Loyola University Maryland

Records Office

Class Rosters

Class Rosters are available for faculty to check for changes to class enrollments (adds and drops) throughout the semester via Loyola Self-Service. Class Rosters are updated automatically when a registration is entered (either by the Records Office or the student). They are real time, so this method of checking enrollments will serve as the most reliable source of information.

Loyola Self-Service may be accessed via inside.loyola.edu; you will need your Username and Password (same as Loyola email). For new users, the Password default is mailed to your home address. If you do not know your Password or need to have it reset, contact Technology Services, 410-617-5555.

Students whose names do not appear on the Loyola Self-Service Class Roster should be informed to make certain that they are properly registered with the Records Office. Students are responsible for ensuring that they are properly registered for classes by the registration deadlines. Students may contact the Records Office by calling 410-617-2263 or stopping by Maryland Hall 141. Please do not permit non-registered students to continue attending your course.

Inaccuracies on the preliminary class rosters do not need to be reported to the Records Office. Once rosters are final, use the Class Roster Verification form on Loyola Self-Service, Daily Work to notify the Records Office if you have students attending and not registered or registered and not attending. It is critical to notify the Records Office of discrepancies within your class rosters because of NCAA regulations, loan status reporting, financial audits, etc. See the instructions on the Loyola Self-Service Class Roster for determining when rosters are final, as well as due dates for submitting the verification form.