola Student Presidents: Nicoletta D'Ambrosio

Moderator: Rev. Tim Brown, S.J.
An online food resource to help students eat intelligently.
Spotlight Players

Student President: Alex Casey

Moderator: Natka Bianchini

A student-run theater company dedicated to "theater that makes a difference" through producing plays that address social issues and donating proceeds to appropriate charities.
Steel Pan Ensemble

Moderator: Barry Dove

Student Government Association (SGA)

Student President: Francesca Galbato

Moderator: Beth Steiner

Servant leaders dedicated to enriching all aspects of the student experience at Loyola, and promoting Jesuit ideals.

Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) Student President: Kiki Fitzgerald 

Moderator: Stephanie Renegold
Promoting increased student/consumer participation related to college health issues, working to ensure the best quality health care to students, and communicating with Student Health and Education Services.
Student Philanthropy Council

Student Presidents: Sarah Marty, Molly Newland

Brittany Bond

SPC works to educate the campus community about the profound ways that philanthropy effects life at Loyola.

Student President: Gabriella Cameron

Moderator: Becca Winkler

Dedicated to the promotion and publicity of Loyola's Athletics program, and the support of student athletes.
Take Back The Night Committee

Student Presidents: Maureen O'Kane, Marina Fazio

Moderator: Melissa Lees

Dispelling the atmosphere of silence surrounding sexual violence and gender issues and empowering survivors of sexual violence.
Teacher's Lounge

Student Presidents: Eleanore Ryan & Julie Jenson

Moderator: Rob Helfenbein

The Teacher’s Lounge seeks to bring together Loyola University Maryland School of Education students through weekly meetings and social activities to create an open forum where future teachers can share and develop new teaching strategies, classroom management techniques, and learn other useful information and skills for working with students.  
Together for Down Syndrome

Student President: Claire Edmonds

Moderator: Libby Kumin

 Providing support to families of and persons with Down Syndrome through fundraising, service, and raising awareness on campus.
Ukulele Choir Student President: Ryan O'Leary

Moderator: Ron Pearl
A ukulele choir where students can learn and perform together.
Unleashed Step Team Student President: Gideon Abadilla

Moderator: H. Jay Dunmore
Sharing with the Loyola community the performance art of step, and increasing appreciation for stepping and its roots in African culture.
Upstart Club Student Presidents: Arnold Balliu, Michael Latman

Moderator: Dawn Lawrie
A community of students who want to be creative with all things technological. Students have the opportunity to develop their software and project development skills.
Veterans Student Group Student President: Justin Worster

Moderator: Joseph Mucci, GS, Lynne Elkes
Serving as a liaison between Loyola University Maryland and the student veteran community comprised of military veterans, Reserve component personnel, their family members, and dependents. Striving to provide resources, opportunities and support toward academic and professional success.
Voice for Animals Student President: Taylor Elton

Moderator: Selin Gursozlu
Bringing awareness about animal cruelty, abuse and injustices to the Loyola community.
Warnings Literary Magazine Moderator: Ron Tanner
A literary publication featuring student entries.
WLOY Radio

Student General Manager: Tara Howell

Moderator/Operations Manager: John Devecka 

A student run radio station, providing entertainment through radio programming and events.

Wounded Warriors Project Student President: Noelani Frishkorn

A club that strives to support wounded U.S. warriors.
Writing Club - Spilled Ink Student Presidents: Casie Morgan

Moderator: Marian Crotty
A community of writers eager to expose their writing to new readers while gaining both inspiration and criticism from their peers.  Students may contribute written works to The Odyssey, a social content platform that crowdsources ideas from student writers for online publication.
York Road Students Association (YRSA)

Student Presidents: Jonathan Rodriguez, Tatiana Collazos, Krysta Zadroga

Moderator: Marie McSweeney Anderson

Actively engaging students in the wider community along the York Road Corridor, developing a sense of community.
Heart of Zen Meditation Moderator: Bret W. Davis Creating opportunities to learn about and participate in guided meditation.

