Loyola University Maryland

Records Office

Applying for Graduation

Application Dates

Full- and part-time students graduating in the month/year listed below must submit a Graduate Application for Graduation by the following deadlines:

  • January 2021: August 31, 2020
  • May 2021: January 19, 2021

Fee: Except for all inclusive programs, a graduation application fee of $150 is due upon submission of the graduation application. The appropriate charge is posted to your account after 3-5 business days. To determine whether you were charged, go to WebAdvisor for Students > Financial Information > Make a Payment, and choose your payment option, if required.

Note: The application fee does not include the cost of the cap and gown.

Application Process

Students must submit a Graduate Application for Graduation for review by your advisor in order to gain graduation clearance. The application is available on Inside Loyola, WebAdvisor for Students > Academic Profile > Apply to Graduate: Graduate Students. Students who file an application for a specific semester and do not complete the graduation requirements at the conclusion of that semester must submit a new application; however no additional fee is required.

Graduate Student eForm Instructions

I. General Information

  • Log into Inside Loyola
    • Select WebAdvisor for Students > Academic Profile > Apply to Graduate: Graduate Students
  • Authenticate with your inside.loyola.edu username and password twice, first to access the form, and second to submit the completed form.
  • After authentication, your ID number, last name, first name, middle initial, and Loyola email (at bottom of the form) display.
  • Use the tab key to navigate the form, or place the cursor in the field you wish to complete.
  • Any field with a label followed by an asterisk (*) is required.
  • DO NOT leave the form unfinished or unattended on your screen, which presents a security risk. A time-out of your session could also occur, causing you to lose and re-enter all data.
  • There is a 15 minute inactivity time-out for each session.
  • In the form toolbar, Reset will clear all fields on the form. You are prompted before the fields are actually cleared.

II. Diploma Information

In first box, enter your name exactly as you want it to appear on your diploma, including any unique capitalizations, accents and/or special characters such as tildes, umlauts, and apostrophes.  In second box, enter your name exactly as it should be pronounced at Commencement.

III. Electronic Signature          

Note: Depending on your device and browser, you may have to scroll down to see the Sign/Submit button.
Use the Sign/Submit button and authenticate with your Loyola username and password to sign and date the form. A series of messages displays when you select the Sign/Submit button:

  • Message 1:
    • Your electronic signature is binding.
    • You cannot make changes once you submit.
    • Would you like to continue? Answer No to return to form and make changes.
  • Message 2:
    • Click OK to continue.
    • Click the X on the message box if you do not want to submit the form.
  • Message 3 (Authentication Required):
    • Enter your Loyola username and password for the Sign/Submit process.
    • Cancel if you do not wish to submit, or to review and make changes.
    • Submit applies your signature and date and no further changes can be made. A confirmation email with a link to view your completed form is then sent to your Loyola email.

IV. Form Submission

  • Upon successful submission of the form, all data fields are display only.
  • Upon submission, a confirmation email with a tracking number and a link to the completed form is provided.
  • Upon submission, academic advisors and the Records Office have access to the application. To save a copy of the graduation application for your records, save the email notice with URL. (No paper copies are available.)

Application for Graduation Contact Information

If you have any concerns, please contact Linda Reter, Graduate Graduation Coordinator, at lreter@loyola.edu or via phone at 410-617-2504.

Cap and Gown

Students receive graduation fair and cap/gown ordering information from the Office of Academic Events. Reminder: The graduation application fee does not include the cost of the cap and gown.

Financial Hold

Students with a financial obligation to the University/on a financial hold are restricted from participating in graduation ceremonies until the hold is released. While the hold is active, students are unable to receive their diploma and transcript requests cannot be processed. Please contact Student Administrative Services at 410-617-5047 or sas@loyola.edu for further details.

Commencement & Baccalaureate Contact Information

If you have any concerns, please contact the Office of Academic Events at academicevents@loyola.edu or via phone at 410-617-2261.