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Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Community Involvement

Professionals mentoring students, post-it project

The CI&E places a high priority on community engagement and we have a variety of ways for you to get involved in the innovation and entrepreneurship movement at Loyola.

If you run an early stage venture and you’re looking to grow, consider applying to the Baltipreneurs Accelerator, which accepts both nonprofits and traditional startups. For support on a discrete project for your venture, engage in a contract with the student consultants at Greyhound Group Consultants, and you may qualify for probono services. Those who are looking to give back, should apply to serve as a mentor to a student or community-based business or social venture.

Most of our campus programs are open to the community, so be sure to sign up for the newsletter and follow us on social to stay informed about events as they come up on campus and in Baltimore’s busy entrepreneurial ecosystem!

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Loyola students create award-winning platform to assist small businesses in Baltimore

Student-created Equalyze platform connects students with local businesses to give them real world experience in helping grow small businesses.