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Externship Program

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We are excited to announce recruitment for the Counseling Center’s Advanced Doctoral Externship for the 2022-2023 academic year. This externship experience provides advanced doctoral students in counseling/clinical psychology with integrative training and supervision that highlights the value of cultural humility in ethical clinical practice. Externs will engage in a variety of activities that build on their academic training and will gain a range of clinical skills that address the mental health and developmental issues of clients in a university counseling center setting. The externship is a 9-month, part-time position, that typically runs between August-May of the academic year.

Clinical Service

Externs will spend most of their time providing individual counseling and psychotherapy to students with a wide range of psycho-social and emotional concerns. The major focus of these experiences is the development of therapeutic process and conceptualization skills.  With the support of their supervisors, externs will explore a range of theoretical orientations and clinical techniques; ethical practice; therapeutic relationship building; the psychological change and healing process; cultural humility, and crisis intervention.  
During the year, externs may have opportunities to gain experience and training in the following:

a)    Initial Assessment
b)    Psychoeducation Group Facilitation
c)    Brief Individual Therapy
d)    Comprehensive Referral
e)    Outreach (Optional)

Externs are expected to be available for 16-20 hours per week and carry an average case load of 8-12 clients.

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Training and Development

At the beginning of the fall semester, externs will receive initial training and orientation sessions. During this time, externs will develop personal training goals based on an assessment of their experience and skills.

Supervision of Individual Caseload

Each extern will receive weekly, individual supervision, which is designed to support professional development, case management, and clinical skills.  Supervision is provided by a licensed psychologist on staff.

Didactic Seminars & Group Supervision

Didactic seminars will be offered by members of our multidisciplinary team that highlight clinical areas such as risk assessment and intervention, ethical practice, cultural humility and awareness, body image, and more. Topics explored will consider themes relevant to generalist practice and university counseling center populations. Group supervision will also be provided by a member of the clinical staff to provide an opportunity for case presentation and group consultation.

Cultural Journal Reflections

Externs will also complete Cultural Journals once a month intended to explore and further develop various identities (e.g., religious, social class, ethnic, gender, racial, etc.) throughout the externship year. Each month a written reflection of one of these social group memberships will be submitted and feedback for further exploration with provided. During monthly meetings with the Associate Director of Social Justice, externs will reflect on their exploration and deepen the understanding of their written perspective.

Administrative Duties

Externs will be expected to complete administrative tasks in a timely manner and will consult with their clinical supervisors about the appropriate amount of time needed for these tasks. Administrative responsibilities include case management, documentation, and preparation for supervision and case conference.



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Candidates should be advanced doctoral students with at least two years of supervised clinical experience. Candidates should have completed preliminary course work including counseling skills, theories, ethics, and diversity issues. We also encourage potential candidates to consider the potential for multiple relationships. Please review our statement on multiple relationships for more information.

Application Procedure

We will accept applications on a rolling basis until February 18, 2022. Application materials can be faxed to 410-617-2001 or emailed to Kourtney Bennett, PhD, Assistant Director for Training, at kbennett@loyola.edu. 

Application for this Advanced Externship requires the following completed documents:

1.    Cover letter;
2.    Curriculum vitae;
3.    A graduate transcript (unofficial acceptable)
4.    Two recommendations from clinical supervisors using the Extern Recommendation Form, in lieu of a recommendation letter. Extern Recommendation Forms should be submitted directly from the recommender and will be received by the Assistant Director for Training, Kourtney Bennett, PhD, who can be reached at kbennett@loyola.edu or 410-617-2273.