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Graduate Web Registration (GWR), is designed for your convenience. When open, GWR is available seven days a week, 24-hours per day. Students access Student Planning, Loyola's online administrative Self-Service system to register for classes and view their schedule of classes, grades, unofficial transcripts, accounts receivable balances, and financial aid awards.

Login to inside.loyola.edu, select Graduate Registration and login. This takes you to the Graduate Student Demographic Entry form within Loyola Self-Service.  Update any demographic information listed there and click 'Submit'.  New students must answer the Directory Flag choice.  This form is open even when registration is closed.  Emergency contact, address, personal email, and phone information is updated by clicking on your name at the top right corner of the screen, and making a selection of either User Profile or Emergency Information.  After submitting your demographic information, click on the Home icon on the left menu, then Student or Course Catalog to register.

To review course offerings:

  • Login to inside.loyola.edu, then select Loyola Self-Service, Course Catalog.
  • On the home screen select Course Catalog. Filter your search. Select section name hyperlinks for more information, including requisites, restrictions, and course descriptions. You must use Student Planning to actually register for those courses.

Session Dates

Spring 2022

January 18 - May 12

Eight-Week Sessions

First Session: January 17 - March 11

Second Session: March 14 - May 12

Summer 2022

Summer Session I: June 1 - July 14

Summer Session II: July 18 - August 25

Summer Session III (Alternate): Between June 1 - August 25
Some courses may begin earlier.

Fall 2022

September 7 - December 22

Eight-Week Sessions

First Session: August 29 - October 21

Second Session: October 24 - December 22

Web Browser Compatibility

Web Registration is supported in the following browsers:

(latest version)

(latest version) 
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Prior to Registration

  • Review the Records Office website for the complete academic calendar and full registration procedures.
  • Know your Inside Loyola username and Password. For assistance with password resets, contact the Help Center prior to registration using one of the following options:

Telephone Support: Call 410-617-5555. Students must have their Loyola ID number.

Walk-In Support: Call 410-617-5555 or email ots@loyola.edu to make an appointment. Students must have their Loyola ID card.

For information about recovering a forgotten password, visit the Help Center website.

Who is eligible to use GWR?

Currently Enrolled Students

Currently enrolled graduate students are eligible to use GWR.

New Students

Newly admitted graduate students are, in most cases, eligible to use this registration feature. This includes students continuing in the same department but going from one degree to another (ex., M.S. to Ph.D.). New students are required to contact their academic advisor and plan their course of study. Contact the department for details.

New students must use Student Planning, mail in their registration, or attend the department's orientation/registration session, if applicable.

New students use Self-Service to view their schedule of classes, grades, unofficial transcripts, accounts receivable, and financial aid awards.

Readmit Students

Students who are not currently active (must have registered within the last year to be considered active) are not eligible to use the web registration feature until they reapply and are readmitted. Inactive students must reapply through the admission process and be admitted to a program of study.

Readmitted students are required to contact their academic advisor and plan their course of study. Contact the department for details.

Readmitted students should use Self-Service to view their schedule of classes, grades, unofficial transcripts, accounts receivable, and financial aid awards.

What do I need to access Student Planning?

Students authorized to use GWR must have a Loyola username and password. Before beginning the GWR process be sure to have both available. If you do not know your username or password and/or to have your password reset, contact the Help Center at 410-617-5555. Technology Services also recommends that if you have not done so already, you enroll in password self-service. Students should check their login at least one week prior to registration.

What is my Username and Password?

Your username is a unique identifier assigned to each person at Loyola that normally contains elements of your name. New users at Loyola receive this information via their personal email account. The username is your Loyola email address without "@loyola.edu"

Your Loyola username and password allow you to access email, Moodle, registration, etc. More information on Loyola's username and password is available in the Technology Services Knowledge Base.

How do I prepare for GWR?

