Loyola University Maryland

Financial Services

Tax Codes

Code Explanation
EIC1  Advance EIC-1 Earn Income Credit
FHHH Federal Withholding Tax, Head of Household Higher Rate
FHOH Federal Withholding Tax, Head of Household
FICA Social Security Tax FICA Withholding
FICM Medicare Tax FICA Withholding
FWMH Federal Withholding Tax, Married Higher Rate
FWSH Federal Withholding Tax, Single Higher Rate
FWTM Federal Tax Married Federal Withholding
FWTO Non-Resident Alien Federal Withholding

Federal Withholding Tax Single

MSAA MD State, Single, Anne Arundel County
MSAL MD State, Single, Allegany County
MSBA MD State, Single, Baltimore City
MSBC MD State, Single, Baltimore County
MSCA MD State, Single, Caroline County
MSCE MD State, Single, Cecil County
MSCH MD State, Single, Charles County
MSCL MD State, Single, Carroll County
MSCT MD State, Single, Calvert County
MSDO MD State, Single, Dorchester County
MSFR MD State, Single, Frederick County
MSGA MD State, Single, Garrett County
MSHA  MD State, Single, Harford County
MSHO MD State, Single, Howard County
MSKE MD State, Single, Kent County
MSMO MD State, Single, Montgomery County
MSPG MD State, Single, Prince George's County
MSQA  MD State, Single, Queen Anne's County
MSSM  MD State, Single, St. Mary's County
MSSO MD State, Single, Somerset County
MSTA MD State, Single, Talbot County
MSWA MD State, Single, Washington County
MSWI MD State, Single, Wicomico County
MSWO MD State, Single, Worcester County
MSWT MD State, Single, Non-resident
MMAA MD State, Married, Anne Arundel County
MMAL MD State, Married, Allegany County
MMBA MD State, Married, Baltimore City
MMBC MD State, Married, Baltimore County
MMCA MD State, Married, Caroline County
MMCE MD State, Married, Cecil County
MMCH MD State, Married, Charles County
MMCL MD State, Married, Carroll County
MMCT MD State, Married, Calvert County
MMDO MD State, Married, Dorchester County
MMFR MD State, Married, Frederick County
MMGA MD State, Married, Garrett County
MMHA  MD State, Married, Harford County
MMHO MD State, Married, Howard County
MMKE MD State, Married, Kent County
MMMO MD State, Married, Montgomery County
MMPG MD State, Married, Prince George's County
MMQA  MD State, Married, Queen Anne's County
MMSM MD State, Married, St. Mary's County
MMSO MD State, Married, Somerset County
MMTA MD State, Married, Talbot County
MMWA MD State, Married, Washington County
MMWI  MD State, Married, Wicomico County
MMWO MD State, Married, Worcester County
MMWT MD State, Married, Non-resident

If you are a remote employee, please send an email to payroll@loyola.edu with your out-of-state address.