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Who are we?

Loyola Esports is a community for anyone who plays video games. There’s something for everyone, if you’re more of a casual player who wants to find a group to play games, or if you’re deep into a games competitive scene and are looking for a team to compete with, we offer ways you can engage with like-minded people. Our student led team of officers helps us provide our members with tons opporitunities: events, game nights, and casual and competitive tournaments.

We also offer our athletes the opportunity to compete in an esports league hosted by the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC). The ECAC offers weekly competitive events and playoffs in a number of titles: League of Legends, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Hearthstone, NBA2K, FIFA, Madden, and Fortnite.

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Social Media

You can follow our social media on Instagram @loyolaesports and on Twitter @EsportsLoyola where we post information about our events and sign ups.


Loyola Esports has some of the best merch of any student organization on campus.

Event Calendar

Find more information about individual events on our event calendar.

Event Calendar

Our Officer Team

For business inquiries email: esports@loyola.edu

President Vice President

Loyola Esports President, Kobe Middleton
Kobe Middleton
Discord: PistolTech#6356

Loyola Esports Vice President, Collin Katz
Collin Katz
Discord: graph theory#2987

Game Officers
Super Smash Bros

Game Lead: Sajiv Gnanasekaran (Discord: Savy J#9357)

Staff: Zach Russell (Discord: Zach#9789)

Staff: Ryan Mason (Discord: Skyslasher#7984)


Game Lead: Kobe Middleton (Discord: PistolTech#6356)

Coach: Josh Singh (Discord: Pheaned#8707)

Rocket League

Game Lead: Conor Flynn (Discord: Kahnur#3310)

Staff: Luke Weiner (Discord: Duke#8849)

Rainbow Six Seige Game Lead: Matthew Piccinini (Discord: MaryPoppinOff#6467)
League of Legends

Game Lead: Brennan Burke (Discord: Burkeybro27#4137)

Staff: Jacob White (Discord: JDWhite#7514)

Staff: Josh Singh (Discord: Pheaned#8707)

Call of Duty Game Lead: Evan Kertes (Discord: EvanAlmighty#9024)
Marketing Director: Vicky Ferrer (Discord: SleepyShark#0378)

Discord Admin: Collin Katz (Discord: graph theory#2987)

Discord Moderator: Andrew Poretsky (Discord: Drew#1043)

Social Media Manager: Collin Katz (Discord: graph theory#2987)

If your game isn’t seen here or currently supported by our organization, consider applying to be an officer. You could be the one who builds a community around your game at Loyola.

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