Registration for courses is on a first-come, first-served basis. Some courses may close early; therefore, students are advised to register early for the best choice of courses and times. You may experience technical difficulties or delays in accessing the screens during the first two hours of Web Registration due to a heavy volume of Internet traffic. Please be patient and keep trying to login. If the system hangs for a long period, close Student Planning and quit your browser, then open your browser and start again. If you do not see the correct steps as outlined here, clear you Internet browser cache.

Follow the steps listed below to prepare for GWR:

  1. Begin reviewing course offerings using Loyola Self-Service, Course Catalogue. Filter your search. Select the course title hyperlink for additional section information.

    Spring 2022 Semester: October 1, 2021 

    Summer 2022 Sessions: February 11, 2022

    Fall 2022 Semester: April 22, 2022

Your address, personal email, phone, and emergency contacts must be confirmed every 90 days. Prior to registration opening, it is best to get these tasks done so as not to interfere with registration. Go to:

Inside Loyola, Loyola Self-Service, click on your username icon at the top right corner, click User Profile, Edit and/or Confirm your address, Edit and/or Confirm your personal email, Edit and/or Confirm your phone(s). Next, under your username icon, click Emergency Information > Edit and/or Confirm the information.

Consult with your academic advisor, prior to registering, about your preferred and alternative course selections for the semester. Decide whether to take them for credit or audit. Review the Audit Policy in the current Graduate Academic Catalogue before choosing this option.  If you are planning to audit a course, please contact your department to be manually registered.  You cannot register for audited courses electronically.

  1. Prepare your schedule by having the complete course information (ex., GB 601 501) for preferred and alternative courses. This information can be accessed via Inside Loyola, Graduate Registration > Student Planning.  On the home screen select Course Catalog.

  2. Check the credit value assigned to the course. Some courses have several sections with variable credit values. Tuition charges are calculated based on your course selection.

  3. For online assistance, select the Help icon in Student Planning.  There is also step-by-step assistance here: Graduate Student Planning User Guide.

  4. Determine the method(s) of payment. Have your credit/debit card or checking account information available prior to registering if this is the preferred payment method. Credit/debit card payments are processed immediately through PayPal and will incur a 2.5% convenience fee. There are no convenience fees for E-checks.

  5. Students who wish to use Federal Direct Loan proceeds must have completed the loan application process. The status of a Federal Direct Loan may be verified by accessing the Financial Aid section of Student Planning. The loan application and approval process is complete if the loan has an application status of A or Accepted. Loans with an action status other than Accepted may not be used to pay tuition and fee charges.

Login Access Eligibility and Registration Holds

At login you may receive a message indicating that you are not eligible to use GWR. If you receive either of the following messages, contact the Records Office, 410-617-2264/2659/2769:

  • Username not found in the registry.

  • You are not eligible for registration.

If you have a registration hold, you are denied GWR access until the hold has been released by the initiating office. If you attempt to register before the hold is released, you receive a message instructing you to contact the office which placed the hold. The possible holds and contacts follow:

  • Outstanding financial obligations, contact Student Administrative Services, 410-617-5047/5802.

  • Outstanding admissions documents, contact Graduate Admissions, 410-617-5020.

When can I begin using GWR?

GWR opens/closes on the dates/times listed below; however, access is available approximately two weeks prior to the opening of GWR for you to plan courses.

Spring 2022 Education Eight-Week Sessions: November 12, 2021, 7 a.m. – January 21, 2022, 5 p.m.

Spring 2022 Semester: November 12, 2021, 7 a.m. – January 21, 2022, 5 p.m.

Summer 2022 Session I: April 8, 2022, 7 a.m. - 5 days prior to start date of course.

Summer 2022 Session II: April 8, 2022, 7 a.m. - 5 days prior to start date of course.

Summer 2022 Alternate Session: April 8, 2022, 7 a.m. - 5 days prior to start date of course.
Student Planning closes for all summer course registrations on July 13 at 5 p.m. 

Fall 2022 First Eight-Week Session: July 18, 2022, 7 a.m. – September 2, 2022, 11:59 p.m.

Fall 2022 Semester and Second Eight-Week Session: July 18, 2022, 7 a.m. – September 9, 2022, 5 p.m.

