Loyola University Maryland

Counseling Center

Ongoing Professional Development

Our entire staff commits to ongoing training to increase multicultural awareness and promote advocacy. For example, every semester our counselors participate in Cultural Reflection Discussions to take a deep dive into an aspect of our own identities (i.e., such as socioeconomic status, ability, religion, gender, or sexual orientation) and explore its impact on others as well as its influence on our work with students. Before each Cultural Reflection takes place, clinicians participate in a workshop focused exclusively on the identity of interest inclusive of educational components and discussions and continue sharing information throughout the semester. Other examples include:

  • In-house trainings from various experts in multiculturalism and social justice
  • Ongoing diversity readings and discussions
  • Attendance at conferences and continuing education seminars focused on inclusion 
  • Participation in community immersion experiences 
  • Offering of mentorship to non-clients
  • Collaboration with campus partners in offering support to marginalized students