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How GreyHounds are Thriving through the Semester!

(We are almost there!) Reflection by Esther Chung, ’23

Midterms were just barely over, and I know a lot of us can finally relax. But with a blink of an eye, we are in November already and everyone is trying their best to pick back up to finish strong since finals are around the corner! It is a lot to take in. I cannot imagine how the first-year and seniors must be feeling about all of this going on—I would have never imagined my sophomore year being like this! It was like yesterday when I started the spring semester as a freshman and now, we are on our way to the next semester. 

Special shout out: First Years & Seniors hang in there, you are doing great!

Plus... We are more than halfway through fall!

Here are some of the ways that Loyola students and faculty have been thriving amazingly.

Meditation Sessions

I and a few of my classmates had been going to Dr. David’s Zoom Meditation sessions, and it has been great! Not only students are welcome every Tuesday evening, but also professors as well as alumni! Participants learn how to properly sit when doing meditation, and this practice brings us together to “Zone in” with ourselves as Dr. Brett David would call it.

Study Strategies Sessions

The Study and the Bio department has been having a few sessions that they host to give students advice on studying and how to manage our schedules so we won’t get overwhelmed! A lot of students have been asking questions about how to cope with online learning and the challenging course they are facing.

GOTO StudyVibe

In the past week, I have asked some students about their GoTo study snack/drink or study spaces and places. We all know we miss our Evergreen Campus so much and we would rather be hopping around to find our spots and still be able to enjoy the beautifulness of Loyola. The Top GoTo Drinks from Instagram responses were Iced Coffee from Dunkin Donuts or Caramel Frap from Starbucks.

And some go to places away from the evergreen campus would be Backyards, Sofas, Beds, and Study Desks.


Please stay toned on our What's Up This Weekend, because I personally have seen more and more students joining evening events that Loyola clubs and organization have been hosting. Let me tell you, omg, it is one of the best activities that I can keep engaging with my family at Loyola. A lot of freshmen I see in these events have created friendships with others and it is so wonderful.

De-Stress Activities/Tips

I have been stressing out about my workload at school lately.  Even if we are halfway through, I can understand that it still feels like forever

(If I can give any tips on how to continue to thrive through this semester, Don't Forget to Focus on Yourself.)

Literally, our mental health is so important, and it is okay not to be okay sometimes. Even if it is about school. Find something you love and Just Do It! Take a break occasionally and enjoy being you! There are many things The Counseling Center is doing this semester to support you.  If you ever need support or de-stress sessions, they have them! Many students have been participating their sessions throughout this fall!

Lastly, keep in mind...

Everything is temporary, but it is what we do Now that will matter later in the long run.

I am hopeful and will continue to be hoping for a better semester in the spring.

Let’s make the rest of the semester memorable and hope we will be able to laugh off some moments from Zoom University soon. <3

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