PPA Resource & Discussion Group

The PPA Resource and Discussion Group was started in 2015 by a speech-language pathologist and a spouse of a person with primary progressive aphasia to serve people affected by the syndrome, including their care partners and professionals who treat them.

The group meets monthly at the Loyola Graduate Center in Columbia, Maryland. The group’s vision is to develop a strong, sustainable support network for people affected by PPA. The group strives to gather and share current information about the disease and other community resources with the people who need it most. This is accomplished through expert guest speakers, monthly newsletters, and materials that are shared regularly at the meetings and through an email list. The second purpose of the group is to assist care partners to cope with challenges, make positive changes and add to their support network. This is done through monthly peer counseling and by providing contact information to interested group members to facilitate gatherings or electronic meetings with others to share concerns and solutions. The group’s last and most important mission is to provide the group members with PPA the opportunity to engage in enjoyable group activities facilitated by graduate students in speech-language pathology who have been trained in supported conversation techniques. These are held concurrently with the monthly meetings for the care partners; some clients also participate in individual treatment sessions throughout the week.

If you are interested in registering for this group, please call our main office at 410-617-1200.