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Prism: A QPOC Support Group

Are you looking for a space where both your queer and cultural identities are affirmed? Do you want to enter a space where you don’t have to leave parts of yourself at the door?  Would you like to know how peers thrive in their intersecting identities?

Prism is an intersectional support group for individuals who identify as both members of the LGBTQPIA+ and People of Color communities.  Members will have an opportunity to connect with peers who share unique experiences through these identities and offer each other support as well as opportunities for growth.  Among some of the themes that may be discussed are: “Queerness and Gender,” “My Queer Body,” “Queer Love and Intimacy,” and “QPOC at Loyola.”

Interested individuals can sign up below to learn more about the group or to schedule a meet-and-greet with the group leaders. Contact Dr. Sheila Graham at svgraham@loyola.edu for more information about Prism. 

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Group meeting time is Fridays at 3 PM:

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