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The Good Life Course Pairing

The Good Life:  Writing Toward Happiness (WR 100)

This course will use the genre of the essay to explore how individuals and groups create definitions of happiness based upon values, beliefs, cultural backgrounds, societal influences, and more. We will consider how authors frame ideas of happiness, success, and fulfillment—as well as how they may have influenced our pursuit of these ideas. Students will analyze historic and contemporary definitions of happiness as well as develop their own working definition over the course of the semester. All coursework will be geared toward learning how to articulate and refine our ideas though the processes of writing and research. By examining happiness at a global, local, and personal level, we can begin to better understand ourselves and the world around us.

Faculty biography

Professor Laurence Ross is a Lecturer in the Writing Department at Loyola University Maryland and teaches Creative Nonfiction for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth during the summer months. His essays have been published in literary journals and magazines such as The Georgia Review, Brevity, Pelican Bomb, HuffPost, Hyperallergic. He frequently contributes to BmoreArt, a Baltimore-based magazine that reflects the art and culture of the city and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic region.

Law & Social Justice (LW 102D)

Students will study contemporary, controversial issues that sit at the intersection of law and social justice. These issues include mass incarceration, voting rights, the 2017 Charlottesville Unite the Right rally, race in the NFL, immigration reform, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and same-sex parenting in the United States. Students will engage in lively, interactive, challenging debates and exercises. The course provides opportunities for students to explore a wide range of majors, including communication, business, political science, psychology, and writing. The course inspires students to think critically, understand responsible citizenship, and take action against injustice. This course meets the University's Diversity Course Requirement for justice awareness.

Faculty biography

Professor Andrea Giampetro-Meyer is a lawyer who uses her advocacy skills to promote social justice. Professor Giampetro has a special skill in helping first-year students select a major and start on a career path. She also enjoys challenging students with readings about race and gender discrimination.

Mentor biography

Katie Benoit grew up in central Massachusetts before coming to Loyola as an undergraduate. She recently completed her Masters in Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Studies from Ohio University and her role on campus is the Assistant Director of Outdoor Adventures in the Department of Recreation and Wellness. You can find Katie running, biking, cooking, or spending time with her cat, Crawford, when not at Loyola!

Virtual Advisor

WR 100 satisfies the Composition core requirement for all students. LW 109D counts toward the diversity requirement for all students. Students who have an interest in pre-law may find this course pairing interesting. 
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