Registrations mailed-in prior to the opening of registration are not processed until 7 a.m., according to opening dates listed above. Registration requests made after the end dates above must be submitted in person prior to the end of Late Registration.

When registering for summer alternate courses, you may use GWR for up to 5 days prior to the course's start date; thereafter, you must register via Mail-In Registration or in person prior to the end of Late Registration.

How many times can I access GWR?

You may access the GWR system as many times as needed throughout the web registration period to register for, add, and drop courses. Any changes in course selection must be made directly with the appropriate office(s) after Web Registration ends, but prior to the end of Late Registration.

Adding Courses

You may add courses to your registration request throughout the web registration period. This involves making payment for the additional course(s). Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your entire registration.

Dropping Courses

You may also drop courses throughout the web registration period. When dropping summer courses you may use GWR for up to 5 days prior to the course's start date; thereafter, you must drop courses using the Change of Registration form until the close of the withdrawal period. If your dropped courses result in a credit balance on your student account, you are refunded via check.

If you drop courses via the GWR system, you must email a request for a refund to webpayments@loyola.edu. Please include your name, student ID, and the specific type of refund required.

Timeout Feature

To protect your information, time limits are built into the GWR system. You are allotted approximately five minutes per screen. Each time you Submit to move to the next screen, the clock begins again. If you do not Submit, your session times-out, and you have to log in and begin your registration session again.

How do I use GWR?

To access Student Planning, go to inside.loyola.edu and login, then select Graduate Registration (complete demographic information, submit, click Home icon), then Student Planning, then Go to Plan & Schedule.

Step 1: Verify your demographic information

  1. Review the demographic information the University has on file for you, and make changes to the data as necessary. You have the opportunity to review this information each semester. (Note: Changes can be made here at any time, even when GWR is closed.)

  2. New students must answer the Directory Flag choice or you will be unable to register.

  3. You must apply to graduate from a degree or advanced certificate program by the start date of your final semester. The Application for Graduation is available on Inside Loyola at Loyola Self-Service, Academics, GR Application to Graduate on the left menu bar.

  4. When you complete your data review, Submit. Some changes are immediate, and some are updated by the Records Office within three (3) business days.

Step 2: Select this link for the Graduate Student Planning User Guide

From the Home screen, click on the Student Planning link in Self-Service and follow this link with instructions to register for classes: Graduate Student Planning User Guide

Step 3: Registration Results

When you finish, carefully review your term calendar to ensure all registered courses show as green and/or check the left side bar for the word 'Registered'. If the course reads 'Planned' in gold, you are not registered. If your selections do not go through, error messages display at the top of the page (in red). Read the error messages, remove those courses from your list, and resubmit any other courses for which no error messages occur.

Student Planning enforces all requisites. Review requisites by selecting the link under the Section Name and Title. You are unable to web register if you do not have the requisites and should contact your department advisor to determine another course of action, if necessary.

Return to View Your Progress/Degree Audit and ensure that your selected registered courses are fulfilling the necessary requirement.

Step 4: Review Account Statement

  1. Use the menu on the left side of the screen to select Financial Information > Student Finance > Account Summary the term for which you wish to view registration charges (eg., 22/SU, 22/FA, 23/SP).

  2. Click on the semester you would like to viewTo view the semester statement, click the 'View Statement' link (popup blockers may need to be disabled to view).

Step 5: Payments and Payment Information

The Account Summary page shows balance information for all terms with activity. Click on a term to view the details in the Account Activity page. After reviewing the account activity, click Student Finance > Make a Payment at the top of the page.

  • Select the term in which you would like to pay.

  • If there is any money owed for a term, it is automatically selected to be paid, even if it is offset by another term with a credit (negative) balance. Make sure the terms you are not paying, are not selected. Please note the Total Account Balance at the top of the page for the total amount due for the overall balance due on your student account.

  • Adjust the amount being paid if you are not paying the full amount due, by unselecting terms and/or changing the Amount to Pay field(s).

