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The Center is a University-wide platform led by Director Wendy Bolger, in partnership with the faculty Entrepreneur in Residence, Bill Romani, and funded by generous alumni. The Innovation Task Force and University Innovation Fellows are other wellsprings of innovation at Loyola, who are joined by the CI&E Student Steering Committee.

The goals of the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship are to recruit and nurture more student innovators, engage them in hands-on experiences, and grow their innovation and entrepreneurship knowledge, to help them succeed in careers, and in life. Loyola will expand our civic leadership through innovation and entrepreneurship, and fuel our innate culture of creative experimentation and trial. Ultimately, it is the goal of the Center to play a role in transforming Baltimore through job creation and wealth creation in the community.

Commitment to Racial Justice

In accordance with our mission to be a part of transforming Baltimore by providing support to women innovators and entrepreneurs of color, the CI&E strives to become an anti-racist organization. The CI&E pledges to think critically about the role race plays in relationships, programs, and organizations, and to challenge ourselves and others to include an analysis of racial justice in decision-making.

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Creating a larger movement in innovation and entrepreneurship

Loyola welcomes inaugural director of new CI&E.