Loyola University Maryland

Department of Recreation and Wellness

Club Sports

Did you play high school sports? Have that competitive edge? Club Sports might be the place for you! Loyola's Club Sport teams bridge the gap between intramurals and varsity athletics, allowing you to enjoy extramural competition without the pressures of highly-structured varsity sports. Clubs are student directed, with members being required to assume responsibility for organizing contests and fundraising activities, while also providing a great opportunity to develop leadership skills. Most club teams compete in leagues against other local and regional teams and some teams even compete in national competitions.

Have a question about Loyola's club sports? Contact us at clubsports@loyola.edu!

Co-Ed Clubs Coach Officers
Badminton John Klug

Timothy Stowell

Olivia Srednicka


 Megan Korpiel

Megan Kane

Kelly Hindman

Golf   Sean Volz
Henry DeCoste
Allison O'Donnell

Michael Payne
Alyssa Schilke

Running  David Ringwood

Elisabeth Moffitt

Hannah Grinblatas

Megan Fitzgerald

Sailing Rob Deane

Erin O'Connor
Gabrielle Horchos
Ava Haag

Gigi Lee

Swimming Chris Fessler Matt Ferioli
Tennis   Caroline Coughlin
Daniel Zamalloa
Ultimate Frisbee   Mary Kate Buckman
Men's Clubs Coach Officers
Baseball Carl Gatzendorfer
Charlie DeMassi
Club Baseball Email
Basketball Kyle-David Swift

Timothy Rey

Brian Gallagher


Jake Mottola

Ryan Miller

Rugby Matt Cipriano, Head Coach
Kenny Ames, Assistant Coach

Austin Kesselring
Justin Delcher
Nick Zwobot
Christian Alvarez
Michael Malcotti
Justus Croyle
Patrick Auth
Soccer Neal Dossouvi Michael Stallings
Brendan Gallagher
Volleyball   Jacob Rombach
Jordan Courtney
Women's Clubs Coach Officers
Basketball Ed Meerholz, Head Coach

Julianna Adornetti
Maddie Dormer
Dance Christina George

Rachel DeVoursney
Sophia Benfield
Adriana Dady

Club Dance Email

Field Hockey  

Erin Wilson

Caroline Kovatch

Asia Allen


Team Email

Ice Hockey Jon Meoli, Head Coach
Taylor Hadley, Assistant Coach
Catherine Wilk
Jessica Chicko
Lacrosse   Jenna Siegelbaum
Claire Berry
Monica Carbone
Team Email
 Rugby Kathleen Malcotti

Allison Tillotson
Dyanne Garibay
Alondra Diaz Ramos

Soccer  Ben Neil

Sarah Flaherty
Kate Mills

Colleen McCormack
Team Email

Sofia Brignola
Pam Ng

Rachel Ferrera

Natalia Payano

Team Email