Loyola University Maryland

Records Office

Baltimore Student Exchange Program

Participating Colleges and Universities

All students taking a course at an institution in the Baltimore Student Exchange Program (BSEP) agree to abide by the rules and regulations, academic and otherwise, of that institution. Students with infractions are subject to the same disciplinary procedures as apply to a regular student of that institution.

Program Participation

A full-time Loyola sophomore, junior, or senior may enroll in undergraduate courses offered during the fall and spring semesters at the above institutions, subject to restrictions noted:

  1. Only courses substantially different from courses offered at Loyola or courses that are unavailable in a given semester may be taken.

  2. A student may enroll in only one BSEP course (except at Notre Dame of Maryland University) per semester.

  3. Graduating seniors are not permitted to enroll in courses at Towson University in their final Spring semester.

  4. Courses may not be taken on a pass-fail basis.

  5. Participation in the BSEP requires permission from the Academic Advising and Support Center and the faculty advisor.

  6. A completed Baltimore Student Exchange Program Cross Registration Request form must be submitted to the Records Office.  Students cannot register for these courses via Loyola Self-Service > Student Planning.

  7. Approved courses appear on your Term Calendar (on Loyola Self-Service > Go to Plan & Schedule) each semester. Students are notified by the Records Office if courses are not approved. Course status information is obtained by calling the Records Office, 410-617-2482.

  8. Independent study courses, internship, special tutorial, private study, travel classes, or private lesson courses (except at Notre Dame of Maryland University, fee required) may not be taken through the BSEP.

  9. Credit value of courses, calendar, and class/exam schedules should be noted for discrepancies with Loyola requirements and dates.

  10. Both the grade and the credits are transferred to Loyola, and the grade is computed in the Loyola GPA. Quality points associated with the grade are those used in the Loyola grading system.

  11. It is the graduating student's responsibility to make arrangements with the instructor of the course at the host institution to complete the course requirements, including the final examination, prior to Loyola's commencement date. The final grade must be received by Loyola's BSEP coordinator at least two days prior to graduation. If these arrangements are not made, the student's graduation may be delayed, and the student may be prevented from participating in the commencement ceremony.

Questions about the program may be directed to Loyola's BSEP Coordinator, Melissa Elswick, 410-617-2482 or mrelswick@loyola.edu.