Honor Societies

Name of Honor Society Student President/Moderator Description
Alpha Delta Sigma

Moderator: Gregory Hoplamazian

Advertising Honor Society

Alpha Iota Delta

Moderator: Lisa Yeo

Decision Sciences and Information Systems Honor Society

Alpha Kappa Delta

Moderator: Josh Hendrick Sociology Honor Society

Alpha Psi Omega

Moderator: Contact the Theater Department

Theater Honor Society

Alpha Sigma Nu

Student President: Julie Alejo

Rev. Frank Haig, SJ

Honorary Society of Jesuit colleges and universities

Beta Alpha Psi

Student President: Daniel Horvath

Moderators: John Peter Krahel, Frank Izzo

Accounting Honorary and Service Society, Eta Upsilon Chapter. 

Beta Gamma Sigma

Student President: Liam Marmo

Moderators: J.P. Krahel, Jan O'Brien

Business Honor Society

Chi Alpha Sigma Student President:

Moderator: Lisa Oberbroeckling
A chapter of the National College Athlete Honor Society.
Delta Alpha Pi Moderator: Megan Henry
Recognizing students with disabilities for their academic accomplishments. Also, encouraging development of leadership skills, advocacy, and opportunities for education.
Eta Sigma Phi Moderator: Martha Taylor Classics Honorary Organization
Iota Iota Iota (Tri-Iota) Student Presidents: Dana Sauro, Delani Pecchioli

Moderator: Amanda Konradi
A national Women's Studies Honor Society.  Recognizing excellence in the academic pursuit of Women's Studies, Gender Studies, and Sexuality Studies.

Kappa Delta Pi

Moderator: Maryanne Ralls, Wendy Smith

Education Honorary Organization

Lambda Pi Eta

Student President: Sarah Wolford

Moderator: Elliot King

Communications Honorary Organization 

Mu Kappa Tau

Moderator: Rick Klink

Marketing Honorary Society

Omicron Delta Kappa Student President: John Bond

Benjamin Cowman
Leadership Honor Society

Phi Alpha Theta

Student Presidents: Kelly Mueller, Sarah Joyce

Jane Edwards

History Honor Society

Phi Beta Kappa

Moderator: Tom McCreight

Liberal Arts and Sciences Honor Society

Phi Lambda Upsilon

Moderator: Brian Barr

Chemistry Honor Society

Phi Sigma Iota

Moderator: Eston Teter

Foreign Language Honor Society

Phi Sigma Tau

Moderator: Bret Davis

Philosophy Honor Society

Pi Delta Phi

Moderator: Andrea Thomas

French Honor Society

Pi Epsilon Pi

Moderator: Lisa Zimmerelli

Writing Honor Society

Pi Mu Epsilon

Moderator: Dipa Sarkar-Dey

Mathematics Honor Society

Pi Sigma Alpha

Moderator: Celia Paris

Political Science Honor Society

Psi Chi

Student President: Faith Shank

Marianna Carlucci

Psychology Honor Society

Sigma Delta Pi

Moderator: Margarita Jacome

Spanish Honor Society. 

Sigma Iota Rho

Moderator: Michele Alacevich

Global and International Studies Honor Society

Sigma Pi Sigma

Moderator: Rev. Frank Haig, S.J.

Physics Honor Society

Sigma Tau Delta

Moderator:  Melissa Girard

English Honor Society

Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology Honor Society

Student Presidents: Elise Reumann, Jasmine Weinmann

Kathleen Ward, Lisa Schoenbrodt

Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology honor society

Theta Alpha Kappa

Moderator: Dan McClain

Theology Honor Society

Tri Beta (Theta Chi)

Student President: Sara Trent

Theresa Geiman

Biology Honor Society

Upsilon Pi Epsilon

Student President: Andrea Acosta

Sibren Isaacman

 Computer Science Honor Society

Student Presidents:
Student Presidents: