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Loyola University Maryland offers Fitness and Aquatics Center membership opportunities to current faculty, staff, administrators, graduate and part-time students, and Loyola alumni. All full-time undergraduate students are automatic members and need only their Loyola ID card to gain access.

Membership Structure

Membership Dates
Annual Membership Good for one year from the date of purchase
Monthly Membership Charged on the 1st of the month or the next business day

*Monthly memberships are pro-rated if purchased within the month.

Membership Type Monthly  Annual
Graduate and Part-Time Student (Individual) $25 $285
Household 1 $30 $335
Household 2 $35 $385
Dependent $20 $180
Alumni (Individual)
$55 $590
Household 1
$68 $730
Household 2 $81 $870
Dependent $20 $180
Undergraduate First Year Alumni (Individual)
$42 $460
Household 1 $55 $590
Household 2 $68 $730
Dependent $20 $180
Faculty/Staff/Admin/Retiree/Adjunct/Affiliate (Individual) $30 $300
Household 1 $40 $420
Household 2 $50 $540
Dependent $20 $180
Community Membership (Individual) $60 $650
 Household 1 $73 $800
 Household 2 $86 $950
 Dependent $20 $180
Plus One Membership (Individual) $60 $650

Membership Classifications

Household 1 – Membership includes the individual member plus spouse/partner (individuals in a legal marriage or domestic partnership) or the individual member and his or her dependent children ages 17 and below. An adult member must accompany and supervise children 15 years and younger at all times while in the facility.

Household 2 – Membership includes the individual member plus spouse/partner (individuals in a legal marriage or domestic partnership) and children ages 17 and below. An adult member must accompany and supervise children ages 15 years and younger included in this membership at all times in the facility.

Dependent – All young adult children of members living in the same household, ages 18 to 22, are eligible to enroll as a dependent member, thereby, receiving their own membership ID card and gaining unaccompanied access to use the facility. Annual, Individual or Household 1 memberships must be purchased before the dependent option can be utilized.

Guest Fees

Each eligible member will be allowed to sponsor up to two guests per visit. Faculty and staff of the University, who are not members, may sponsor themselves as a daily user and up to two guests per visit. Guests must be accompanied by the sponsor each visit and throughout the duration of the guests workout.

  • Daily Guest Fee: $5.00
  • 10-Punch Daily User Card: $45.00 (Some restrictions apply.)

Membership Eligibility

The Department of Recreation and Wellness invites all eligible members to stop by during our member services office hours for a facility tour or to enroll in membership.

Graduate and Part-Time (non-assessed) Student – any graduate or part-time undergraduate student attending any of Loyola’s campuses who was not assessed a recreation fee.

Faculty/Staff/Administrator/Retiree – any part or full-time employee or retiree.

Adjunct Faculty – current adjunct faculty are eligible for a membership. Adjunct faculty are not eligible for payroll deduction and must pay in full for memberships at the time of purchase.

Affiliate - any individual possessing a Loyola ID that works for Parkhurst, Stamp It, Loyola Bookstore or Loyola/Notre Dame Library. 

First Year Alumni – alumni purchasing a membership within the first year after their date of graduation.

Alumni – any individual awarded a Loyola Degree to include undergraduate or graduate degrees and certificates of advanced study.

Community – time restricted membership open to individuals and their family living in areas that have a neighborhood agreement with Loyola University Maryland (BlythewoodGuilfordEvergreen, Homeland, Kernewood, Keswick, Radnor-Winston, Roland Park, Roland Springs, Tuscany-Canterbury, and Wyndhurst); access to the facility between the hours of 6:00 am and 1:00 pm on weekdays during the academic year, with full access on the weekend and during times when students are not in session

Plus 1– any current member (community membership not eligible) is eligible to add an additional person to their membership. Plus 1 memberships are valid during the duration of the primary membership.

Locker Rental Information

Lockers are available for rent for a year or a quarter. Free daily use lockers are available as well, but members must provide their own lock or check our a lock from the equipment room. Learn more about lockers at the FAC.

Contact Member Services

410-617-5453 or recwell@loyola.edu