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Sustainability and Study Abroad

The Office of International Programs recognizes the importance of not only caring for our immediate environment, but of being conscious of our environmental impact on the rest of the world as well. On this page we will share knowledge, recommendations and other valuable materials and invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to become a more socially and environmentally conscious traveler.

Courses for Study Abroad Students

  • OIP has compiled a list of related course offerings at our host universities that fulfill a range of core and degree requirements for Loyola students. There may be even more classes available beyond what we have listed. We encourage any student interested to do further research about new and updated courses offered at his or her host university. 


An old, small, stone building sits under the starry, night sky
Study Abroad

A student’s journey to New Zealand

A student's study abroad experience in New Zealand proves to be a journey of the mind and the heart.