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The Study Abroad Ambassadors is a select group of students who previously studied abroad and are dedicated to promoting interest, cultural immersion, assisting in preparation, offering support, and providing a platform for communication regarding the study abroad experience. Study Abroad alumni who are selected to participate in the program will assist the Office of International Programs in promoting study abroad opportunities through interest meetings, classroom presentations, and assistance at various events the office hosts throughout the semester.  Applications for new Study Abroad Ambassadors are accepted in two cycles with due dates of August 1 and January 1.

Study Abroad Ambassador Application

Questions about Study Abroad?

Please feel free to contact a current Study Abroad Ambassador with any questions about the study abroad experience! All ambassadors are happy to answer any program-specific or general study abroad questions that you might have!


Student ambassador for Leuven.

Caroline Reichmann, 2023
Leuven, Belgium, Fall 2021
Biopsychology Major, Spanish Minor

"Studying abroad in Leuven was a necessary step outside of my comfort zone. I was terrified prior to hopping on a plane across the world, but after the 4 months I found that I wished I had been able to stay the full year. Living in a house with 60 international students in addition to travelling to 7 other countries introduced me to so much culture and diversity. I come back to Loyola with a transformed, global perspective and more confidence in being independent. I am incredibly grateful that, even during the pandemic, I was able to have this life-changing experience.”



Student ambassador for Denmark.

Michael Scerbo, Junior
Copenhagen, Denmark Fall 2021
Major: Economics
Minor: Film Studies

Deciding to study abroad was the best college decision I ever did. Copenhagen helped me see a new way of life, and visit so many extraordinary things. Copenhagen is certainly a hidden gem of Europe, and deserves a long stay from all world travelers! I will also never forget my Danish friends, and all the amazing restaurants, parks, and sites I visited along the way!



Student ambassador for Greece.

Amaya Bullock, Junior
Athens, Greece, Fall 2021
Urban Education -Minor

Studying abroad in Greece was the experience of a lifetime and truly a dream come true! I had the opportunity to travel around Europe, be immersed in various cultures, and surrounded by breathtaking views. Being that this was my first time outside the country, the experience has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone, become independent, and develop a sense of both self-awareness, and global awareness. I’ve always dreamed of traveling the world and this experience has exceeded my expectations and motivated me to continue the journey!



Student ambassador for Ireland

Anna Kelley, 2023
Cork, Ireland- Fall 2021
Major- Biology
Minor- Environmental and Sustainability Studies

“My study abroad experience in Ireland was incredible! I was able to become more independent, build new relationships, and have so many adventures while exploring this charming island. From hikes on mountains to relaxing at the beach, Cork has much to experience. Classes in Cork had highly experienced staff who shared eye-opening perspectives. In an inexpensive and short amount of time, I was able to travel to major cities within Europe such as Paris, Rome, and London. Traveling around Europe pushed me outside my comfort zone and allowed me to have a more open-minded perspective and be excited about what the world has to offer. I was very grateful to be able to call Cork my home and can't wait to return."


Student ambassador for Ireland.

Brooke Scotti, 2023
Cork, Ireland Fall 2021
Biology- Major
Studio Art -Minor

“Studying Abroad in Cork, Ireland was a once in a lifetime opportunity. During my time in Ireland I immersed myself in the culture, made new friends, and had many adventures. I was able to expand my knowledge and develop new skills. Studying and living in Ireland provided me with the opportunity to travel throughout Europe to countries such as France, England, Belgium, and Italy. Seeing each country's artwork, historical landmarks, and culture is something I will cherish forever. Now reflecting on my time abroad I’m happy I stepped out of my comfort zone to discover other parts of the world."

United Kingdom

Student ambassador for England.

Jacqueline Gonoretzky, Junior
Newcastle, England Fall 2021
Sustainability Management

I felt fortunate to have the opportunity to go abroad even with the crazy times going on. My major is relatively new to Loyola, so I just focused on my core classes but even those were so interesting to be a part of and participate in a different curriculum then I was used to. I enjoyed participating and collaborating in my classes and even made a few friends along the way. Although I couldn't travel as much as I wanted, I am grateful that I was able to travel within the United Kingdom and I felt more connected with where I was. I truly feel that I immersed with the culture whether it was going to a Newcastle United game, grabbing coffee from my favorite local coffee shop, going to the Quayside Sunday market, or just interacting with the best type of people, the Geordies. I can't wait to go back to Newcastle in the future!


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