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Summer Housing

You can read the full Summer 2023 Announcement here

What is Summer Housing and am I Eligible?

Summer housing at Loyola is the opportunity for Loyola University Maryland students to live on-campus. Students who wish to apply and live in on-campus housing during the summer must be a current Loyola University Maryland student. Graduating seniors can only live on campus if they will be participating in an alternative academic program and enrolled as a student.

Cost of Housing for Summer 2023

  • Day: $37
  • Week: $259
  • Entire Summer: $3,367

*Please note, additional daily fee may apply if requesting housing between May 13 and the start of your session.

You have the ability to choose specific arrival and departure dates in the housing application. Your specific dates will affect your bill.

For summer 2023, summer housing will be located in Campion Tower. There is not an option to live in a building other than those designated for summer housing.

Intent to Live in Summer Housing

The application is available via the RoomRez Housing Portal, under Around Campus on Inside Loyola: https://inside.loyola.edu. This needs to be completed even if a department is paying/sponsoring your summer housing. There is no end date to summer housing registration, however, preference will be given to students that register before Wednesday, April 12, 2023. To complete the application process, you must sign your summer housing contract (electronically). If you do not sign your contract, your contract will be considered incomplete and we will be unable to assign you.

Summer Housing Contract

Every student requesting summer housing is expected to review and sign the contract that will be available when completing the summer application via the RoomRez portal.

Roommate Requests

Students will have the opportunity to request the roommates they would like to live with in summer housing when completing the housing application. Please remember, for summer housing, you do NOT need to be in a roommate group. Additionally, you do NOT select a room. Residence Life & Housing will assign students to their summer room assignments and try to accommodate all roommate requests. However, assignments are based on many factors, such as the summer sessions that students will be attending and the spaces available. Additionally, please keep in mind that you can only request to live with those who have officially applied for summer housing.

Summer Housing Openings & Closings 2023

Spring Assignment to Summer Assignment Move

All current residents requesting to stay in housing after traditional May check-out will remain in their spring assignment until they move into their summer assignment. Residents who are remaining on campus beyond Saturday, May 13 are required to pick up their Summer assignment on Friday, May 19 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. from the Office of Residence Life & Housing in Seton Court 08B. You will be required to relocate your items from your spring, current assignment, to your new summer assignment over the weekend and return your spring assignment key to Residence Life & Housing by noon on Monday, May 22.

Summer Assignment to Fall Assignment Move

All summer residents (who also have fall semester housing assignments) may pick up their fall housing assignment key from Residence Life & Housing in Seton Court 08B on Friday, August 18 and move their items from their summer assignment to their Fall assignments over the weekend. All summer assignment keys must be returned to Residence Life & Housing by noon on Monday, August 21.

Students checking out of housing in May and returning for Summer housing

Students who are checking out of housing by Saturday, May 13 and returning to housing at a later time during the summer can pick up their key on their approved move-in date at Residence Life & Housing. Residence Life & Housing will send you specific information based on your arrival date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I live on-campus for he summer if I am taking a class at another university or participating in an internship?

Yes, any current Loyola University Maryland student can apply for summer housing. Graduating seniors can only live on campus if employed as a summer worker in a University office or participating in an alternative academic program.

Can I request a specific person(s) to be my roommate?

All students living on-campus during the summer can request specific roommates. All efforts are made to accommodate roommate requests. However, Residence Life & Housing cannot guarantee that all roommate requests can be accommodated. Please follow the outlined instructions above to request roommates.

Where is summer housing located?

Summer housing will be located in Campion Tower.

If I currently live on-campus, can I leave my items in my spring housing assignment until I move into my summer housing assignment?

No. You must move to your items to a temporary space [that the Office of Residence Life & Housing will designate] before Saturday, May 13. You must completely check out of your current (spring) room space per semester closing instructions. Your items must be removed from the temporary space by Thursday, June 1. If you fail to remove your items from temporary storage by Thursday, June 1, you will be charged a daily break extension rate of $80 per day.

How much does parking cost for the summer?

Parking services does not assess a fee for summer parking. All students with a vehicle on-campus during the summer may park in any legal west side of campus residential area spaces. Students may not park in service vehicle spaces, fire lanes, or otherwise specifically designated spaces at any time. 

Can I request a specific apartment to live in for the summer?

Students cannot request a specific space. For those students currently living in Campion Tower, or assigned to a space in Campion Tower for the fall 2023 semester, Residence Life & Housing will make all attempts to assign them to the same space.

To apply for summer housing, apply using the RoomRez Housing Portal via Inside Loyola. If you have further questions, please contact the Office of Residence Life & Housing at 410-617-5081.