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For Students Taking Online Academic Programs

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The online learning experience has unique benefits as compared to a “traditional” classroom education including greater flexibility, focus, and independence. With these unique benefits also comes unique stressors. Here is some helpful information for getting connected to services in your community, resources, and tips on how to manage unique stressors. Take a few moments to browse below!

Getting Connected to Services

The Counseling Center, located on the Evergreen Campus, offers free, confidential, short-term individual counseling to residential undergraduate and graduate students enrolled with 9+ credits per semester. If you are not local or wish to locate counseling resources on your own, here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Check with trusted friends or family members. They may be able to offer suggestions for therapists they have worked with.  Such recommendations may lead directly to a good therapist for you or to someone from whom you could obtain additional referrals; 
  • Ask your primary care provider. They may be able to offer local referral options; 
  • Contact your insurance company. A customer service representative can provide referral options either by phone or website. Contact information is located on the back of your card; 
  • Contact colleges/universities local to you. Often college/university counseling centers, like Loyola, maintain a list of local mental health providers who have experience working with both undergraduate and graduate students and;
  • Review the following external websites:

While these resources are helpful, it is important to verify information obtained via the web or other referral sources, such as accepted insurance plans and fees, with therapists before deciding to begin therapy.

If you are in need of assistance with referral services, please feel free to contact the office at (410) 617-CARE (2273) to schedule a phone consultation. For more information on referral services and steps to get connected to off-campus providers, check out our "Comprehensive Referral Assistance" on the Services page.

Learn more about confidentiality regarding Counseling Center services