Loyola University Maryland

Department of Recreation and Wellness


The Loyola University Maryland Fitness and Aquatics Center has a number of spaces available for groups of all ages, sizes and affiliations to rent. Rental requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis giving priority to Recreation and Wellness programming first.

All pool reservation requests must be submitted to Jay Venit, Assistant Director of Operations and Aquatics, at jvenit@loyola.edu at least three weeks in advance. All other facility reservation requests must be submitted to Michael Castaneda, Director of Recreation and Wellness, at mcastaneda@loyola.edu at least three weeks in advance (more notice required for larger reservations).

Messina Requests

Messina working groups may request to use the FAC during enrichment hours or another scheduled class time for the following activities: self-guided tour, group exercise class, hiking trip, team building, fitness presentation, or indoor climbing.

Submit a request for Messina

Facility Rental Fee Structure

Area University Rate Community Rate
Pool No Charge  $400/hour
MAC Court No Charge $100/hour
Court A No Charge $100/hour
Court B No Charge $100/hour
Cafe No Charge $25/hour 
Studio 207 or 209 No Charge $50/hour
Grass Field No Charge $100/hour
Rock Wall No Charge $100/hour
Classroom No Charge $50/hour

*Additional staff may be required to properly operate the facility and supervise the event. The Department of Recreation and Wellness will determine if additional staff is needed. The cost for additional staff will be $15/hour per staff member and will be added to the total reservation fees.

Area Descriptions

Mangione Aquatics Center: Ten lane, 25-yard swim course, shallow lane, and diving well; on-deck sauna and hot tub. Women’s and Men’s locker rooms on site.
Multipurpose Activity Court (MAC): Features a sport court surface with goals ideal for indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, and inline sports.
Court A & B: Two wood floor courts that may be utilized for basketball, volleyball and badminton separated by a divider curtain.
Café: 8 round tables, 42 chairs will panoramic views of the Mangione Aquatic Center.
Studio 207 & 209: Specialized wood flooring softens the impact for a variety of drop-in group exercise classes, dance classes and spinning bikes.
Grass Field: Adjacent to the facility and is 120 x 70 yards surrounded by a security fence. Unavailable when wet or dark outside.
Rock Wall: A 30 foot high climbing wall and bouldering area designed for all skill levels; instructional classes available.
Classroom: A high-tech classroom that has computer access, as well as a projector, screen, and DVD player.

Policies and Procedures

  • For student and university groups, all facility spaces may be rented during non-peak times as well as all weekend hours.
  • For all community groups and birthday parties, rentals may only be considered during the Summer break period as well as Winter Break and Spring Break.
  • For community groups, Letter of Agreement must be turned in one week prior to start of the event.
  • Requests should be turned in a minimum of three weeks prior to the event request date.
  • All external groups may be required to submit a 20% deposit at the time of booking or pay in full prior to the event.
  • All external groups are required to submit proof of liability insurance. A minimum of One Million dollars' worth of insurance is required.
  • All decorations, food, drink, signage, etc. must be approved by the Department of Recreation and Wellness prior to the event. Details not listed on the event confirmation will not be permitted during the event.
  • Damage to the facility, equipment or any FAC property will be billed to the group.
  • Excessive clean-up requiring additional staffing hours may be billed to the group.
  • When a reservation is canceled within five (5) days of the event, a cancelation fee will be charged. The fee will be 25% of the total reservation fee. No shows will be responsible to pay the full reservation fee. 
  • In the event of inclement weather, events may be delayed, rescheduled, or cancelled. If there is lightning in the immediate area, all outside facilities must be cleared until the area is deemed safe per the Recreation and Wellness Emergency Action Plan.
  • Any group wishing to advertise for their event or during their event must get approval from Recreation and Wellness. Failure to do so will result in any signage being taken down, or advertising groups being asked to leave.
  • All groups holding tournament and/or sporting events must abide by all facility and reservation policies. Recreation and Wellness is not responsible for officiating, scorekeeping, creating brackets, or running any part of these events. Recreation and Wellness will not provide equipment, officials, scorekeepers, or other materials without prior approval. Any participant who is ejected by the tournament officials or standards must also leave the facility.
  • General facility policies must be upheld by groups at all times. If, for any reason, a group does not abide by the reservation and facility policies, their event may be ended early or cancelled. In the event of such an occurrence, no refund will be given.