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Study Abroad 101 and Program Specific Sessions

Important Notes

Students interested in 2022 Summer & May-Mester Programs, explore our Summer Info Sessions below , and visit our Summer Programs page for more information!

*All students must attend a live Study Abroad 101 session to get access to online application. Students must join on time, sign in using their Loyola credentials, and stay for the entire session to receive credit and be granted access to the online application. Viewing any previously recorded videos on our website or YouTube channel will not count as having attended a Study Abroad 101 session.*

Students are encouraged to attend program specific Information Session for any and all programs of interest.

Which kind of information session are you looking for?

Check out our info sessions on our YouTube channel! Watch a recording of a Study Abroad 101 Session and our Program Specific Info Sessions anytime you like! Please note that details about our programs may have changed since the presentation was recorded.


Fall 2022 Study Abroad 101 Sessions:

Links to each session will be updated one week in advance.

Date Time Link to Join
Friday, September 30th 4-5pm College Center 105/107
Tuesday, October 11th 6-7 pm Join this Session!
Wednesday, October 19th 5-6 pm College Center 105/107
Wednesday, November 2nd 4-5 pm Join this Session!
Tuesday, November 8th 12:30-1:30 pm Knott Hall 309
Thursday, November 17th 4-5 pm Cohn Hall 133
Thursday, December 1st 1:40-2:40 pm Join this Session!
Monday, December 5th 4-5 pm Knott Hall B01


Fall 2022 Program Specific Session Dates

**Please note! Information is subject to change! It is important that you continue to check the dates, times and locations! 

If you can't make it to all of the info sessions that you are interested in, visit our YouTube channel to watch recordings of some programs. 

2022 Dates:

Date Program(s)  Time Location or Link to Join
October 12th Rome 3-4pm MH240
October 12th Dubai 3-4pm Virtual Session
October 12th Leuven 4-5pm Cohn131
October 12th Newcastle 4-5pm KHB01
October 12th Cape Town 5-6pm KH107
October 13th Athens 4:30-5:30 pm Cohn133
October 14th Cork 2-3 pm

Virtual Sessions

October 17th Amsterdam 5-6 pm KH107
October 18th Japan 4:30-5:30 pm MH240
October 18th Newcastle 6:30-7:30 pm  KH107
October 19th Berlin 4-5 pm MH 240
October 20th Budapest 12-1 pm KHB01
October 21st Athens 3-4 pm Fernandez Center 331
October 21st Melbourne 3-4pm Virtual Session
October 21st Auckland 4-5pm Virtual Session
October 21st Leuven 4-5pm Fernandez Center 331
October 25th Glasgow 4:30-5:30 pm MH341
October 26th Rome 3-4 pm Cohn 133
October 26th Leuven 1-2 pm Cohn 133
October 27th Bangkok 4:30-5:30pm MH244
October 28th Madrid 4:00-5:00 pm KH107
October 28th Copenhagen 3-4 pm Fernandez Center 331
November 1st Newcastle 4:30-5:30 pm Virtual Session
November 3rd Japan 3:00-4:00 pm MH240
November 3rd Paris/Lyon/Montepellier 3-4pm Virtual Session
November 3rd Leuven 4-5 pm Cohn 133
November 4th Cork 3-4 pm KHB01
November 4th Dubai 3-4pm Virtual Session
November 4th Copenhagen & Stockholm 4-5pm Virtual Session
November 4th Bangkok 4-5pm MH244
November 4th Students of Color Panel 5-6 pm Beatty 108
November 5th Amsterdam 4:00-5:00 pm KH107
 November 7th  Chile and Argentina  12:30-1:30 pm  HU131
November 8th Pre-Health in Newcastle w/ Dr. Wetzel 4:30-5:30 pm KHB01
November 8th Paris/Lyon/Montepellier 10-11 am 

