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Innovation Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

The Simon Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Student Steering Committee is an integral part of the success of our Center. We rely on our Committee to provide input and guidance on the direction of the Center, and student steering committee leaders each sponsor one Friday innovation event. Applications for a 1-year term can come from any class.

Student Steering Committee

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What's in it for you?

Committee members have irreplaceable experiences as campus and community changemakers through regular meetings with the steering cohort and at the SCI&E Friday monthly innovation event. Each committee member pairs up with another student and works with the center staff to invite an entrepreneur as a speaker, collaborate with another club on an event, or design an innovation activity. Committee members have an opportunity to get involved in the active local entrepreneurial ecosystem in Baltimore—including startups and social enterprises, to work in teams, and will develop close relationships with innovation faculty, administrators, and other student leaders.


  • Steering Committee Member – Attend monthly check-ins and team with other students to execute a SCI&E Friday talk or activity.
  • “How Might We” Pillar Lead - Partner with departments and student clubs across the university to identify questions and areas of inquiry in which to engage the student body. Post questions virtually on Instagram and on the physical “How Might We” pillar in the College Center. Monitor responses and pillar supplies. Report out engagement and community responses back to the community.
  • My Project Lead - Describe a project you want to lead, and we will consider you for a place on the Steering Committee, where you will receive full backing of your initiative from the SCI&E.
  • Club Lead – Represent affiliated clubs of which you are a member, including Loyola Consulting Club, CCSJ, Robotics Club, Women in Business, ALANA, Venture Capital Club, Rizzo Career Center, and others to ensure coordination of innovation and entrepreneurship activities on campus, enlist the full support of the SCI&E, and elevate campus activities through collaboration.

Students from all class years are invited to apply to be part of the steering committee during the spring semester. Application coming soon!

Loyola Consulting Group

Interested in supporting local Baltimore businesses and start-ups? Gain professional experience and apply your knowledge and skills with impact. Learn more here.



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Loyola students create award-winning platform to assist small businesses in Baltimore

Student-created Equalyze platform connects students with local businesses to give them real world experience in helping grow small businesses.