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Microfridge Rentals

A microfridge sized for a a dorm room with a microwave oven on topLoyola partners with MyFridgeRental.com for incredibly easy mini refrigerator rental and service for the span of the semester.

  1. Order by July 31 at MyFridgeRental.com (no room info required).
  2. Fridges are delivered at no extra charge and rentals will be in the room before you arrive.
  3. MyFridgeRental.com provides free and fast year-round maintenance.
  4. No-hassle returns: fridges are collected from your room.

Additional benefits:

  • Cost-effective: split the price with a roommate to save even more!
  • High-quality: rugged, energy-efficient designs made specifically for dorm life!
  • No-risk ordering: cancel any time before delivery for a full refund!

All prices and products can be found on the Loyola University page at MyFridgeRental.com. Reserve your rental by July 31 to guarantee lowest prices. Loyola determines initial delivery dates. In most cases fridges are delivered before student arrival. Orders are still accepted after first delivery. View website for specific delivery dates.

1-844-9-FRIDGE (1-844-937-4343)