Virtual Session

November 9th Athens 3-4 pm KH007
November 10th Leuven 12:30-1:30 pm KH009
November 10th Rome 3:30-4:30 pm SH104
November 10th Paris/Lyon/Montepellier 3-4 pm Virtual Session
November 11th Melbourne 3-4pm Virtual Session
November 11th  Financial Planning Panel 5-6 pm Beatty 108
November 11th Auckland 4-5pm Virtual Session
November 14th  Bangkok  4:30-5:30 pm Sellinger Hall 201
November 15th Berlin 12-1 pm


November 15th Copenhagen & Stockholm 2-3pm Virtual Session
November 15th Amsterdam 3:10-3:40pm Virtual Session
November 16th Dominican Republic 3-4pm Virtual Session
November 16th Cork 4-5 pm Cohn 133
November 16th Budapest 4-5 pm MH240
November 16th Seoul, South Korea 4-5pm Virtual Session
November 16th Madrid 6-7pm KH107
November 17th Dominican Republic 3-4pm Virtual Session
November 17th Seoul, South Korea 4-5pm Virtual Session
November 17th Rome 6-7 pm KH107
November 17th  Bangkok 5-6pm   MH244
November 18th Sellinger Scholars/Honors Panel 5-6 pm Beatty 108
November 18th Cape Town 4-5 pm   Zoom Link Here
November 21st Bangkok 4-5pm Cohn 133
November 21st Chile and Argentina 3-4 pm HU131
November 28th Bangkok  4-5pm Cohn 133
November 28th Budapest 5-6 pm Virtual Session
November 29th  Newcastle 6-7 pm  Virtual Session
November 30th Cape Town 3-4pm Virtual Session
November 30th Dubai 4-5pm Virtual Session
November 30th Amsterdam 5-6 pm  KH107
December 1st Leuven 12-1 pm Cohn 133
December 2nd Copenhagen & Stockholm 3-4 pm Beatty Hall 106
December 5th Newcastle 3-4 pm Virtual Session

Summer/Maymester 2023 Program Info Sessions

Check back in early November for Summer/Maymester 2023 information!

 For more information about Summer Program locations, dates, courses offered, and specifics, please CLICK HERE !

Program Date & Time Link
 Summer in Ireland  November 10th, 5pm  KH311
 Summer in Ireland  November 16th, 2pm  Zoom Link Here
 Summer in Ireland  November 18th, 1:10 pm  KH311
 Maymester in Ireland  December 2nd, 1:30pm  KH311

 Maymester in Ireland

 December 6th, 1:00pm  KH311
 Maymester in Ireland  December 9th, 1:30pm  KH311
 Montepellier Summer  November 16th, 4pm  Zoom Link Here
 Montepellier Summer  January 25th, 4pm  Zoom Link Here
 Montepellier Summer  February 8th, 4pm  Zoom Link Here
Murcia Summer Program November 15th, 3pm Join Zoom Session Here 
Murcia Summer Program  November 30th, 3:30pm  Join Zoom Session Here 
Murcia Summer Program December 5th, 2;30pm  Join Zoom Session Here 
Murcia Summer Program January 24th, 3:00pm Join Zoom Session Here 
Murcia Summer Program  February 3rd, 3:30pm Join Zoom Session Here 
Murcia Summer Program  February 9th, 2:30pm Join Zoom Session Here 
Paris Summer November 29th, 6pm  Zoom Link Here

Paris Summer

December 2nd, 3pm   Zoom Link Here
Paris Summer December 5th, 5pm   MH444
Paris Summer December 8th, 6pm   Zoom Link Here
Paris Summer  January 19th, 5pm   MH444
Paris Summer  January 23rd, 6pm   Zoom Link Here
Paris Summer  January 25th, 6pm   MH444

Prague Summer Program

November 14th, 5pm


Prague Summer Program

November 17th, 6pm  SH418a 
Belgium and the Netherlands November 30th, 6pm  HU131
Belgium and the Netherlands  December 2nd, 3pm  HU131 
Belgium and the Netherlands  January 17th, 6pm  HU131 
Belgium and the Netherlands  January 23rd, 6pm  HU131 

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