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Message from the Dean

As Dean of International Programs, I am proud to build on the decades-long commitment to global learning at Loyola University Maryland. Manifest in international education is Loyola’s charge to transform our students both inside and outside of the classroom in the liberal arts tradition. By valuing the life experiences that shape the identity of each of our students, our programs seek to nurture a unique sense of possibility among all participants. In the Jesuit tradition of educating the whole person, “constructive disruption” found within the study abroad experience, prompts students to develop vital skills such as increased self-efficacy, independence, and – most critically – an understanding of themselves from the outside in. Throughout my career in international education, I have reflected on a teaching moment from my own mother - the guiding concept that every neighborhood is someone’s home. Understanding global education from the context of a shared sense of home – a common home – draws the world a little closer. It is through this closeness that we aspire to protect our shared humanity and our fragile planet. Having supported thousands of students in their global education aspirations for more than two decades, I am proud to continue this tradition at Loyola.  Ready for the world! Loyola Ready! 

Dean Hobson

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Study Abroad

A student’s journey to New Zealand

A student's study abroad experience in New Zealand proves to be a journey of the mind and the heart.