  • Double check the Total Payment amount next to 'Choose a Payment Method'.  Be aware, if you intend to pay the full amount of tuition and fees using a credit/debit card, there is a 2.5% convenience fee.  There is no fee for using an E-Check.

  • Select 'Proceed to Payment' and review payment details and Convenience Fee (if applicable).

  • Select 'Pay Now'. Once directed to the appropriate check or card entry page, enter the credit card or banking information. DO NOT enter dashes when entering a credit card number. Select 'Pay Now'.

If you are not paying directly out of pocket, i.e., utilizing a monthly payment plan, loans, scholarships, grants, remission, third party billing agreements, 529 plans, etc. please be sure all paperwork has been completed and requirements have been met.  You can check loans, grants, scholarships, and remission at Financial Information > Financial Aid. 

Step 6: Receipt of registration request

At the conclusion of your web registration session, the University sends a confirmation to your preferred email address verifying receipt of your registration request. This correspondence does not mean that your registration request has been approved by your academic advisor. If the advisor has questions concerning course selection, you are contacted to discuss your choice of classes and possible alternatives. If you do not hear from your academic advisor, then your registration selection is approved.

Payment Information

Verify Financial Aid awards, complete all third party paperwork, and have your credit/debit card or checking account information available.

All payments or required payment authorization documents must be received by the University no later than 10 days after the registration request is submitted via Student Planning. Failure to meet the 10-day due date results in a financial hold being placed on the student account, leaving you unable to register for future semesters, add or drop courses, and receive grade reports. Non-payment may also result in cancellation of the registration request. There are no exceptions to this policy.

The registration system calculates the total tuition and fee charges for the semester based on the selected courses. You may utilize more than one method of payment to cover the total charges for the semester. If you utilize multiple payment methods, it is your responsibility to determine how much of the total charge is applied to each. If all methods of payment are not received by Student Administrative Services within the 10-day time period after registration request, you run the risk of being placed on a financial hold or cancellation of your registration request due to insufficient funds.

Those students given permission to co-op into another area of study may experience an over-payment of charges (ex., an MBA student taking an undergraduate course). Students in the co-op category generally pay the lesser of two rates depending on program selection. The automatic billing feature may not always use this criteria in calculating tuition charges. Any over-payment is refunded by Student Administrative Services.

Payment Options

At the completion of the registration and payment process, print a Confirmation/Remittance Form and mail it to Student Administrative Services—along with payment or any accompanying payment authorization documents—within the 10-day period. The address of Student Administrative Services is on the form.

