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The Visionary Course Pairing

Engineering, Design and Creativity in the Built World (EG 103)

The pyramids and Gothic cathedrals as well as transportation, communication, and sanitation systems are just some examples of our engineered world. Students explore what makes engineering unique from the sciences—the elements of design and creative problem solving.

Emphasis is given to the historical and social contents of engineering design and its impact on our society. Students also explore the connections engineering has to visual thinking—graphic and industrial design.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Suzanne Keilson has been at Loyola for 25 years. She created this course as a unique offering for the Messina program. Her PhD is in Applied Physics and her research interests are in engineering education, design and innovation, as well as biomedical engineering, assistive technologies, and signal processing. Her other interests include family, community, STEM outreach and the usual array of films, books, and health activities.

Introductory Psychology (PY 101)

By examining significant areas of psychological theory and research, this course will attempt to answer the question: Is psychology a brain or a social science?  The course provides, in a seminar setting, an introduction to the discipline and the psychology major, as well as an assessment of the primacy of our biology and our social setting (and its history) as the cause of complex human behaviors.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Andrew Futterman is a professor in the Department of Psychology. His specialty areas are Clinical Psychology, Aging, and Clinical Pharmacology, and he does research on and teach courses relating to the diagnosis and treatment of psychopathology in later life.  In particular, Dr. Futterman studies grief, depression, and coping with stress in later life.  He has very much enjoyed teaching and doing research at Loyola Maryland since 2016, after spending 25 years as a faculty member at Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.

Mentor biography

Neil F. Andrito joined the Loyola Student Life team in 2017 as the Director of Student Life. Neil's prior experiences focused on advocating for students, community development, and housing operations. He strives to create opportunities for students and help them grow and develop. Neil believes that strong campus partnerships are essential to creating a holistic student experience.

Brendan Sweeney is the Program Assistant in the Office of Student Engagement. He graduated from Loyola in 2021 with a B.A. in Communications specializing in Digital Media, and plans to enroll in the Emerging Media Masters program in the Fall. He works closely with Loyola's all-in-one engagement platform (The Bridge) and manages the office's social media presence to ensure students can easily put on and attend fun events on campus. Having worked as an Evergreen during his time as an undergraduate student, he is thrilled to be able to work with first year students again in helping with their transition to Loyola life.

Virtual Advisor

Students considering a major in Engineering or Psychology are strongly recommended to preference this course pairing. EG 103 satisifes the natural science core requirement. For students considering a major in the Sellinger School of Business, Psychology will count as an elective since Sellinger School of Business students will take Microeconomics Principles and Macroeconomic Principles as their two, core social science courses.

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