Loyola University Maryland

Office of Financial Aid

Theological Studies Tuition

2022-23 Tuition

The Theological Studies Program consists of 48 graduate credit hours. 

The Certificate in Theology and Ministry Program consists of 25 graduate credit hours.

The following rates are subject to change each academic year:

$875 per credit

Cost of Attendance Budget for Loan Eligibility

The following table is designed to assist you in calculating your eligibility to borrow through the Direct Unsubsidized Loan Program and Direct Grad PLUS Loan Program. The maximum you may borrow may not exceed the total cost of attendance minus all other forms of financial assistance from federal, state, private, and institutional sources.

A student's cost of attendance is determined on an annual basis considering actual tuition, standard allowances for books and supplies and living expenses for the period of enrollment.

Full-time (9 credits per semester- Fall and Spring)
Charge/Allowance Half-time (6 credits per semester-Fall and Spring)
Tuition $15,750 Tuition $10,500
Books and supplies $1,350 Books and supplies $900
Living expenses (9 months) $24,300 Living expenses (9 months) $24,300
Total $41,400 Total $35,700