  1. Online: Credit/debit cards and E-Check payments can be made online through the self-service system at Financial Information>Student Finance>Make a Payment. Loyola accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express for credit/debit card payments with an additional 2.5 percent convenience fee. E-checks are also accepted at no additional charge. You need your bank routing number and checking account number to complete the transaction.
  2. Check/Money Order: Make payable to Loyola University Maryland and include student name and Loyola ID number. All checks must be drawn on U.S. banks in U.S. dollars.
  3. Cash: While this method of payment is not recommended, it is an option. If you elect this option, you should plan to deliver the cash payment directly to Student Administrative Services on the Evergreen Campus, Maryland Hall 140. Please email sas@loyola.edu to confirm hours. Do not send cash through the mail.
  4. Credit Balance: If a credit balance from a previous semester was reflected on your AR Statement, you may apply that to the current charges. If you have a credit balance that does not cover the total cost of the tuition and fee charges, you must select another payment method to cover the remaining charges.
  5. Third Party Billing Authorization: Signed documents authorizing billing must be submitted to Student Administrative Services. If the authorized amount does not cover the total tuition and fees, an additional payment method covering the remaining charges will be necessary.
  6. Loyola University Maryland Employee Tuition Remission Benefits: Signed authorization documents must accompany the Confirmation/Remittance Form. Tuition charges or fees not covered through these agreements must be remitted through another method of payment. Applications for Loyola University Maryland tuition remission benefits are available on the Human Resources website (www.loyola.edu/department/hr/forms) and must be completed and submitted to Human Resources no later than 10 days after the registration request is submitted. Failure to receive proper approval by Human Resources and submitting the form to Student Administrative Services by the due date results in the billing charges being your personal responsibility.
  7. Scholarship: Signed authorization documents/award letters should be submitted to sas@loyola.edu for external, private scholarships. Tuition charges or fees not covered through these agreements must be remitted through another method of payment. Examples of scholarships might include state grants, Archdiocese scholarships, and private donor grants.
  8. Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation Purchase Order: Signed authorization documents must be sent to sas@loyola.edu.
  9. Federal Direct Loan: Students who have completed the Federal Direct Loan application process may use loan proceeds for tuition and fee payment when registering on the Web, by mail, or in person. Course registrations submitted before the completion of the loan application process must include full tuition and fee payment. The status of a Federal Direct Loan may be verified by accessing the Financial Aid section of the self-service system. The loan application and approval process has been completed if the loan has an action status of A or Accepted. Loans with an action status other than Accepted may not be used to pay tuition and fee charges. Students who register before the Federal Direct Loan application and approval process has been completed must use another payment option.
    Loan Disbursements: The proceeds from a Federal Direct Loan are disbursed in one, two, or three equal payments directly to Loyola University Maryland. Loan proceeds that result in a credit balance are available by check within the later of 14 days after the first day of the enrollment period or 14 days after the loan proceed deposit occurs.
    Minimum Enrollment: Federal Direct Loan regulations require that a student maintain at least half-time enrollment each term during the period of the loan. Half-time enrollment is defined as a minimum of six (6) credits per term for the fall or spring semesters or three (3) credits for summer sessions. Half-time enrollment is verified before loan proceeds are credited to a student's account. Loan proceeds are withdrawn from a student's account in any term in which the student fails to maintain enrollment on at least a half-time basis. To verify the status of financial aid awards, on Inside Loyola, select Loyola Self-Service > Financial Information > Financial Aid to ascertain whether your loans are accepted. You may also contact the Office of Financial Aid, 410-617-2576.
  10. Graduate Student Payment Plan: Semester promissory notes are offered for each semester. To sign up, students must contact Nelnet/Tuition Management Systems (TMS), https://loyola.afford.com/ or 1-800-722-4867. An administrative/enrollment fee is assessed by Nelnet/TMS.

For questions concerning financial matters, email: sas@loyola.edu. For questions concerning academic issues, contact your departmental advisor.

When is my registration request considered final?

After reviewing and updating your demographic and address/phone/email and emergency information, registering for classes, and selecting payment methods, the process is complete. If you need to adjust your payment methods, select  Loyola Self-Service, Financial Information, Make a Payment or Payment Options.

Registration Confirmation

You receive your registration confirmation and payment notification via your email. However, it is important to confirm your final registration request by selecting Graduate Registration, Student Planning, Go to Plan & Schedule and view the calendar to confirm accurate registration processing.

Carefully review your calendar to ensure all registered courses show as green and/or check the left side bar for the word 'Registered'.  If courses are not in green and not marked 'Registered', then registration is not complete. This schedule displays finalized classroom assignments approximately two weeks prior to the start of classes.

After completing the registration process, you receive an initial email informing you that your registration request has been received. It is important for you to know that while the registration request has been received and processed, approval for the course selection is pending departmental academic approval.

If selecting a payment method other than credit card/e-check payment, full payment for your coursework must be received in Student Administrative Services within 10 days of registering. If full payment is not received within 10 days, your requested registration may be cancelled. However, it is your responsibility to drop classes during the 100% refund period to avoid being charged or receiving a grade of "F" for nonattendance for registered courses.

Logging Out of GWR

To log out of GWR, select the Sign Out icon at the top of the screen.

Digital Signature

Digital signature means any letters, characters, or symbols manifested by electronic or similar means, executed or adopted by a party with an interest to authenticate a writing. A writing is electronically signed if a digital signature is logically associated with such writing.

Registration Tampering

Any student who tampers with or attempts to tamper with the registration request of another student or improperly uses demographic or financial information of another student may be subject to disciplinary action.